Daddy's Girl - Episode 27

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*** Arnold stared at his friend refusing to believe what his eyes were seeing.

He blinked thrice before stepping forward to take a closer look, maybe the darkness that had began to engulf the bushes were making him hallucinate.. Maybe, just maybe his eyes were playing ugly games on him.

And he didn't like it one bit.

"Another step forward and I will blow their brains off Arnold, don't f*cking test my patience"

Mark warned, cocking his gun.. Was he dreaming? Was he hallucinating? Was this the same introvert and fragile man he had befriended back in school? The same one he had helped pay his fees after he learnt his parents had abandoned him??? No... . He shook his head refusing to accept reality.. It couldn't be.

"Mark!! Oh Mark, thank God you found my child. My princess..Come to me Fi, I'm sorry I scolded you. Daddy is sorry..Uncle Mark won't hurt you.. Come princess"

he knelt on one knee and stretched out his arms,waiting for her to run into them,to hug her tightly and never let her go again.. A d fr Mark to tell him this was all a godamn nightmare. But no. None of that happened.

"Do you think I'm here to save someone? You are so naive Arnold.You have always been..."

"What are you talking about? Why are you doing this?"

"Why? You have the audacity to ask me why??"

He snarled and continued

"My mother, that selfish woman, she abandoned me and went ahead to marry your father.. I was just a boy then.."

"Wait what?"

Alex and Arnold exclaimed

"Yes!!! And don't you interrupt when I'm f*cking talking!.

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. Good.. When I grew up, I had searched for her everywhere and when I finally found her, she and her husband, your father, refused to give me my share of the property before they had that accident!! I did all I could, begged them, threatened them but they refused... Instead they willed everything to you!!"

"'re brother? B....but you were dead!. Mom told me!!!"

"Oh Shut the hell up!! I didn't die.. But she refused to search for me after that day!"

"Listen, we can sort this out Mark please. Let them go"

he pleaded stepping closer... "No!!!!!" He fired the gun and Arnold ducked missing the bullet by a few inches.. "You have always had everything I wanted.. From my mother's love to the money to women!!! Abigail. Remember her? Your first girlfriend? Yep. I Loved her dearly, but she chose you over me so I had to make her disappear, forever of course. I chopped her into pieces and buried her. No one ever came to know... And then Amanda came along! My Sweet sweet Amanda.Beautiful Amanda.. Sweet and delicate Amanda. We were good friends, I loved her too you know but after I introduced you to her, she chose you over me. Again! So I had to silence her too"

he shrugged nonchalantly like he was telling a story.

"What? No... This can't be true!! It's a lie... Amanda died because she had suffered complications after childbirth. You didn't kill her!! You didn't. You couldn't!"

He shouted, shaking, tears clouding his vision.. Mark laughed.

"And won't you like to know who pushed her down the stairs while you were out of town huh? I tried to get her to elope with me but no!! She chose you over me again for the thousandth time.. She should have died that day!!"

He snarled recalling how Amanda had outrightly told him Arnold was much more of a man than him.

The nerve! Arnold was angry now, his blood was boiling. It was him all along.

The one he considered his friend, his confidant, brother.

Like a flash, all those times Mark acted nonchalantly anytime the topic of his wife or Helena came up, flashed before him.

Like he couldn't give a f*ck. Who else could have easy access to his home to kill Grace without a trace if not someone who knew him like the palm of his hand? Who else could calculate their moves and strike so perfectly if not someone who was close to him? Arnold blinked, ckemchimg his fists as his heart pumped nothing but rage.

"I will kill you Mark!!! I will kill you!! I swear to a things holy!"

He yelled and lunged forward to grab him when he pointed the gun at him and fired.. "No!!!"

Helena screamed,squormimg pit of Mark's grip and lunged herself forward as the bullet hit her shoulder.. She groaned in pain and fell... "Helena!!! No!! No!! What have you done you monster!!"

Arnold cried out, as he gathered her in his arms... Brian the rest of the team lunged forward.. "Another step and this little bitch dies"

he grabs Fiona who was crying uncontrollably and points the gun to her head.

"Let her go Mark!!! Don't you dare lay a finger on her!" Alex stepped forward.. "Oh yeah I forgot.. As usual, you followed him here like the loyal dog that you are..." "Why Mark. Why? I never hurt you in any way. I loved you like a brother... Why??? Why did you have to kill Abigail!! It's because of you that my wife left me!! She suffered complications because you pushed her down that stairs!! You moron!!"

