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The night had never been more beautiful to Adams. Everything was going so perfectly . The customers were flooding in and his girls kept walking up and down, he could see them from where he stood.

He could see where Marcy and Omega were standing behind the counter, she was laughing and smiling to whatever Omega was saying and at the same time, looking over at Collins who wouldn’t stop blowing her kisses from where he stood. Adams chuckled and looked ahead, Betty and Candy were walking up and down while Angy was performing on the stage, she called it a ‘comical dance,’ she was acting all weird and funny making all the customers roar with laughter. Adams smiled, the lady was really something and he couldn’t get his eyes off of her. While she kept doing what she was doing in a funny hat and ugly looking wig, their eyes met and unlike before, she smiled and waved at him, he smiled and waved back

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. Things have never been this easier, he was happy.


“Hey Angy,”

Angy stopped and looked over at her shoulder; one of the guards had called her.

“Hey,” she answered, surprised that one of the guards had called her which had never happened before. She walked over to sit with them. Normally after each of her show, she would go outside to catch some fresh air before going inside.

The one that had called her was the older of the two, looked early forties with body of a wrestler.

“Sorry I haven’t properly thanked for saving me this morning.” She said as she got closer to them, the other guy was sitting and smoking, he didn’t look friendly enough.

“Yea, you are welcome, you should watch some men’s faces before you get into their car. I am Mark.” The one who had called her said.

She smiled, “thanks so much Mark. Today was just something else entirely. Trust me, I have a very good experience at hitchhiking, I have just never experienced what happened this morning. What if no one was around, I wonder what would have happened to me.”

“He would have tried to rape you for sure.” The other man said, that would be the first thing he would say.

Angy was surprised, “Oh, well, hello to you too.” She replied and Mark sniggered.

“Don’t mind Tom, he is having a bad day.” Mark explained.

“What happened?”

“His girlfriend broke up with him today.”

“Wow, I am sorry about that.”Angy said, loudly enough for Tom to hear but the man was quiet.

“Oh, here comes the boss.” Mark said and they turned around to see Adams coming towards them. For no reason, she shuddered.

“Hi boss.”

“Hey man.” Adams greeted back, shaking hands with the two men and then turned towards Angy. “Hey, didn’t know you talk with these guys.”

“Well, it’s my first time actually.” Angy replied with a smile.

“Hope they are not giving you any trouble?” Adams asked jokingly.

“Well, not yet.” Angy replied and they all laughed. “I am just going in actually.” She said, turning to Mark, “take care of yourself Mark.”
Mark smiled and nodded while Angy turned to Tom, “and Tom, sorry about your babe.”

The man groaned and said nothing,

“So, where did you learn all those moves?” Adams asked as they both walked back into the club together.

“What move?” She asked, faking ignorance.

“Oh, come on, you know what I am talking about.” He replied and she chuckled.

“Yea, let’s assume I don’t.”

Adams smiled, she was playing with him and he was enjoying it. “Sometimes you will dance and create a perfect image of a broken relationship, an unrequited love or an undying love, today you danced and made people laugh, you were an image of a stupid wife and a dumb husband. How do you do that?”

Angy laughed at his use of analogy. “Well, I don’t know, why don’t we call it a talent?”

They stopped at the front of the club, facing each other.

“You are everything, Angy and I sometimes think that you are not even human.”

This made her laugh. “What if I am a ghost?”

“A what? No, well, that would explain it but I don’t think ghosts dance like that.”

“You have seen one before?”

“I might have.”

She laughed. “Where?”

“In my dream, maybe. But still I don’t think ghosts dance like that.”

She smiled, looking at him straight in the eyes, “so who dances like that?”

He smiled. “Angels do.”

Without saying anything, they both smiled as if they had just talked in a strange code that could only be understood by both of them.



“No, you should have seen his face when I told him it was time for him to go home,” Marcy added from where she sat at the back, laughing.

“Oh, I saw him, it seemed like you just stabbed him in the heart,” Angy replied from the front where she sat.

“He was so drunk, he didn’t know that he wasn’t in his house.” Marcy replied, “there are so many customers like that, once they drink few bottles, they believe that their worries are gone.”

Adams chuckled, “that is what the club offers, it is a haven for those whose realities are best forgotten, those moments they spend in the club is like another world entirely where they can forget their problems and be happy.”

“Temporarily,” Angy added.

“Yes, temporarily. They know it’s not permanent, they know that once morning comes they will start facing their demons again but, they know it’s worth it, they pay for that temporary happiness. This is why most of them don’t want to go home unless you have to force them.”

