Bleeding Petals

Bleeding petals is about Tola.. Who is raped on the night of her wedding. She goes on a journey of discovery to know why she had to be the victim of a crime she has no part in. What she finds out shattered the one thing that she kept holding unto..

Sometimes, even the most beautiful flowers....shed tears of blood......

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    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 1

    • Hello Guys! Who missed me? Well, I missed you all too. So I bring greetings from Kathia, Fiona and Rosa and all their hot guys lol. How are you and the entire family?  This is...
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      • Comments (37)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 2

    • Seriously guys...if you see my head right now, it is taller than that of mount kilimanjaro....i mean with your comments and votes of confidence...please dash me an handkerchief *sn...
      • Views (20,667)
      • Comments (40)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 3

    • some of y'all don't want to commet because Tobi is full of surprises ba? Lmao. Guys! Bad news, I don’t have enough time so, I will only be dropping...
      • Views (19,236)
      • Comments (22)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 4

    • My head ached terribly it was someone was hitting my head against an armored tank. My heart was beating rapidly and my arm hurt. My vision was blurry but I could sense that I w...
      • Views (17,598)
      • Comments (18)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 5

    • “How stupid was I to have let such a beautiful woman like you leave my life?” I smiled as I heard Felix’ voice behind me. He must have packed outside th...
      • Views (18,083)
      • Comments (34)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 6

    • Hey guys! How was the weekend? Sorry I took a break. Someone had to relax sometimes so someone will not faint. Don't forget its still a work in progress. So let's have this...
      • Views (16,470)
      • Comments (13)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 7

    • Hello dear readers, this is Tobi, thanks for reading and for being patient. Tola will say something at the end of the story. Kindly input your opinion, thank you. ...
      • Views (16,898)
      • Comments (22)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 8

    • Thanks for your pieces of advises for me I decided to heed to it and so I asked my husband and it went like this..... **************************** ...
      • Views (17,269)
      • Comments (23)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 9

    • I yawned and rubbed my eyes as the keke napep I boarded finally stopped. “Madam, we don reach Bebeji town.” The Hausa man said to me. The journey had taken ju...
      • Views (15,841)
      • Comments (16)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 10

    • Hey guys...thanks for sticking around! *************** Well madam...she died last year....! My heart sank as I heard the statement. ...
      • Views (17,086)
      • Comments (26)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 11

    • HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! TESTING THE MICRPHONE LOL! Please if you are reading this at an owambe(party), please help pack my jollof rice. It’s been such a long tim...
      • Views (18,172)
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    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 12

    • Happy Easther guys! I hope we enjoy the holidays as I am! Travelled yesterday so I couldn’t upload, coupled with church too. So I have had many theories surrounding Tola issu...
      • Views (19,245)
      • Comments (32)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 13

    • Choi! See me see wahala o! @Olly nelly, abeg don’t come and beat me blue black and green o..this is the episode but you can say bye bye to your salad and chicken,,lmao&hellip...
      • Views (20,934)
      • Comments (63)
    • Bleeding Petals - Episode 14

    • This episode is dedicated to all the first timers who commented in the last episode, also to my friend Azeezat who complained of giving her heart attack and also to my friend Omola...
      • Views (24,956)
      • Comments (99)
  • Atiku Mohammed picture
    Atiku Mohammed
    very interesting story.
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    Abbey remmy
    thumbs up Tobiloba
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    Gideon Etim
  • Anaiz Zapata picture
    Anaiz Zapata
    This is my first time on this website and I loved your story sooo much it was one of the best I've read so far.. and I've become my favorite author.. keep writing much love..
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