Dance With Me - Episode 27

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. LOL.


I want you to know,” Adams said, and continued, “that what I shared with you, I haven’t shared that much with Rita.I can tell you anything, I didn’t have that with RIta. I was too on edge, always afraid that someone might steal her from me.”-(The last episode had Marcy instead of Rita, I don;t know whats up with that Marcy lol." Here is a bonus..

** **


“Wake up sleepy head!”

Angy frowned and blinked as the morning sun hit her eyes . She groaned, she hadn’t even had enough sleep.

“Wake up Angy, we don’t want to get to work late.” Adams said again but still she remained where she was, she needed more sleep and she was back to drifting into nothingness when she felt something cold all over her boody suddenly, quickly she opened her eyes and raised her head.

“What is that?” She asked but Adams laughed, in his hand was a bottle of water, he had been sprinkling water on her.

Angy yawned and rubbed her sleepy eyes, “what time is it?” She asked.

“”It’s time to go to work.” He replied.

Angy opened her eyes and realized that it was almost 12 in the afternoon, her eyes became more opened and was now looking at Adams who was looking really fresh in his white T-shirt and black panties. His hair was well curled and there was a big diamond on his chest which kept glittering anytime he moved...he looked so fresh and so fine.  He was doing something on his phone and he looked up suddenly, their eyes met accidentally and she looked away, her cheeks were red.

“Are you okay?” Adams asked and she nodded

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. “Alright, hurry up, I made sandwiches, it’s on the table with a cup of coffee.” He said and was walking away while placing the phone to his cheek.

Angy was surprised, he made her breakfast. She smiled and stood up, right on the table was the sandwich and a cup of tea.

“Hmm, how nice.” She said and finally stood up.


Adams sat in his car while he waited for Angy, he was speaking with Omega on the phone. Two ladies had just come to seek for employment and they were waiting for him.

“So, do they look like they are really interested in the job?” He asked.

“Well, you have to come and find out for yourself boss, all I know is that they look good and thin and sexy so if those are the criteria, then I guess it’s a yes.”

“You met them there?”

“No, they came shortly after I opened.” Omega replied.

“What about Marcy?” Adams asked, “is she there?”

“No, I just called her, she overslept as well I guess.”

Adams chuckled, “will call her now, thanks man, will be there soon.”

He hung up and dialed Marcy’s number.

“Hey Marcy?”

“Hi.” She said, her voice was a bit unclear.

“Were you sleeping?”

She waited for a while, “yea I suppose...” she replied.\

Adams chuckled and was about to give a reply when the front door opened and Angy stepped out in a red shirt and a white panties. Her voluminous jetty black hair cascaded down her back as she walked towards the car, the way the breeze blew against her hair made her even more beautiful, it was like watching a movie...she was a beauty and....

“Hello, Adams are you there?”

Marcy’s voice snapped him out of whatever spell he had been entangled in. “Yea, yea, I am here, where are you?”

“I am home.”

“Are you not going to work?”

“Sure I will, I slept off, been a while I slept like that actually.”

“So would you like us to pick you up?”

“No, don’t worry, I will find my way.” Marcy said.

“Okay, see you soon.” He said and ended the call while Angy opened the car door and stepped in.

“You look really beautiful.” Adams said, unable to stop himself.

“Thank you. You look good yourself.” She replied, hiding a smile.


“Hey baby.” Candy said as she sighted Angy who was just stepping out of Adams’s car.

Angy responded with a smile and they embraced while Adams stepped out and walked towards the club.

Candy smiled, “looking good boss.”

“Looking good, you too.” He replied before finally entering the club.”

Adams left the ladies behind and walked into the club to see Omega sitting at a table with two ladies.

“The boss is here, thank God.” Omega said, standing up to meet Adams.

“You should have gone ahead with the recruitment man, I asked you to handle it.” Adams said quietly to Omega.

“I know but the two are just really good I got so confused, don’t know which to hire between the two.”

Adams shook his head and headed towards the two ladies.

Meanwhile, Omega walked towards Candy and Angy who were just coming in.

“Hey babes, hi Angy.”

“Omega.” Angy replied with a smile.

“I guess everything is fine and that was why you both came late today.” Omega stated jokingly.

“I slept off.”Angy confessed, “you can’t believe he made me sandwich and a cup of tea.’

Candy gasped, “wow! Are you kidding?”

“Nope, I am not.”

“Well, man’s stepping out gradually.” Omega said.

“What do you mean by that?” Angy asked as they walked to the counter.

Omega shrugged and exchanged a knowing look with Candy which Angy caught.

“You two are keeping things right?”

Candy chuckled, “nope.”

“Liar! Spill it!” Angy commanded.

“Not even if you try.” Candy replied, laughing.