“You are right boss.” Marcy stated, leaning back, “and this is where I say goodnight.” She said as Adams pulled over and she opened the door, stepping out of the car.

“Ok, goodnight folks, see you tomorrow.” She said, waving at Angy who waved back while Adams put the car to a reverse.

“Wow, look at that, Angy and Marcy, getting along, this is a dream come true.” Adams said as they were on their way home.

“It still surprises me too and she really seems nice.”

“Well, that is one thing about Marcy, when she doesn’t like you, she doesn’t, you yourself will know that, but when she likes you, you will know and she is really a nice person to people she like.”

“Well, I will put that in mind.” Angy replied with a chuckle.

“So out of curiosity, do tell me, how did you find out about Rita?”

Angy smiled, “I am psychic, “ she joked and he shook his head.

“I am serious Angy.”

“Well,” she started, “the girls made me realize that what I was doing earlier had been done before, by someone else, namely Rita. They told me who she was, how beautiful she was and what happened between you two  and how she left even though they didn’t really capture how she left.  Also, I overheard you and Marcy talking about her the night you became a jerkass.”

Adams laughed as he pulled over, they were home.

“You just called your boss a jerkass?” He said, while she stepped out of the car.

“Yes I just did.” She replied jokingly and running into the house

“You know I could sue your ass for that.” He replied, walking behind her.

“Good luck with that,” she said, positioning herself to lie down  on the couch, “oh, I’ve missed this place.”

Adams chucked, he had just brought out a bottle of milk out of the fridge, “look at you, it has just been one day.”

She looked surprised, now sitting. “Really? Feels like ages.”

He smiled and sat down on the next couch, “so is that your way of telling me you missed me?”

Angy scoffed, “no,” she replied.

“Oops! That hurt!” He replied, gulping down his drink.

“Tell me about Rita.” She said.

Adams observed her for a while, trying to see if she was joking or if she was actually being serious.

“You serious?”

“Yea.” She replied.

“Well, I will tell you everything you need to know if you will tell me what I need to know.”

She sniggered, “what do you want to know?”

Adams crossed his legs while holding the bottle of milk comfortably and trying to think. “Well, who is Angelica?” He asked.

She smiled, “Angelica....well, that’s me of course.”

He sent her a scowl, “you know what I’m talking about, tell me all I need to know about you, your background, your past, your ex boyfriends and everything, come on.”

“Ok, ok, ok.” She laughed, “Alright.”

Dad worked in a bar, mum helped, it was a family business and I used to help as well until few years when they were both killed in a fire accident.”

Adams gasped, “oh my God! I am so sorry, what happened?”

“Well, I was told that someone lit a cigar and the matchstick that was used still had fire on it, so somehow, the fire caught something which caught bigger things and the whole place exploded into flames.”

 “You know that kind of grief that sinks so badly that you can’t even shed a tear?” She asked Adams was feeling sorry for everything that had happened to her.

“Yea, I had that. Years later, I left Nigeria and came here, since then I have been working as a waitress and then an attendant and things just seemed off, like I hadn’t still found my bearing you know? Things have been pretty hard and, men...” she sighed, “I had a boyfriend back in Nigeria, he left shortly after his parents moved to UK, that was after I moved here too. Since then, I have been on my own.”

“I am so sorry,” Adams said sadly.

“No doubt.” He replied, “so, now about Rita. It happened a year ago,  that was before I started the club. I met Rita at a club here in Ghana, it was when I was checking out several clubs to gain insight for how I want my own club to be structured and that was when I found her. She was electric, she captured everyone’s attention with her beauty, her moves. It didn’t take long before I approached her, and right there, we did it in the club.”

Angy burst out laughing. “Right there in the club?”

“Oh yea, trust me, in that club, you could do anything you wanted.”

“Well, continue.”

“Well, we both went back to our various houses. We thought it was just for casual-sex only. We kept on meeting often just to have more until I told her my plans to set up a club. She seemed to have great ideas about the setup, so she came up with a plan and she was even the one who advised me on getting the loan. After four months, we got the loan, then we had started acting like a couple so when the club started, we started running it together. She served while I bartend for couple of weeks before we started hiring. She was the star of this place. She kept customers on their toes, kept them wanting more....” He stopped and looked at her, “she was good but you are a natural, born with the talent, she can’t even come close to you if it comes to charm, dances and beauty.” He stated, making her blush.

