Daddy's Girl - Episode 24

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**** He yawned and stretched as he sat up in the sofa.

"What a pleasurable night"

he smiled and walked towards the small kitchen. He looked around, wondering what to prepare.

"Eggs, spaghetti, noodles..."

He muttered staring at the ingredients before him.

What could he possibly cook out of these? He shrugged.. Well he didn't bring her to feed her like some princess.

"Hmmm. . Noodles will do!!"

He exclaimed and lit up fire, placed a pot of water on it and waited for it start to boil.. He broke the noodles and put them in the water, whistling.


"Wakey wakey!!! Rise and shine"

he sang carrying a plate of noodles and fried eggs to the bed where she lay, still unconscious.

He placed the food down and took a glass of water, sprinkled it on her face till she jolted out of her unconscious state.

Rubbing her eyes, she sat up almost immediately coiling herself in one corner...

"Eat up girl. I've got no time for your whining. I'm going out and by the time I get back and this food is still here, trust me you will stay hungry. And pray to the heavens your dearest father does everything I ask else I won't hesitate to silence you like the rest."

He instructed and walked out of the small cottage and locked it.

Fiona looked around the room, there was no place from where she could escape.

The windows were so tiny that they could only occupy three short louvre blades.

There was no way she could escape through it.

She turned her attention to the food before her and frowned, deciding not to eat but then she changed her mind when her stomach grumbled loudly.

She hadn't eaten anything for the whole of yesterday.

Resigning to her fate, she pushed the food closer and scooped it with a spoon and ate.

It was tasteless but then at that moment she had no choice.

"I miss you Daddy

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. Please come for me. I promise I won't ever run away again"

she sniffed fighting back the tears that were threatening to fall.


Helena sat in front of the dressing mirror, wiggling her wrists admiring the bracelet he had given her the previous night and smiling.

It was definitely beautiful.. She frowned when her phone rang.. Who could it be so early in the morning? She checked the screen and her frowned deepened.

"An unknown number?"

She hissed and rejected the call, shoving it into her handbag as she stood up and walked out of her room.

"Goodbye dad" she waved.

"Where are you going to dressed like that? Aren't you going to school today?"

Mr Sampson queried.

"No dad. I have asked for an off. I will tell you when I get back"

"Just be careful"

"Sure. Bye" she waved and scurried out.


Arnold was jolted awake when he heard noises downstairs.. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up on the bed and yawned, stretching his body.

He looked at the picture that lay beside him on the bed and he smiled sadly.

After his unpleasant encounter with Alex, he had spent almost the entire night in Fiona's room,going through her things,talking to himself and staring at her picture for hours on end until he fell asleep in her room.

As the noises grew louder, he stood up and walked downstairs and unto the compound... His bodyguards were refusing the entry of a woman.

He walked closer.


"Thank God Arnold. They just won't let me in"

she sighed eyeing the men angrily.

"Let her in. Didn't you see her with me yesterday?"

"Sorry sir. We are just looking out for you"

Brian, the tallest amongst them answered.

He scoffed and led her inside.


"Am I too early or you woke up late?"

She asked as she sat down..

"I barely slept last night"

"I can see that"

"Wait for me in the study. Make yourself comfortable. I will freshen up so we can leave to the station"


She watched him climb the stairs before proceeding into the study. In the study, she looked around, admiring the collection of books he had stacked on the shelves.

As she looked around, a folded paper caught her attention.

She pulled it out from between one of the books and opened it... It was a drawing of his late wife, Amanda.... Arnold was not just an architect who designed buildings,he was good at drawing also.. No wonder Fiona always drew effortlessly.. Helena smiled and tucked the paper back into the book... As she turned, her elbow accidentally hit a book and it fell together with a phone.

Curious, Helena picked it up and switched it on.

The battery was already very low.

"Put the phone down"

her subconsciousness told her but curiosity got the better of her and besides she was bored.

She quickly went through the phone checking the gallery, messages, videos and then she chanced upon it.

She pressed play but the video was blank.

Nothing but voices,no visuals... She rolled her eyes and made to pause it when someone came into view.

It was Arnold's late wife, Amanda.. Her hair was disheveled and she seemed to be quarreling with someone..

