Forgetting You - Episode 40

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It was a little while after eleven pm when I finally finished cleaning the entire house of the mess we made with the numerous empty shopping bags and wrappers.

I made my way towards the room where Olivia and Theresa were sleeping.

Alex was occupying the other room while Jason occupied the master bedroom.

Oh sh*t! The clothes we had bought was in Jason's room and I needed a change of clothes.

Sighing,I turn and make my towards the room.

Getting to the door, i open it slowly and peep inside.

I step in and turn on the lights.

Oh Lord. Jason lay on his back, asleep.

That wasn't the interesting part.

The most interesting part was that he was freaking sh*rtless.

Damn, this man is a walking Greek God.

It took me a full minute to realise I was ogling him. Stupid.

I smack myself mentally and walk to where I had kept my clothes.

As silently as I can, I rummage through the clothes until a find a rather revealing transparent night dress.

I sigh. I would never have picked such a night dress if not for Tess.

I grab a towel,shower gel, hairnet and then one panty amongst the set.

Done, I gather the things and tiptoe out. I was almost stepping out the door when I heard his deep voice.

"Going somewhere?"


I turn slowly to face him an it takes all my strength not to stare at his bare chest.

"Uhh. I was going to take a bath and then go to bed"

I answer

"Sleep? Where? With Olivia and Tess?"

I nod "You're gonna share a bed with Tess and Olivia?"

He narrows his eyes at me. I nod again.

"Shut the door and go take a bath. You'll spend the night here with me"

he says as a matter of factly, leaving no room for discussions.

I just nod and proceed to the bathroom.

Finally, deciding that I feel refreshed enough, I step out of the bathroom to find Jason asleep.

I sigh.

Thank God.

I walk towards the dressing mirror and begin to pack my newly braided hair into the hairnet. Damn, it hurt.

How do I sleep now? The hairdresser braided it too tight.


"You're beautiful"

a deep raspy voice behind me says and I spin around so quickly that I tripped.

Immediately, strong arms encircle my waist and I look up to meet Jason's dark eyes boring into mine.

"You weren't asleep were you?"

I jab his chest with my finger and he just smirks.

His grip around me loosens and I regain my posture.

"Here, let me help you"

he says and before I could understand what he was saying, he lifts his hand and begins to tuck my braids one by one into the hairnet.

After some minutes, I feel the pad of his fingers grazing over my temple down my cheeks to my lips ever so softly. I shiver at his touch.

"You're so breathtaking"

he bends slightly and I feel his tongue slide over the skin underneath my ear and I gasp,my arms going around him.


He doesn't stop. He assaults my neck with torturous featherlight kisses and I feel dizzy. My legs are wobbly.

Thankfully Jason's arms encircles me once again,supporting my weight.

Jason reaches my sweet spot and I throw my head back giving him more space.

Oh sweet Lord.

Suddenly Jason lifts me up and my back hits the soft mattress.

He pulls away just then and let's his eyes rake over my body.

"Do you believe me when I say you're beautiful?"

He asks,his voice raspy and hoarse.

I nod,entangling my fingers in his hair.. He gets into bed with me and pulls me so my head is laying on his chest.

I wrap my arms around his torso, listening to heartbeat.


I call after some time.


"I meant what I said this morning. I may not know what love is but I know I have feelings for you"

I lift my head up from his chest to stare at him.

His eyes were shinning but he kept mute.

"What about you? Do you feel the same way?"

I ask and he bends to meet me in a kiss. He kisses aren't urgent or deep.

They were just slow, shallow, soft, endearingly and they spoke a thousand words. And when he breaks the kiss and smiles at me,I knew I got my answer.

"Go to bed Hails. It's late"

I nod and lay my head on his chest, yawning instantly as he rubs my back softly.

As sleep over took my senses, somewhere in dreamland, I felt him kiss my forehead and then whisper

"I've loved you even before I knew you."



"And that's how it's done. Every Tuesday and Friday. You just need to be convincing enough"

I sigh and lean back into the couch after a long explanation.

We were seated in the living room, going over the plan once again.

I had made a sketch of the plan of the nightclub to make it easier for them to identify where the secret rooms were.


Jason bites his lips studying the sketch.

"Well,with that being said,I think we need a disguise"

Alexander speaks up and Theresa nods.

"I agree"

"Me too."

Jason drops the paper and gets up..

"We need to get going then. We have a lot to take care of before sunset. Let's go Alex"

They begin to walk out heading towards the door and I spring up rushing to hug Jason from behind. He turns.

"Please be safe."

I say and he cups my face and kisses me.

I kiss him back,wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Be safe too. I'll be back. Don't open the door for anyone else yeah?"

He whispers pulling away and I nod.