"Not just that pretty boy.. Let's just say I helped her die faster.. You see, I drugged her drip while she was unconscious and no one one noticed, not even you because you're a gullible fool!! Perhaps your Darling wife might have survived but well.. I couldn't help it"

he grinned sardonically.

Arnold stared at him, shaking with anger as he clenched his fists... He stared down at Helena who seemed to be still awake. He eased her to the ground and stood up, walking towards Mark with steady steps.. "I said don't move!!!"

Mark threatened but Arnold continued walking towards him without taking his eyes off the gun that was pointed to his daughter's head.. "I will shoot!! Don't come any closer!!" He yelled stepping back as Arnold got closer.

"Don't do anything stupid Mr. Bempong!!! Please!!"

Detective Randolph cautioned but he paid no heed, anger had blinded him that very moment. And he wasn't gonna stop until he had his hand wrapped around that disgusting fools neck. He wasn't a murderer but oh the heavens will thank him for riding the earth of scum like Mark.

"I will shoot Arnold!!! Stay away!!"

He yelled and cocked the gun as Fiona screamed. Within a split second, Arnold lunged forward and kicked the gun away from his hands with his right leg... "I will kill you!!! For every single person you have taken away from me!!"

Arnold hit him across the face and he fell, pushing Fiona to the ground along with him.... He jumped on Mark and began to punch him in the face,administering blows furiously, not stopping for a second to catch his breath.

"I will kill you! I swear! You killed my wife, Fiona's mother... Pig!! Disgusting moron!! You filthy animal!! I was dining with the devil all along.. You pervert! F*cking f*ctard!"

He spat angrily as he continued hitting him, blood from Mark's mouth and nose covering his fists... "Let him go!" Detective Randolph lifted him away from Mark who continuously coughed out blood.

"Thank you" Mark grinned as Randolph helped him up. "You welcome Buddy!"

"Wait what? Buddy? What the hell?"

Brian muttered as he stared at the two exchanging pleasantries.

He frowned and stepped forward to handcuff Mark when he was stopped by Randolph... "Don't you dare touch him!"

They all stared at him, mouth agape, confused... "He's a cold blooded criminal detective!! We need to take him to the authorities!!. You heard him confess just now!"

Christian, Arnold's second bodyguard yelled.. "No one touches him!!" Randolph insisted pointing a gun at them while Mark stood behind him smiling ruefully. Everyone stared at them wide eyed, as realisation dawned on them. Randolph was actually Mark's accomplice.

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. They had been working with the enemy all that while. Was that... Was that why, he couldn't gather a single evidence from the crime scene when Grace was murdered? Or he'd gathered the evidence and burnt them? Mark had bled that day from the knife Grace threw at him. If they'd taken a sample of the blood to test. Then... Arnold blinked. Then the test results should prove or give a hint on who's it was.. Or.. The knife even. Did he lie too when he said no fingerprints could be found?

"Detective you? You're his accomplice? God!"

Brian exclaimed in shock.

"Sorry guys. I've got nothing against you but I was just doing my job"

The dectective had been helping Mark all this while? Arnold blinked again.

What the hell? There and then, he finally understood the old akan proverb.

"An insect can only bite you if it's in your clothes"

And he just got bitten, twice.

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  • Latifah Habib picture
    Latifah Habib
    Oooo Nooo..thought eveytin has ended but I tink its jux began
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    Jennifer speechless..... I just had to comment...weldone Eliza
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    Alfreda Ephya
    Eliza baby is not good for my health
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    Destiny Benson
    Nice one Eliza
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Our former Prez J.J Rawlings said "aboa bi b3ka wo a na )fra ntoma". In fact this insect is really clothed in blankets that you can't even notice. Chai, see how our security system is corrupt. How can the corrupt help fight corruption? Crime? Hmm!
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    lol latifah
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    thanks for commenting Jennifer.
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    lol Alfreda let me give you panadol
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    thanks Destiny
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    so true Benedicta. corruption everywhere
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    Uche Ezike
    Na wa o. the story just started
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    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    Jeezzzzz, I feel like strangling someone...arrgghhhhh
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    lol ikr @ Uche
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    hehe calm down Ola.
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    Full of intrigues and suspense
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