Daddy's Girl - Episode 20

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*** "Helena!"

"Helena stop!!! Please!!"

She heard Arnold behind her.

He seemed to be catching up with her.

Soon, she began panting, gasping for breath, her vision getting blurry by the second.

She suddenly behan to feel herself fall as her legs gave away beneath her, not onto the ground but into his arms.

She could hear him calling out her name but she couldn't speak.

Her mouth was preoccupied with gasping for breath.

Forgetting she was asthmatic, she had run like a sprinter and now, she could feel immense pain in her chest as she gasped heavily for breath...

"Breath Helena, breath!! Please!!!..inhaler....Where's your you have one??.... Say something!!"

He cried out In agitation . Looking at her condition, he didn't need a soothsayer to tell him she was having an asthma attack.

He brought out his phone and dialed a number.

"Yes..hello...give the phone to Sally now.......yes Sally please check your friend's purse......she's had an attack......what do you mean there's no inhaler...... Arrghh!!"

He hung up and shoved the phone into his pocket... She was still gasping for breath but much slower now...

"What do I do God?!"

He cried out in frustration as he watched her close her eyes, her mouth slightly opened.

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. Then he did the only thing he could think of.

A mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Bending over, he locked his lips with hers and began breathing into her mouth at intervals.


"What happened Mark?"

Priscilla, the lady he had brought along sat near him wiping the blood around the wound on his cheek.

"I told you I was attacked. I was trying to protect Helena. I don't know where that guy came from"

Mark replied still wallowing in pain.

The kind of scar the wound would leave on his face after healing would literally disfigure him.

That b*tch!!!! He growled mentally.

He was going to teach her a lesson...

"How come we didn't hear any noise?"

Priscilla asked.

"How would you have heard when you were playing music?"

Sally thought for a moment and spoke up

"But we weren't playing music"

"Please my head aches. Stop bombarding me with questions"

he replied irritated.

Sally stared at him continuously wondering why he was lying.

There was no music not to talk of noise.

It was just a few chattering accompanied with food and drinks if that could even count as noise making.

She eyes him, staring from head to toe.. There was nothing that showed he was engaged In any kind of struggle.

His shirt was still neat with no crumples whatsoever.

Well. She shrugged and went to stand by her boyfriend.

"I'm leaving. I need to go see a doctor"

Mark said and got up, walking out of the house. "Goodnight guys" Priscilla waved and followed Mark..


Her eyes flattered open as she rolled her eyes trying to adjust to the darkness that engulfed her..


She heard him call and that's when she shifted and realised she was in his arms.

"How long have I been out?"

She asked disentangling herself from his grip.

She felt like she had been sleeping for hours. "Just a few minutes.

Probably twenty minutes"

he answered and added

"how do you feel now?"


"Why did you do that? You gave me quite a scare.. Why did you run like that when you know it will have implications on your health?"

"Don't scold me Arnold. I haven't had an attack in several months. A year even"

she sighs.

"So that gives you the licence to put your health on the line?"

"I'm sorry okay. I was scared."

"Who attacked you Helena?"

He asked. She opened her mouth to speak when she closed it again.... How sure was she that he was going to believe her when she tells him it was his best friend that attacked her, she wondered... If she needed him to believe that his friend was a psychotic bastard, she needed proof, more grounds to back her claim.

"Tell me please" he insisted, worry written all over her face. Seeing how worried he was about her, she smiled and leaned in, planted a kiss on his lips

"That was to thank you for saving my life"

she breathed.. Arnold stared at her for half a second before pulling her by the waist into his embrace and crushing his lips with hers, kissing her slowly at first and when she relaxes and kisses him back, urgency sets in, each kiss sparking frenzies of desires jolting his once dead emotions back to life.... Grabbing her tighter, he kisses her harder sending his tongue to tease her and the scenes from that rainy night on which they had made love replaying in his mind...

"Christ! I love you Helena!I love you"

He groaned into her mouth and she froze, breaking away from their kiss...

"You what?"


He stammered licking his lips.

"I heard you Arnold. You said you loved me!"

She smiled

"No" "But you...."

"No Helena no! You heard wrong. I didn't mean it okay. I said it in a heat of passion nothing more. You're my daughter's teacher and I do not love you. I don't so stop getting ideas"

he stressed looking away as he spoke, fearing his eyes will give him away.... She stared at him, tears welling up in her eyes as she recalled the first time he did that. She had gone to his house to ask for his help to save her mother when he had pretended to be sorry for calling her a whore and proceeded to kiss her, telling her he liked her ...That time, she had fallen for his schemes so why did she allow him fool her the second time? She reprimanded herself as the tears threatened to fall....

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. Yet again she had fallen in love with a jerk for the sixth time!!! Without a second thought, she lifted her hand connecting the palm of her hand to his cheeks. She slapped him hard.

"Then why did you lead me on like this Arnold? Why? Taking me out for dinner, the compliments, the kisses, the touches, it was all just some game to you? I should have known better! A man as pompous and arrogant as you can never change. And to think I had fallen in love with you Arnold. You're a jerk!!! A bastard!!! I hate you!!!"

She spat hitting him before getting up and storming past him.

"Damn it!!!"

Arnold cursed hitting the ground with his fists... Why did he say that? Why was he so scared to proclaim his love for her?

"Damn it!!"

He cursed again as he watched her walk away, his heart breaking into shreds.. Why couldn't he let go? Why couldn't he let go off the past? Why did everything suddenly come back haunting him.whenever he tried to let go.

What was holding him back? He had lost a lot in life already, was he willing to key Helena too walk away? Arnold shook his head.

F"ck no! No way. No way in hell he was going to lose her too.

Not when he was starting to love again after six years.

Not when he was fighting to forget his past.

He needs to be Happy.

He deserves to be happy and if he had to fight every demon to reach that happiness again than damn it, he will. F*ck everything to hell, he wasn't letting her go too.

He was going to get his woman back. It was time for him to be happy again.


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