“Where is Betty? She is way easier to crack.” Angy asked.

“She isn’t here yet, took an excuse, had a boyfriend emergency.” Omega replied.

“Wow, hope it’s not serious?” Angy asked.

“Until she comes.” Candy replied.

“But what are you two keeping from me? Candy, if you don’t tell me, I will start keeping things too.”

Candy sighed and looked at Omega who nodded to her.

“Okay, you got me at that.” She said and continued, “Omega thinks Adams is in love with you but he is much of a chicken to admit that.”

Angy’s heart skipped a beat as she heard this and instantly she burst into laughter while Candy shrugged at Omega.

“I told you,”

“You don’t think he is?” Omega asked and Angy shook her head.

“I have to go into the room, I don’t have time for this.” Angy replied before leaving for the changing room.

“She doesn’t believe.” Omega said to Candy.

“No, I think she does, I think she is just trying to act like it’s not happening.”

“Or maybe she likes him too.”

“Believe me, I know she does. The first week she spent here, everything happened so fast between the two of them ,they almost kissed, he found her naked and other stuff...”

Omega gasped, “you kidding?”

“No, I am not.”

“He found her naked?”

“Yea, and it was just after that that they almost kissed and now that things are fine between everyone, I think it’s best if we make them see what is really happening.”

“What do you suggest?”

Candy looked over to the table where Adams sat with the two girls, “did you notice that when she was here, he kept on looking here often?”

Omega smiled, “yea, I noticed.”

“and now that she is gone, he is no more looking here.”

Omega’s face lit up suddenly, “I have a plan.”

“What plan?”

“Let’s create a triangle, I will pretend as if I have a love interest in her, to make Adams jealous, if he is really interested in her, he will be jealous...”

Candy nodded, she looked excited, “yea, that is so true, but what about him? I can’t make him jealous but...” she watched as one of the ladies talking with Adams left while one of them stayed, looking excited and hugging Adams, “we can use her.”

“You think so?”

“Yea, leave it to me.” She replied and began to walk towards Adams and the new girl.


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  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Omega n candy are really something please Tobi next episode let's see their game plan
  • Modupe Gbolagun-Bello picture
    Modupe Gbolagun-Bello
    Haaaa ds suspense is much o Good work dere Enjoy ur weekend too
  • Solomon Oyefolu picture
    Solomon Oyefolu
    Oya let d set 'em up begin...
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    omega and candy are crooks,next pls
  • Ogunbanwo Abimbola picture
    Ogunbanwo Abimbola
    Tobi.. you're a star, I love the way you write.....the suspense always keeps you wanting more. I really can't wait till monday
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Arrghhh...Tobi,so u re nw leaving us in suspense till Monday bah....Anyway, thanks a lot...u really tried,enjoy ur weekend love
  • picture
    Tobi luv u 2&enjoy ur wknd.more inspiration
  • Kadosh Wa Wambua picture
    Kadosh Wa Wambua
    The poor new gal.......sigh she doesn't know what she is getting into sef
  • Phavo Asinobi picture
    Phavo Asinobi
    So angy and Adam are competing for who will impress the other most huh? Well I hope candy and omegas plan work
  • Preciousgift Oganya picture
    Preciousgift Oganya
    I hope their plan doesn't worsen things ooo... Looking forward to next episode. Enjoy your weekend too
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Tobi kiss kiss the story is just amazing. Av a wonderful weekend too
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    I just hope Omega will not fall in love with Angy and the new girl with Adams. Tobi enjoy your weekend
  • Njoku Chinenye picture
    Njoku Chinenye
    Thanks Tobi it was wonderful can't wait for the weekend to be over enjoy yours too
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Hahaha Tobi dear, you are a badass, thanks for this, enjoy your party and don't forget to bring us party meat lol
  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    Omega and Candy baddest guys, waiting for unfolding, blessed weekend Tee
  • Uwem Udoh picture
    Uwem Udoh
    Those two are being mischievous, but i hope it makes Adam n Angy get hooked...Thanks T, you are a darl...
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Thanks dear,,,enjoy the party
  • SkyBae CeeJay picture
    SkyBae CeeJay
    Lemme borrow u mine, it is 100% full.... This is enthralling just can't wait to devour this story like hungry lion.. Thumb up Tee
  • Angel picture
    Oh Tobi love do u think I can survive till Monday without my medication and u know what my medicine is. Pls do something about it
  • Amberjoy picture
    OMG I can't wait for Monday
  • Ola Hormolar picture
    Ola Hormolar
    Bro adams watch out ooo, u better say your mind b4 omega make you feel jealous, tobi you r the best ride on
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    Ah ah ah?? Looking for trouble? That's not a good idea.
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