Daddy's Girl - Episode 25

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***** "If that's the case then I don't think you should be doing this alone. You can't track her down with your phone. You need gadgets Arnold"

Alex advised slowly.

Arnold sighed, running his hand over his face in frustration.

"Yeah you're right. What was I thinking?"

He muttered to himself as he fished out his cell phone and dialed a number, placing the phone against his ear as it rang.

Few seconds later, he heard the voice at the other end of the line.

"Hello detective? Please come to my house . Helena just a got a strange call and she run out like something was after her.... Yes. Okay sure.... Bye"

Arnold hung up and slumped into his chair, burying his head in both palms....


"What do you mean you can't locate her?"

Arnold asked bewildered as detective Randolph and his colleague sat opposite him in his study staring blankly at the laptop before them..

"I don't understand"

Randolph muttered flabbergasted himself.

"But I recall giving the bracelet to her like you asked"

he stated recalling the conversation they had the previous night before the left the police station.


Arnold followed the detective back into the police station while Helena and the guards waited outside.

Arnold watched in confusion as he reached into his suitcase and brought out a beautiful encrusted diamond bracelet and a watch and gave it to him...

"Why are you giving me this detective?"

"Give it your female friend and make sure she puts it on."

Arnold frowned.

"Why can't you give it to her yourself if you like her that much?"

he snapped, already feeling jealous at the fact that the detective called him inside only to make him a delivery guy of bracelets for Helena.

"Hey hey, calm down. It's not what you think okay.

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. This is not just an ordinary necklace, there's an inbuilt tracking device, for protection. I figured everyone around you needs protection including you. So give it to her and keep the watch for yourself"

he explained.

"Is Helena in danger too?"

"It doesn't hurt to take precautions"

"Thank you detective"

he stated and walked out to meet Helena.


"Yes I know but I don't get it. Unless, wherever she is right now, is a secluded place and it's almost impossible to get signals in such places.."

Randolph answered shaking him out of his reverie.

"Try harder. Try to get a signal please. We have to find her and my daughter. God knows what condition Fiona might be in now. Please try detective please"

he begged folding his hands.

"Calm down Mr. Bempong. We have already sent some of our men to search for her."

He answered, made a quick call and fixed his eyes back on the laptop trying to get a signal.


Helena clutched her handbag to her chest tightly as she walked through the woods in fear.

From the way the sun was scorching, it was probably noon already and she till hadn't found the damn cottage.. Suddenly, her phone rang.. Wiping the sweat off her face with the back of her hand, she swallowed hard and picked it up... "I'm glad you made the right decision beautiful. It's as easy as ABC, you comply, I don't hurt anyone. Now take six steps forward and stand still. Don't move. I repeat don't f*cking move"

he instructed and hung up.

She did as told and waited, fear creeping up her fragile heart.

She turned and took a step back when she heard footsteps behind her.. She immediately fell when she felt a hard blow to her head.

"I told you not to move"

she heard the voice say just before she closed her eyes as total darkness encased her.


"We got a signal!!!!"

Detective Randolph exclaimed when he saw the small dot on the screen, blinking... It was moving. He zoomed it closer and gasped.

"She's nowhere near this city... We have to move... Now!!"

He instructed and rushed out with his men, Arnold trailing behind,not wanting to be left behind.


Helena rubbed the back of her head slowly and winced in pain as she sat up in the bed that felt extremely uncomfortable.

"My head.."

She grimaced trying to recall how she ended up in a different environment.

".......Take six steps forward and stand still. Don't move"

the voice had told her and she obliged Doing as told, she heard the rustling of dead leaves and footsteps of someone. Out of curiosity and fear, she had taken a step back and turned just before the shadow hovering over hit her head with a stick..

"I told you not to move!"

Was the last thing she heard before everything went black.

"You're awake beautiful?"

She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the husky voice. She looked up at him and frowned

"You disgusting're such a coward.... A freaking psychopath!!"

He frowned and stood up angrily

"I'm not a coward woman!!!!!"

"Then show your face!! If you're not a coward then take your mask off dammit! Only an unscrupulous coward like you will kidnap a little girl just to use her as a bait to get me.. You think like a child... Even Fiona's level of thinking is way higher than you moron! Aren't you ashamed to have stooped so low I can literally smell you beneath my feet?"

She spat and without a warning, he walked up to her angrily and slapped her across the face..

"Shut your stupid mouth!!"

He yelled and then after thinking for a few seconds, he relaxed.

"I forgive you for saying such bullshit. Because I love you and I've been wanting you for so long"

he paused and sent his nose to her neck and sniffed.. "I love how you smell"

he licked the nape of her neck and sniffed again.

"Don't touch me you filthy animal!!!"

She pushed him and kicked him in the groin with all her strength. He groaned in pain and bent down for minutes, waiting for the pain to subside.

"You fool!!!!! I approach you calmly and you want to destroy my tendencies of having children with you huh!!!"

"Over my dead body!! Have kids with yiu? You're not only a psycopath but you're f*cking delusional too.. I would rather have my body devoured by vultures than have kids with you!!" She spat "We shall see about that Helena Sampson"

He went over to the cabinet in the kitchen and came back with four ropes smiling.. "Have you ever heard of BDSM?"

her eyes widened in shock.

"No....please..Don't....Please...Don't do this... Please.."

She begged trying to get up but he rushed to her and pinned her down with his body spread her legs widely apart and tied her legs to each side of the bed. Grabbing her hands, he tied them in the same manner, her arms and legs widely apart. "That's more like it!"

He exclaimed She looked at him with tears in her eyes, wondering what to do.. She needed to do something to buy herself some more time to think of her next move.. There was no way she would let him have his way with her... "Please let me see Fiona....

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. I will do anything you want but please let me see her" He looked at her for several seconds, weighing the options..

"Okay deal!!"

He got up and brought out two tablets from his pocket and smiled... "You know what this is right???...Yes? No???.... Well I'll still tell you about it anyway.. It's called an....aphrodisiac.. You know what it's used for right!!" He grinned before throwing the tablets into his mouth and gulped down some water and walked out.


They could hear footsteps behind them as they walked through the thick bushes..

"Silence.....get ready to shoot!"

Brian says and the rest who are with him including detective Randolph cock their guns, while Arnold stood narrowing his eyes as he looked closely at the figure approaching them.

"Alex??? What are you doing here?"

"You didn't think I'll stand by while you go through this sh*t alone did you?"

He answered walking closer

"You should have called out my name or something instead of walking behind us like some creepy thief"

"Sorry man."

"Alright shall we keep going?"

Randolph cut in and they nodded and resumed walking, Alex behind as he watched two men walking with two big dogs..


"Oh my God Fi, are you okay?"

Helena exclaimed when the masked man entered and dropped Fiona near the bed like a sack of potatoes.

"Why have you tied her up? Please let her go"

she looked at Fiona's tied hands and legs.

He stood there and suddenly began to feel hot and uneasy.. The aphrodisiac he had taken was beginning to have it's effect on him.

He smiled and looked down at himself, he was already hard and he couldn't wait any longer.

He had waited for so long to make her his... "Okay enough. You've seen her now.. Shall we get down to business? I promise when I'm done, I will consider letting her go"

He said and and carried Fiona to the kitchen and came back.

He didn't have the time to carry her all the way back to the outhouse.

Not when he was this hot. He walked over to Helena and tore the sleeves of her dress harshly, allowing his hands roam her body hungrily as he planted his head between her bosom.

He needed to have her, make mad love to her, make her his woman in every way possible.

And he was gonna do just that. Right here, right now.

No interruptions this time.

No interruptions.

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