Daddy's Girl - Episode 23

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**** "What nonsense!!!"

Arnold yelled at the police men behind the counter.

They had been at the police station for almost two hours and they had been repeating the same sentence he dreaded to hear time and again.

"We will have to wait for twenty four hours after which she will be declared officially missing. Then we will take it from there"

"Arnold calm down please"

Helena told him..

"Don't tell me to calm down!!! Would you sit idle and wait for twenty four hours before setting out to look for her if you were in my shoes huh? For Pete's sake, she's just a six year old child, where could she possibly go? Or you assuming she has sneaked out of the house to go meet her beloved boyfriend against her father's wish? Huh? Because that might be a logical excuse to wait for twenty four damn hours . Or perhaps, she went to visit her grandmother somewhere or she went clubbing with some friends right?!!!!"

He yelled speaking every word in a sarcastic manner...

"Sir we understand your plight but please try to be patient" one police officer spoke up "Patient? My little girl has gone missing for several hours now. I demand to speak with detective Randolph now!!!"

"Sir we.."

"I said now!"

yelled hitting his fist on the counter.

The police officer sighed and made a quick call.

"He will be with you shortly sir

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. Please wait"


Arnold sat up and began pacing the length of the room.

Twenty minutes had gone by and Randolph had still not showed up. He was running out of patience...

"Good day Mr Bempong" Randolph greeted as he walked in..

"There's nothing good about the day detective. Can we leave now to search for her?"

He asked impatiently

"Be patient.... When was the last time you saw her?"

"Around 7:00am. Precisely almost nine hours. And the security guard you had recommended told me he found the main gate left ajar. We need to do something"

"Sir as you can see the sun is already setting. It will be night time soon and I suggest we wait till morning. Moreover I need to assign more guards to you"

"No way detective. I have never liked having bodyguards on my trail 24/7."

He frowned

"It's for your safety. We will talk more tomorrow sir"

"I'm not leaving detective. How do you expect me to sleep knowing my child is in danger. No way!!"

"Arnold please. He's right. Let's go"

Helena chipped in


He started to protest but gave up when he realised they were right.

All he could do was wait. He rolled his eyes when he saw three dark well-built men with huge biceps and wearing dark shades following them out. He scoffed... Typical bodyguards....

"Mr. Bempong can I have a word with you?"

Randolph spoke up as they exited


He turned to Helena

"I will be back"

He followed Randolph back inside as she stood by his car waiting..


She blinked twice and sat up on the bed...


she called out but there was no response.

She looked around and realised that was not her home, nothing seemed familiar around her. Jumping down from the bed, she made for door and turned the knob in an attempt to unlock it but her attempts were futile.

"I'm in love with the shape of you!!....Dear lord I love this song!. Push and pull like a magnet... Last night you were in my room. Now my bedsheets like you, everyday discovering brand new. I'm in love with your body. Oh why, oh why.."

He stopped singing when he saw her. A smile broke across his face...

"What do we have here?? Daddy's girl is trying to escape? Too bad"

he shook his head walking towards her with a plate of burnt scrambled eggs and bread with a cup of tea...

"Sit and eat girl. You are gonna need the energy."

She stared at the burnt eggs and frowned..

"I won't eat!!"

She yelled pushing the plate away..

"Well guess what Fiona? You don't have a choice. You either eat or sleep"

he pushes the plate towards her.

"No!!!! I want to go home!!! I won't eat!!"

He frowned.

"Don't act stubborn girl. Eat now!!"


She pushed the plate onto the floor, the food and tea spilling on the floor as the plate crushed into pieces... He stared at the broken plate and cup and frowned... Then he smiled, rubbing his beard.

"Hmmm I like that!! You are feisty.. Proud, egoistic just like your f*cking father. But guess what princess, being feisty won't help so I'm just gonna go in there and sleep. I don't have time for your ranting."

"Daddy!!!!! Daddy!!!"

She began to scream running to the door and banging it, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Shut up girl!!!"

He warned but she continued banging on the door.. "I said shut up!!" He yelled and pulled her back, poured more chloroform onto the handkerchief he had used earlier and pressed it to her nose...

"Shut up you little devil! Shut the bleeping f*ck up!"

She struggled with him for a few seconds and the medicine took its effect on her as she let go and went limp, slumping into unconsciousness.

"That's what you get when you act stubborn..."

He muttered and left her on the bed.... Tomorrow, plan B will be in full motion, he thought to himself grinning widely..