“If you said that to make me feel better...” she started smiling,

“Did it work?” he asked.

“Yea, it did.” She replied and they laughed.

“So what later happened?” She asked.

“She wanted more.” He replied and continued, “She served a man, named Adrian, like how she used to do, she charmed her way up until they got into a serious conversation mostly about her career.”

“Were you there or how did you know all this?”

“ Well, then we already had a crew and she was my assistant, she was the head server. I was still bartending; the only thing I remember was that, she was always spending more time with a particular customer more than the rest. This got me curious and I started, you know, spying on her. One day, I saw them going through a magazine, then I never knew she had already started working with him.  I saw them laughing and I have never seen her so excited but I still thought that it was nothing. After that day, she didn’t come to work for the rest of that week, she always had one excuse or the other. Sometimes, she would say she had an headache, or that she was tired, she told me so many things and I kept thinking that she had probably overworked herself until Marcy found a magazine and showed me, with her on it.”

“Wow! How did that make you feel?”

He smiled and the memories began to unfold....

“I have something to show you.” Marcy had said in his office. He was just feeling frustrated because things were slowing up ever since his girlfriend had started falling sick often. He was really worried, he thought he had been overworking that poor girl. Even though he needed to bring her back to work, he wouldn’t overwork her, he would have to be patient.

“What is it?” He had asked Marcy who walked further in after closing the door behind her.

“It’s about Rita.” She said, without sitting down.

“What about her?” He asked, finally looking up at her.

“The way she has been skipping work and her so called-health...”

“Don’t even start, Marcy.” He said to her, Marcy had never really trusted Rita, it started when she began to skip work.

“Look, I know you think I don’t like your girlfriend but sincerely I do, I just don’t trust her and now I have found a reason behind her weak health and the reason for her to skip work?”

“What are you saying?” He asked and she brought out a magazine from behind her and slammed it on the table, “your girlfriend has another job!”

For a while, he had thought that Marcy had gone nuts. He took the magazine...

“So what do I do with this?”

“Open it Adams!”

He sighed and flipped to the first page. His face tightened as he saw his girlfriend wearing almost nothing on the page, as she lay, recoiled on a bed...below it was written, ‘A star in  the making.”

“What is this Marcy?” He asked as he couldn’t understand anything.

“That is your girlfriend.”

“Of course, I know it’s my girlfriend but what is this? What is she doing here and is she naked?”

Marcy shook her head, “you see all the times she kept on telling you she was feeling sick, she was busy doing this.”

“Doing what?”

‘”Modeling for some company, can’t you see that they are referring to her as a star that is in the making.”

“Wow! How did you feel finding out?” Angy asked again.

Adams chuckled painfully, “I was mad Angy. I mean, I felt so stupid. She lied to me, she kept on lying and I kept on making excuses for her.  I was feeling guilty because I thought I was overworking her,  then I found out that she was modeling all the time?”

“But your yourself said she had the features of a model...”

“Yea, it’s like you don’t understand.  That was when I met her, then she had no plan on that or maybe she didn’t tell me. I wasn’t angry that she modeled or whatever, I was just angry that she lied about it for weeks and I didn’t know. She could have told me the truth.”

Angy sighed, “wow, that must have really stung, so what did you do?”

“I called her...”


The phone rang once and she picked it.

“Hey baby,” she said in a sleepy voice.

“Hi Rita, how are you feeling?” He asked, even though he was boiling with rage

“I feel better love but I have to go, I’m sleeping the drugs off, when are you coming?”

Adams smiled, “okay, you should do that, I will be coming later in the night.”

“Okay, later.” Then she hung up and he stood up, still holding the phone in his hands.

“What are you doing?” Marcy asked.

“Oh, I am going to wait for the sleeping beauty to  see if she is really sleeping it off like she said.”

“I took a cab home because I didn’t want her to know that I was home anytime she comes back, besides, driving and being angry is like a shortcut to heaven for me, I drove like a mad man and you don’t want to see me when I get angry, I lose it.” Adams warned and then continued, “So I got home and truly, she wasn’t at home, then I q of the car were the both of them, cuddling and kissing, in front of my damned house!”


Adams chuckled and drank more milk. The pictures began to position themselves right in front of him. The man that had brought her back went back to his car after seeing her off to the door. She pushed the door open and a scream escaped her when she found someone sitting in the dark in the living room. Then he switched on the light.

