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*** "What the f*ck did you do to me? Arnold you sick bastard! F*cking psycho pray I don't get my hands on you because if I do, that'll be the last time you see this earth. You sick bastard!"

Mark continued to yell but Arnold only rolled his eyes, unperturbed by his noiseless rants.

He, Mark? Was calling him a psycho? Pfft! The kettle calling the pot black.

"Stop shouting Mark. You're polluting the environment . Haven't you heard of noise pollution? My ears are bleeding already"

Arnold muttered sarcastically.

"What did you say? You f*cking f*cktard I'm going to tear you to pieces just like I did to Abigail and Amanda.."

He didn't get to finish his rant when Arnold marched towards where he sat on the floor and punched him across the face, hard, sending Mark falling flat onto the ground.

"You don't know when to shut that mouth of yours but not to worry because after I'm done with you, I promise you, you'll regret every f*cking thing you've done so far but I'll make sure it'll be late"

That was the last thing Mark heard before a harsh blow was delivered to his head sending him into unconsciousness immediately.


Arnold straightened up and turned to face Alex who'd sneaked quietly into the room watching the scene before him unfold.

"Take care of her"

he told him gesturing to an unconscious Sally.

"Make sure she gets medical treatment and Helena too"


Helena sprinted off the bed ignoring the urge to groan at the pain that sliced through her wounded shoulder.

"What do you mean no? This is no child's play Helena"

Arnold frowned.

"I know perfectly well what this is and I want to come with you. I want to see him getting a taste of his own medicine

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. He hurt me too Arnold. And he hurt Fiona and my best friend too. He threatened to hurt my sister and father too so I have every right in this also. This became my damn business the moment he kidnapped me. It's become personal"

Arnold sighed.

He couldn't let Helena come with me.

Fine, he was okay with Alex coming along but not her.

It is said that every human being on earth is a monster.

You just have to decide whether to be good or let your monstrous side take over. That's why there are good and evil people.

Because each person chooses between the good and evil.

Which one they want to be dominated with.

And Arnold had been a good person all his life, never letting the monster side of him surface.

But tonight? Tonight he wasn't goimh to hold back.

Tonight he was going to bring out the evil side in him.

Because to face someone like Mark, you need to be equally on the same thinking level as them.

And Arnold was going to do just that.

He wasn't going to let the police take care of this.

He made the mistake once letting the police do all the work but it seems corruption itself was deeply rooted in the police force itself.

This time he was going to make Mark pay.

All by himself. In every way possible.. And it might get bloody.

He wasn't going to let Helena see that side of him.

No he couldn't.

"I'm sorry Helena. You can't come with me"

he answered finally.

"Who says I was asking for your permission?"

She shot back, irritated at the fact that he thought she was too fragile to handle it.

But no she wasn't.

She too wanted to see him have a taste of his own medicine.

"I'm going and that's final"

"Oh my God!"

Arnold face palmed, groaning in annoyance.

"What am I going to do with you?"

"Nothing Mr Bempong. Absolutely nothing"

she answered with a cheeky grin making him chuckle lightly.

"You're insufferable"

"You wound me Mr Bempong. You wound me so"

Helena gasped dramatically placing her hand on her chest feigning hurt.

Arnold threw his head back as laughter escaped him.

Something he hadn't done in a long time.

"I love the sound of your laughter"

she smiled. "And I..."

He stopped laughing as he flicked her nose gently.

"Love you"


He woke up few hours later to find himself inside his house, In his bedroom and in his bed.

The last thing he remembered was shouting at Arnold after he injected something into his neck.

Then he punched him and everything went black after that.

He frowned. Arnold punched him.

That bastard had the damn nerve to punch him.

Mark frowned as he wiggled his fingers and toes before letting out a sigh of relief.

Whatever that had been injected into him had worn off because he could feel and move his fingers and toes again.

That damn godforsaken son of a b*tch was sure going to pay.

He lifted himself off the bed only to find he couldn't move his legs.

He frowned and gazed down at his legs, his eyes widening instantly.

Both his feet had been chained to the bed. What the f*ck? Mark wiggled uncomfortably as the chain began to make squeaking sounds with his movements.

"Going somewhere?"

That voice he knew so well echoed through the room.

He didn't need to look up to know who'd just walked into the room.

Mark clenched his jaw, gritting his teeth.

"You damn bastard. Are you that much of a coward you needed to chain me to the bed while I was unconscious?"

He seethed looking up at his nemesis.

"Tsk tsk tsk"

Arnold wagged hid finger midair.

"I'm not a coward dear friend. On the contrary, I'm just doing what you love do to all your victims. Wait till they're at their weakest point before you strike. Isn't it? You're good at backstabbing people and I'm doing just that. How does it feel to be at the receiving end hmm?"

Mark frowned.


There was something entirely unsettling and dangerous about the way Arnold was smirking at him right now.

Even the tone he just used was unfamiliar to him.

There was an evil glint in his eyes as he spoke.

Mark shifted uncomfortably, Arnold's gaxe burning holes in his head.

"I've always wondered why you take so much pleasure in inflicting pain on others but today, I think I understand because I love seeing you in pain"

Arnold's calm yet detached voice as he walked towards the bed sent chills running down his spine.

"You know, for the first time I think I'm going to relish seeing someone else in pain"

he continued, his voice still calm.

He wasn't shouting or showing anger.

He was just calm. Too calm for Mark's liking.

And for the first time, dread settled in the pit of his stomach as Arnold unexpectedly grabbed him by the shirt he wore and yanked him forward until his upper body was hanging from the edge of the bed while his lower body remained on the bed thanks to the chains holding his legs to the bed.

Marks eyes widened when he spotted the full bucket of water just a few inches away from his face.

"Do you know what it feels like to suffocate?"

Arnold questioned. Silence.

"Hmm, I'll tell you anyway because I'm pretty sure you don't. You see drowning is probably one of the most painful ways to die. You feel suffocated so much that you can't breathe under water. And even when you try, you end up swallowing water instead. You keep thrashing about, fighting to stay at the surface but the more you fight, the more the force of gravity pulls you down. And you keep swallowing and swallowing water until your lungs are filled with nothing but water and no space for air and then poof.. You stop breathing. Then you die"

Something about Arnold's narration sent shivers runnind down Mark's spine.

"W..what are you going to"

He stammered.

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. Arnold grinned.

"Something I should have a long time ago. I'm going to make you feel how all those people felt when they were breathing their last"

And without warning, Arnold yanked Mark forward much further, shoving his head into the bucket of water as Mark thrashed about fighting for air.

F*ck! The water was cold.

Too cold. Like it had been poured directly from the freezer.

F*ck! Mark struggled under the water as his lungs fought for air.

Few seconds later, Arnold pulled his head out of the water as Mark began to breathe heavily from the lack of oxygen.

"How did it feel? Good?" "P..please... S..stop.. C..can't ..breathe"

"That my dear friend is exactly how all those people you murdered begged for their life. Yet you took it anyway. Abigail, my wife and then almost Fiona too you f*cktard! Who the f*ck are you to take someone's life. Even God who gave us life doesn't go about taking people's life like he's sharing some godamn stupid candy you psycho! You took lives when you don't know how to give lives. But you're gonna pay Mark. By the time I'm done, you'll pray for death to come take. I bet even Lucifer won't accept you in hell"

Arnold seethed dangerously before pinning both of Mark's arms behind him with one hand and then shoving his head back into the bucket of cold water, letting him thrash and fight for air.

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