"I will take my leave now. Take care" she said and turned to walk away

"Do you really have to go?"

He asked leaning against the huge metal gate.

She turned to face him and smiled

"yes. But I'll see you tomorrow. Get some rest. Goodnight" "Wait!!"


I love you! He thought. He wanted so badly to tell her but instead he settled for

"Thank you and goodnight"


"No wait!!"



He paused and reached into his pocket,bringing out a diamond bracelet that sparkled in the dark..

"It's a gift"

"For me?"

She stared unbelievably

"Please accept it. It's my way of saying thank you and sorry for being a jerk"



She sighed and stretched out her left hand for him and he helped her wear it.

"It's beautiful"

she whispered admiring it

"Not as beautiful as you"

She smiled and stepped forward, leaning in to him as she stood tiptoed and planted a kiss on his cheeks.

"Thank you. See you tomorrow Bye"

she whispered into his ears and walked away to flag a taxi.... He watched the taxi drive out of sight before pushing the gate open and stepping inside, smiling to himself, his bodyguards following him....


When Arnold stepped inside, Alexander was already waiting for him at his doorstep, his hair wet and dripping water.

His clothes totally crumpled.

Arnold had called him since he couldn't reach Mark before he and Helena had home to the police station to file a complaint. He sighed in relief at the sight of his best friend, quickening his footsteps.

"Alex you don't know how relieved I am.."

"I had to leave everything I was doing to arrive here. What's this I'm hearing about Fiona's alleged disappearance?"

He cut his friend off, his expression passive. Arnold sighed running his fingers through his hair.

"Yes Alex, you can't imagine.."

"Oh I can imagine" he cut off Arnold again.

"I can imagine very well Arnold Bempong"

he repeated, his tone dripping of sarcasm.

Shocked at the tone Alex just used with him, he opened his mouth to speak when Alex beat him to it again as he raised a finger up in warning to silence Arnold.

"I can imagine very well Arnold. Believe me I can imagine. Because that's exactly what happens to any child who's unfortunate to be born to a father like you!"

Alex barked loosing calm composure.

Arnold gasped at the intensity of his friends words. It stabbed him places his hands couldn't reach to soothe the pain.

That's the worst kind of pain. Emotional pain.

It wasn't physical where you could easily apply some balm.

A physical pain was bound to heal one way or another if attended to with the correct amount of medicine.

But emotional pain? It was something you couldn't touch or soothe no matter how much you rub your chest or cry.

No matter how much alcohol you take because once the hangover wears away, the heartache comes crushing back again.

No amount of sleep could cure emotional pain. Only time.

Only time could.

And here was the case, Arnold never gave Fiona the time to heal. Instead, he wounded her in the same place over and over again. Arnold blinked.


"Shut up Arnold.

Shut the f*cking f*ck up.

What did you do to her this time to make her run from home hmm? Did you scold her? Beat her? What?"

"I.. I would never lay my hand on her"

he blinked continuously, guilt crushing down on him.

"Ah yeah right. You love to beat her verbally instead huh?"

Alex laughed humorlessly, taking a step closer towards his friend and jabbing him in the chest with his index finger.

"You. Are. A. F*cking. Prick.

Read " Unattainable Perfection " by the same author ( eliza )

. A disgrace to fatherhood. You do not deserve a child like Fiona"

he seethed.

Arnold shut his eyes as the words pierced him over and over again.

Alex was right.

He knew but hearing it said to him was so much worse.

"Damn you Arnold! Damn you for making me speak to you in such a way. Damn you man!"

Alex yelled jabbing Arnold in the chest.

His bodyguard's stepped forward in a threatening manner but Arnold shook his head at them, stopping them.

This was long overdue.

He had crossed the line this time and he deserved every blow Alex was throwing at him.

"I was quiet all this while because I thought you were dealing with Amanda's death. I understood you but you've taken it too far Arnold. That girl is innocent. She doesn't deserve such a cold treatment from you. Her only family!"

"You chased her away Arnold. You chased Fiona away with you attitude, and you know something?"

Alex snapped taking another step closer.

"I wish and pray that Fiona doesn't return until you learn how to be a f*cking responsible father. Until you learn how to treat her right. Until.."

"Alex that's enough please!"

The dam inside Arnold broke as he sunk to the floor, holding his head between his hands as the tears flowed freely, Alex's words doing damage to his entire being.


Good evening.

Sorry for the late post.

Do you think Arnold deserves this? Or he deserves more? Let me know your thoughts.. Thanks for reading..!

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