“You must have seen her face when she saw me there.  She just went all white and even dropped the flowers in her hands.
“Hi Rita, you look like you are seeing a ghost. I bet the sickness is gone hun?” He had said.

She said nothing but tried to gather herself up.

“You gave me such a fright. Your car isn’t here. What happened, what are you doing here so early?”

“I thought I could come back and check on my sick girlfriend and well, imagine my surprise when I discovered that you were not sleeping it off.”

She sighed and walked closer to him, “I am sorry, I just thought I could go out and...and...”

“And bring a guy to my house, and start romancing each other in front of myself? Was that the medication the doctor gave you?”

She sighed and shook her head, “baby, I am sorry, it was just an harmless thing, just a thank you for him to have brought me home.”

“Who is he?” He demanded.

“Oh, no one important.” She replied, coming closer to hug him but he stopped her with his hands.

“I can smell his perfume all over you and he is no one important?”

“Yea baby, believe me.”

“So where are you coming from?”

“Um, er, I went to a club and...”

“To a club? What club? If you want to club you could have come to House 24 and didn’t you tell me that you were sleeping it off?”

“Yea, I did and when we finished talking, I couldn’t sleep again...”

So you went to another club other than the one your boyfriend owned, with a man who brought you home around past two in the morning?”

She sighed, “baby, I am sorry, I just wanted something different.” She said with pleading eyes.

Adams shrugged, “okay then, one more thing.” He said, bringing out the magazine from under the couch and placing it on the table. She flinched and the panic came back to her face.

“You mind explaining why you are in this magazine, and why you are stark naked, girlfriend and don’t even dare to lie to me or I swear to God....”

She was quiet, her lower lips trembled, “I am sorry...”

“For?” He asked.

Then she was quiet again, “for you finding out.” She blurted out, inhaling a deep breath. She no longer looked guilty, she was putting on her defensive look now.

“For me finding out?” Is that all you have to say?”

“What do you want me to say or do? Grovel? Roll on the floor to ask for apologies just because I saw a chance and I took it?” She demanded.

Adams couldn’t believe his ears. “Are you kidding me right now? You lied to me? You hid something this huge from me? Did you think I would have discouraged you from embarrassing yourself and getting naked in front of anyone you want?”

‘Well, it’s my body, not yours!” She shouted back.

How long has this been going on?” He asked.

“Two weeks.” She retorted without any feeling of remorse.

“Wow! This is like watching a movie.” Angy said finally.

“After the whole stuff, she apologized, said she was afraid that she might lose me and other flimsy excuses, later we settled and like I said, she was a mistress of seduction,  so..”

“So, you kissed and made love and made up?”

“Yea, the sex was off the hook, I forgot everything entirely.”

Angy chuckled, “bad boy.”

“When I woke up the following day, I started feeling guilty...”

Angy chuckled, “but why?”

“I felt used and stupid.”

“Used? You enjoyed the casual something.”

“Yes, that was it, I enjoyed it and I felt stupid, she blackmailed me with it and I lost every manner of reasoning.”


Adams adjusted his seat. “You see, I actually think the relationship has been all about the sex and not really love.”

“Wow, why would you say that?”

“After that day, the fight became more consistent than ever and each time, she was always easing her way out with sex…”

“Ok, I get it, I get it.” Angy shouted, laughing and covering her ears.

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. “So, you can’t say you enjoyed your relationship?”

He shrugged, “I can’t really say if it was something special, I guess we lost all the chances we could have used to figure that out.”

Any smiled. “Well, you don’t sound like you regretted  sending her away..”

Adams scoffed. “Regret? Never! I have you, what can I regret?” His eyes went to the wall clock momentarily and he gasped, “Oh crap, it’s morning already.” He said.

Angy checked the time as well and found out it was some minutes to six in the morning, they had been talking for almost two hours. “Oh dear, we really need to sleep.” She said, even though she wanted them to keep on talking.

For a while they both said nothing, they only kept looking at each other for a while before they both looked away.

“I want you to know,” Adams said, and continued, “that what I shared with you, I haven’t shared that much with Marcy.I can tell you anything, I didn’t have that with Marcy. I was too on edge, always afraid that someone migh steal her from me.”

She smiled. “So you trust me?”

He smiled back. “Completely.”

They stared and then smiled at each other for a while before he stood up. “Gotta sleep. Goodnight.”

Angy nodded, looking away, “goodnight.” She replied and Adams walked back to his room. When she heard the door closed behind him, she inhaled; it was like she hadn’t been breathing the entire time that he was looking at her.


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