"You're a monster!! An inhuman!!!"

She screamed and a man in a hood slapped her.

"Shut the hell up Amanda!!!"

The man commanded.. Helena was confused as she watched it but then the man in the hood came into view and she gasped in shock as she recognized him..

"Let me go!! You're hurting me"

Amanda cried out and then the video ended.

As she sat down, contemplating on what to do, she had a call.

She hissed and rejected it..

"Should I tell Arnold? Does he already know about the video?"

She was wondering when her phone rang again.

Same anonymous number. She hissed again and answered.

"Who are you and why do you keep calling?"

"Hello my Beautiful Helena"

the male voice came and fear gripped her.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"I don't like beating about the bush so let me go straight to the point. I have the girl with me. Err what do you call her, Fiona, yes? Yes Fiona. She's with me and in exchange for her I want you. Woe unto you if you dare tell anyone where you are going. Shut your mouth, and come to the address I will text you else, her dead body will be deposited in front of Arnold's house by noon got it. And incase you decide to play smart, let me give you a quick review. Your younger sister Emilia, is in the Radford university, level 200, studying pharmacy and your father, David Sampson is alone at home at this moment. I hope this information will help you make a better decision because I do not make empty threats beautiful"


She stammered refusing to acknowledge the fact that somehow, she knew who he was already.

"Your admirer.. Just come here quietly. Your family will be safe, Fiona will be safe and everyone will be happy. I will be waiting..."

He hung up as she stared blankly into space..


He rubbed his jaw, smiling, as he hung up and placed the phone on the counter and turned to the girl whom he had tied to the chair..... "Hmmmm thanks for the information sweetie" he smiled ruefully as he bent down and removed the cloth from her mouth. "I have told you what you want. Please let me go. Please"

she begged.

"Awwww I wish I could but no... What's your name again?"

She remained quiet, sobbing uncontrollably

"I said what's your name?"

He yelled gripping her neck

"S.....Sa...Sa....Sally Benson"

she choked.

"Oh yeah. Sally.. You will stay till your friend comes. You make a wrong move, you die. Don't you dare me"

he released her neck and covered her mouth again and walked out whistling.



He strolled into the small building carrying Fiona over his shoulders with her hands and legs tied.. He dropped her unto the floor as she sobbed

"See? I brought you a companion. I'm expecting an important visitor so I need some privacy. Keep each other company okay?"

He laughed and walked out locking the door as Fiona and Sally stared at each crying silently praying someone finds them.


He stood at the entrance watching her staring at the screen of her cell phone, looking pale as if she had just seen a ghost. He had arrived barely a minute ago, enough time to hear the conversation she was having on the phone. She looked fine minutes ago, but the phone call had made her turn pale with fright "Helena?" She quickly hid both phones in her bag and wiped her face.


"Are you okay? Who was that on the phone? You look pale"

he walked closer and touched her face.

" No one.. I'm fine.. I.. Have to go"

she stammered.

"Where are you going to? Does it have something to do with the call? Who called?"

"No one. I'm fine... I.. Will be back"

she answered and run out as fast as her legs could carry her ignoring Arnold's voice calling her.



Arnold turned at the voice to find Alex behind him wearing a grim expression.


Arnold nodded

"Uhh look about last night, I went over board and I'm sorry..

Read " The Emerald Chase " by the same author ( eliza )

. I.."

Arnold waved

"it's fine really. I deserved it. You don't need to apologise Alexander."

Arnold looked frustrated as he fished out for his phone

"Hey man, you okay?"

"Uh.. Yh.. It's just Helena run out after receiving a call.. Umm. Car keys"

he answered absentmindedly turning to and fro.

"But she must be far gone by now. She must have got into cab already"

"I know"

"So how will you find her then?"

Alex followed Arnold who rushed out of the study after grabbimg his keys off the desk.

"By tracking her"

he replied jogging towards his car.

He had to make it fast.

"W..what do you mean?"

Alex was confused. Arnold sighed, turning to face his friend.

"I gave her a bracelet last night. And there's a tracking device planted inside. I know what I heard when she received that call and if my guess is correct, we might find Helena and Fiona at the same time if I track down her location."

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