Dance With Me - Episode 22

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Angy was quiet all the time she was in Alex’s car. Not that she wasn’t impressed by generosity but the truth was, she was scared. It had been a while since she took this kind of risk, going home with a strange man, it just seemed somehow. What if he wanted to sleep with her, what was she going to say and Adams....well she had been sleeping in Adams’s house, he had seen her nakedness and he hadn’t even tried anything funny with her. Could he be because he was afraid of an assault because she wasn’t quite sure if he had felt anything for her.

As a matter of fact, the whole thing has happened so fast, like , too fast . Even if someone would fall in love with another, some time should have been spent on getting along and getting to know each other, she had been so reckless and so easy.

“Are you okay?”

Alex’s voice startled her from her thoughts.

“You said what?” She asked with a smile.

“I just asked if you are okay.” He repeated, taking his eyes off the road for a second before focusing on it again.

“Yea, I’m fine it’s just....” She started and stopped.

“What is it? Tell me?”

She shrugged, “well, for starters, I am going home with a total stranger though  it wouldn’t be the first time and my boss whom I thought is my friend, left me behind...this is just a great night!”

“Seems he is a lousy friend if you ask me,” Alex stated.

“Well, I wouldn’t blame him, we barely know each other, he is just following his instincts.” She replied.

Some minutes later, they drove and parked at the front of a house. Because it was quite dark, she couldn’t see the front of the house very well but when they were inside, she knew that Alex was worth a mint of money

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. Everything in the house, ranging from the settees to the paintings on the wall spelt designers, there was a very large TV screen on the wall and CNN displayed proudly on it.

“Wow! This is such a huge place.” She said, walking to the window to see the beautiful view of the town below them.

“Yea, sure it is.” He replied behind her. “Juanita!” He called out and a lady came out shortly after. She looked elderly and chubby.

“Yes, Mr. Alex, how may I help you?”

“Please prepare the guest room for our guest,” he said and the woman nodded and departed.

“So, sit, let me fix us a drink.”

“Oh no,” She replied, “I would really love to do this but I need to sleep, I am so tired and I will still be going to work tomorrow.” She replied and Alex smiled, alright then, Juanita will direct you to your bedroom, have a great night, my muse.” He took her hand and placed a kiss on it before heading for the stairs.

Some minutes later, the maid came out again. “Please come with me,” she said and she followed her.

They stepped into the biggest room Angy had ever entered in her whole life. The bed was cleanly laid and the interior was richly furnished.

“The bathroom is there and all the towels there are clean and new.” Juanita said, pointing to a curtain by her right, “and if you need to change, there are so many clothes in the closet, you can pick your size.” With this she smiled and left.

Angy sighed, “so, many cloths for me to pick from? How nice.” She  said to herself before dropping her bag on the table, first she needed to take her bathe.

** **

Adams collapsed on the bed and threw his car key on the stool next to him; he was tired and angry at the same time.

Everything was happening all over again and the more he thought about it, the angrier he become.

He had made a stupid mistake by leaving her behind in the first place, he shouldn’t have done that.  When he brought her home, she had become his responsibility or maybe she wasn’t really his responsibility to begin with. She had her free will all along, to go out with anyone she wanted to go out with and sleep at any place she needed to sleep at.

His phone vibrated and his heart missed a beat, for a moment he sincerely hoped she was the one that had called, he put a hand in his pocket and brought out his phone but to his disappointment, it was just a message from Marcy to thank him for the ride and to wish him a great night.

He sighed and dropped the phone on the bed, wherever she was, he really hoped she would be fine.


Angelica couldn’t get enough sleep, she just kept tossing and tossing on the bed. She had taken her bathe and was in the T-shirt and jeans that she had worn to work the day before. Not that she was uncomfortable but she knew that something was off with the whole charity stunt that Alex had thrown and because she was actually very desperate, there was nothing she could do about it, she just had to go and her friends didn’t make things easier for her, they made it so simple for her.

The closet looked quite enticing, it was huge and it was not locked.  There was a table at her right hand where she placed her bag. Juanita had told her that there were enough clothes in the closet if she needed to change and now she kept looking at the closet, wondering why Alex would put up such, could he be that he had been expecting a female company or what exactly?

On an impulse, she stood up, she needed to see what was actually in the closet. She walked towards it and pulled the doors open, to her amazement, it was a wardrobe of beautiful clothes and they were not just beautiful, they were designers and they still had tags.

This was strange, who would keep such cloths in the house except someone who was always having a female company, well, that was it, whatever special feeling she had been having for him to have sent such gifts to her vanished immediately, and he had been doing this for a while.  She sighed and shut the closet, the instant ringing of her phone startled her and she almost jumped. Then she walked to the table where her bag was, while going through her bag, something dropped on  the floor. She didn’t know what it was so she had to check what it was. She couldn’t find it, then she realized it must have rolled under the bed, quickly, she bent to check for it under the bed, she realized it was a set of keys and it was under the bed but only her arm could reach out to it.

She moved closer and stuck her hand under the bed and tried to pull out the keys but still she was unable to. Luckily for her, there was a magazine under the bed so she folded it and used it to draw the keys closer, now holding the keys and the magazine, she stood up to check her bag again for her phone.

She had a missed call from Betty and Candy so she decided to call them back through a video conference call.

“Hey babe.” Candy started.

“Hey superstar, how are you?” Betty asked.