"I love you Jason"

He smiles and kisses me again.

"And I love you more than you could ever imagine love"

"Let's go dude. Stop sucking each others faces"

Alex, the party pooper interrupts and I roll my eyes.

"Bye Olivia"

Jason waves at Olivia who looks up from the Teddy bear she hadn't let go off since yesterday.


She waves back and focuses on her teddy bear again.

Jason and Alex step out and I sigh as I hear the door shut..

"I love you Jason"

a high pitched voice says behind me and I turn to find Theresa staring at me mockingly.

"Shut up!"

I roll my eyes fighting back a smile and she chuckles.

"Here comes the bride.. Here comes the bride... Here.."

"Oh shut up Theresa!"

I groan at her horrible singing and she chuckles.

I ignore her because I know I'm not going to hear the end of it.



"Where could they be?"

Tess asks and I sigh.

I get up and begin to pace to and fro anxiously.

It's eight fifteen and they aren't back.

Oh Lord! I hope their fine. I hope... My thoughts are cut short when I hear the screeching sounds of a car tire in the compound.

The car comes to a halt and soon I hear knocking.

Jason told me not to open the door for any stranger.

Who could it be?

"It's me Alex. Open up!"

I sigh in relief.

Theresa and I run towards the door and open it.. I frown instantly when I realise the person behind the door isn't Akex or Jason.. He's an old man with a bushy beard.

He's wearing an oversized suit despite his huge potbelly.. He's a stranger.

I make to shut the door when he reaches out and blocks the entrance with his foot.. I gasp in fear and take a step back.

"Who.. Are you.. W..what do you want?"

I stutter and the man smirks.. Another person comes into my line of vision and I recognize him immediately.


I eye him.

He's wearing an expensive looking suit.

He was wearing shades and had a wireless earpiece stuck to his left ear.. he looked so much like a bodyguard..

"Who is this man?"

Tess questions and the old man smirks.

"I'm honoured to think you couldn't recognize me dear sister"

the man says and I gasp.

"H..holy..holy moly sh*t! Jason?!!!"

I squeal

"In the flesh baby"

he grins.

Hell, how come he looks like... Like a potbellied man In his fifties.

"Oh my God brother! You.. You look.."

Tess trails off.

"Magnificent, handsome. I know"

the old man aka Jason steps inside the house and Alex follows.

"You like our disguise? If you, my dearest sister couldn't recognize me then I think I can fool Hank just fine"

Jason tells us twirling a sophisticated looking walking stick I hadn't noticed before.

"What are you posing as?"

"As a rich yet illiterate Nigeria business man who is in need of a good company to invest in. And in order to pull this off, I have to really sound like an illiterate"

"And I'll be doing the translation"

"What if..."

"I know what you wanna say Hails but we've got it all planned out.

The gun we had retrieved from that man during the duel is still with me.

I have several spycameras with me too. One attached to the shades I'm wearing, another in my ballpoint pen and the rest, you wouldn't want to know."

Alex cuts in and I sigh.

"You look hot for a bodyguard though"

I smirk and Jason glares at me.

"You look hotter" I tell him and he smiles"

"So what are your names?"

Tess asks Alex grins.

"My name is Ikenna"

Hmmm nice.. I turn to Jason.

"And you?"



"Ah.. Let's see. I think Nkem will do. Chief Nkem Badmus... Naaa"

I shake my head and continue to think.

Aha! There was this Nigerian movie I watched where this man got married and his daughters tormented their stepmother till she left.

I grin

"Aha! I got it. Chief Maazi Okoro"

I smile and they all burst out laughing.

What's funny?

"Idiot! Maazi is also a form of title in Nigeria just like Chief. You can't combine both in one sentence."

Alex hits me.

"Oh really? Okay. Errm.. Chief Okoro. Yes. Chief Okoro!"

I grin and I notice Hailey bite her lip hiding her smile..

"Remember the plan?"

She asks us and we nod.

"We'll get going. it's getting late"

I drag Alex out with me and the ladies follow.. I hear them gasp dramatically and I smirk..

"Like my new baby?"

I ask gesturing to the brand-new car we had bought.

"Holy bananas! You.. You bought a car? A .. A maserratti??!!"

Tess squeals and I nod. "Yep. It's cool right?"

Suddenly she frowns.

"Who's money did you use to buy the car?"

"Like I said,when you have an extremely rich father who's credit card is with you,anything is possible"

I grin and kiss Hailey briefly. I turn to Alex,

"Let's go kick some butt!"

He grins and enters the car.. I pat my fake potbelly and my moustache.

"Chief Okoro, here I come!"


My Nigerian friends, where are you! It's time for you to give Chief Okoro some of the simple sentences in your local language so he can use.

A few insults in your language too will do.!!!

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