Daddy's Girl - Episode 26

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***** Helena squirmed and wriggled under his disgusting touch and kisses as his hands roamed every inch of her skin hungrily.

Tears burned her eyes. No.. She shook her head.

This couldn't happen. It just couldn't happen.

She wasn't going to let a deranged psychopath such as himself have his wicked way with her.


She couldn't.

She was going to fight with every drop of blood in her, at least until her body couldn't take it anymore.

But until then, she had to fight.

She needed to.

She shut her eyes tightly, trying to come up with a good excuse.

Something to distract him.

Something. Anything . Her eyes shot open instantly.

If he had any weakness at all, she was almost sure his obsession for her was one.

If not, he wouldn't have to go to such lengths just to have her.

His weakness was his obsession.

He was blinded by obsession and rage.

Helena suddenly began to thrash about.

"No.. No.. Stop..."

"No.. I.. Mean.. wait please..... These ropes are hurting me. I promise if you untie me, I would do anything you want"

she said hoping he would agree. He stopped and looked at her suspiciously.

"You aren't trying to play smart with me girl are you? Because if you are, I'm gonna put a bullet in that pretty little head of yours"

Helena gulped hard.


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. I swear....well... That's if you really love me like you say. Because these ropes are digging into my skin. It's hurting"

He frowned and grabbed her neck

"Don't you play stupid with me woman!! I'm not so foolish"

he seethed, his face flushed with anger

"I'm not I promise....Some days ago, I would have done everything I can to get away but things are different now... Ar.. Arnold is a jerk, an arrogant, pompous, fool! He doesn't value the love I have for him... That's why I'm saying, if you really love me and want me, then I will choose you a million times over Arnold because I know you wouldn't hurt a child and you only used Fiona as a bait to get me.. I know it's you Mark.. You might be hiding your face but I recognize your voice. If you untie me and let Fiona go, I promise to be yours on the condition that you will love me genuinely. Because Arnold only used me. He never loved me. He hurt me"

she began to fake sob, letting her shoulders heave with each sob that escaped her. She looked at him, praying he would fall for her antics.. It was her last chance to free both Fiona and herself and if this didn't work out, then she was doomed for sure. She wasn't even sure it was Mark.. Yes Mark could be weird but he wasn't capable of kidnapping his best friend's daughter.. Right? Right? When he still said nothing, she sighed and bowed her head, resigning to her fate.. Then suddenly, she felt his hands on her legs, untying the rope. Her head shot up and stared at him, his head bent down as he untied her then she gasped in shock.... It was him!!! He had taken his mask off when she wasn't looking.


She gasped shock engulfing her... How could he do this to his own friend?? Could he be the murderer of Grace and Musa?? Was he....?

"Fool!! Concentrate on escaping first"

her subconscious mind reprimanded and she immediately adjusted herself, managing a tiny smile as he released her hands.

"I knew it was you... But why did you have to do this just to get me?"

She asked pushing him closer

"You never wanted me beautiful"

"I realised you are more of a man than Arnold... He always makes me feel like a lowlife. I hate him!!"

He smiled.. Yes, finally she's mine... "I promise to make you happy dear... I promise" he drew closer to kiss her, the medicine clouding his ability to think straight. His member was throbbing so hard that he just wanted to sink into the flesh between her thighs, ravish her, devour her till his knees gave out. Helena kissed him back, running her hands over his body, swallowing the urge to throw up at his disgusting kisses... Eww, the man couldn't even kiss to save his life much less to arouse a woman. She heard him moan when she slipped her hand into his shirt and runs her hands ovet his chest.. She squeezes her face when he grabs her thighs and kisses her harder.. "I want you now beautiful"

he moaned.


She asks and he nodded impatient like a child... Pfft! He was only thinking with the second head down there, stupid. She pushes him down and gets on top of him, wiggling her bottom over his member.... Oh dear, guess God is a woman after all like they say. Such power in seducing. When she saw he was in the world of ectasy, wanting more, she grabs his member and squeezes hard, making sure to not let go as her nails dug into the delicate flesh. He screams.. Without stopping, she bends her knee and presses it against his member hard as he continued to scream reaching out to grab her.

"Take this you disgusting piece of sh*t!" Helena growled as she kneed him where the sun doesn't shine once more. Hard.


He yelled in pain.

"You bitch! F*cking bitch! I'm gonna kill you! I swear! Come back here!"

Helena jumped down the bed and run into the kitchen, carried Fiona and flung her over her shoulders. There was no time to untie her. Getting to where he lay, wincing in pain, she grabbed a flower vase and hit his head with it with as much strength as she could gather. Without checking if her blow had made him unconscious or not, she run out, pulling out the key from the lock and locked it from the outside, threw the keys away into the grass and run into the bushes with Fiona over her shoulders.


"I think she's coming near us. We're on the right path..."

Randolph said staring at the blue blinking spot on his tablet that kept moving towards them. As they kept moving, the dogs began to bark.. Brian pressed Fiona's clothes to the dogs noses and allowed them to sniff... They moved forward and began to bark.

"They are around somewhere!"

He exclaimed and Arnold run past them, eager to find his child... "Fiona!!!!!"


Panting heavily, she eased Fiona on the grass and untied her before removing the cloth over her mouth.

"Fiona, my love are you okay?"

"Yes. I want to go home.. Please"

she sobbed, wrapped her arms around her.

"Please let someone find us"

Helena prayed silently.... She was tired from running so fast, her chest was beginning to hurt and she feared she would get an attack if she kept moving... "Come on...let's keep walking" she grabbed Fiona's hands and stood up but then stopped when she heard echoes.... "Fiona!!" The voice came again.. "Oh my God!!! Arnold?? Arnold!!!!!!" She screamed.. "Arnold!"


"Did you hear that??"

Alex asked... "Helena??? Helena!!!!" Arnold screamed running faster.


"Over here!!! Arnold!!! Arn....

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. Mmmpph!" Her screams were suddenly muffled when she felt someone grab her from behind and covered her mouth tightly and began to drag her away.. "B*tch you're so gonna pay"


He stopped running and placed both hands on his waist gasping for breath. "I thought I heard the voice from here" he muttered to himself.... "Over there!!! He's escaping!"

Brian, one of Arnold's assigned bodyguards shouted, pointing to the man whose back was facing them, a few miles away, dragging a woman and a child forcefully... He turned sharply and pointed a gun at them making them stop abruptly, the dogs continuously barking.. "Stop right there!!! Else I won't hesitate to blow their brains off!!" He shielded himself with Helena as he pointed the gun to her head and holding Fiona's neck with his other hand.. Arnold staggered back in shock when realisation hit him while Alex stood with his mouth wide open.. "M...Mark?????"

He blinked. He smirked, pushing the base of the gun into Helena's hair.

"Ah welcome to the party my dearest precious friend. Or should I say.. brother?"

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