“Oh, I’m fine. You two are still awake?” Angy asked.

“How are you? Hope Alex didn’t take you to a secret love dungeon?” Candy asked.

“Well, it’s more of a mansion if you ask me.” She replied, looking around the room.

“Wow! Take pictures before you come tomorrow okay?” Candy said, yawning, “just wanted to make sure you are okay.”

“Do you think we should tell her Candy?” Betty asked.

“Tell me what?” Angy asked suspiciously

“Oh no Betty, we talked about this.” Candy replied.

“What are you guys talking about? Tell me what?”

Betty sighed, “she needs to know.”

“Okay, now I am interested.” Angy declared.

“Okay, go ahead, I am feeling so sleepy already.” Candy replied, yawning.

“Well, Adams came back for you.” Betty stated and Angy was surprised.

“Why? Did he tell you why?”

Betty shook her head, “he left hurriedly when he was told you had gone.”

“Well, he didn’t wait for me so I left with someone else. Do you think he will be angry?” Angy asked.

“Well, he was really disappointed.” Candy replied.

“He shouldn’t be disappointed, he went home with Marcy and she left with someone else. It’s not like she was his responsibility anyway.” Betty replied.

“I think she is, she stays in his house.” Candy retorted.

“Yea but it’s just for now and that doesn’t make her his responsibility. They are not in a relationship, they are not related so, whatever is happening is just a boss to employee relationship as far as we are concerned.”

“Hey, Betty, what is wrong with you?” Candy asked but Angy just watched her two friends without saying anything.

“What is wrong with me? That dude is behaving like a kid, like he has no brain in his head and Marcy is holding the remote, I don’t understand. Now he came back for her because Marcy was not around?”

“Hey girls,” Angy interrupted, “look, I have been doing some thinking okay?”

The two paid attention.

“I realized that whatever happened between myself and Adams happened really fast and I think it’s because I moved in with him too soon, so I will sort myself out as I have been doing all this while, you don’t need to worry yourself about me. Adams is free to do whatever he wants to do and I understand whatever Marcy is doing is what you guys would have done for me, she is trying to protect him so, I will go to Adams tomorrow, I will apologize to him tomorrow.

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. If I wasn’t staying with him, all this would not have happened, things happened so fast and I think it would ruin lots of things and I love my job right now and I want us to save the club, we can and I am not going anywhere, okay girls?”

The two ladies nodded.

“Good, now sleep and stop worrying about me I love you my duo.”

“We love you too.” The girls chorused and the call ended.

Angy sighed, that was good even though she had lied about most of what she said, she hadn’t had any proper thinking but now that she just said it. it made quite a lot of sense to her and she would do just that.

She stood up and realized she was still holding the magazine, she thought of reading it in bed before falling asleep so she took it with her.

She lay on the bed and took a good look at the magazine, on it was a picture of a lady on the front cover. She was very thin but wildly attractive with her hair reaching below her waist. She was in a bikini, a very large hat and a pair of dark glasses, she was smiling at the camera with her hand at her waist while the other was holding her hat in place. Below it was written-A LOCAL WAITRESS TURNED TO A SUPERSTAR MODEL –RITA HANS.

Angy frowned, the name sounded so familiar so she opened and began to read, the story was on the front page, this time the lady was in a very sexy short gown which barely covered anything. The topic was, “Club star turned a model star.”

This finally caught her attention and she went back to the picture of Adams’s former girlfriend. She began to read through the magazine. In her interview, she talked about how she had helped and served at House 24 until she realized she could actually do more than that, she later spoke about how  her boss at House 24 and who was also her ex had supported her dream to become a star and then threw her out just because he couldn’t stand her success any more.

The journalist asked if she had any regret leaving House 24 and she said she had none but she felt sorry for Adams because she had just lost something great in his life. Angy dropped the magazine as she saw the name of the journalist below the page, it was -Alex Jacobson. Now she knew that Alex had brought her home and had been targeting her to get information from her and that he wasn’t who he said he was.


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    Hmmmmm more secrets are coming nice episode Tobi
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    Well that's something to worry about.....i knew this
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    *I knew this was a phony*.....thanks for another wonderful episode Tobi
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    Adeoti Akindele
    OMG! something is fishy, Angy weldone babe I know u're smart, I still don't trust Marcy. Adam need to start thinking straight not allowing Marcy dictate his mind. Tobi u deserves an accolades babe can't love u less
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    Georgina Bestway
    wow interesting Alex na scammer
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    A Joke
    May be Alex is Rita secret admirer also, Adrian or what's his name he is the one that took Rita away from the club he want to do the same for Angy but it cannot work Ride on sis much love..
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    Kadosh Wa Wambua
    Tobi today........atta gal ! I thought this Alex's surname is Michael??? Slow down Angy no rush rush actions in the middle of the night oooo he he he he
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    Tobi ur stories are always on point
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    Tobi Loba
    lol.. no@ Kadosh made a mistake calling Alex Michael earlier
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    Angy pls be careful now u no alex is not who he claims he is.tobi tuale
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    Wow! I hope Angy is also able to get answers from Alex as to why he had to pretend to be who he is not
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    Angy please beware cos if you fall into this pit they are digging for you,I won't be there to rescue you
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    This is really interesting n full of suspense
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    Don't spill anything out Angy...just play it cool...I hate this Alex already
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