Christian - Episode 4

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Tunde and I met up after school and he told me he had to go with his father for a meeting that Monday, he was sorry and it just came up, I really didn't give him much BS because it gave me an opportunity to see Christian in a better light...
"So where do you want to go?"
"Home, I have to start my homework" I said
"Was thinking we could go eat first before I drop you" he said
"I'm not hungry" I said, he sighed exasperated
"can I at least take you home?"
 I shrugged and got in his car, he drove off
"I'm sorry, was so worried about how you would have gotten home"
"I'm beginning to know my way around so you don't have to worry about me"I said
"How's that?"
"Uh..I mean,  I'm more observant and I've gone home by myself about three times now"
"I just thought if you did care you would have called or texted me that you were no longer comingcoming"
He pursed his lips"it all  happened so fast"
I just stared out wondering if Christian would have cared about me better, guess he had so many other important things in life to worry about though ...
"How's dance practice going?" he suddenly asked and I turned to look at him
"Um, its fine, the norm"
I wasn't about to tell him they paired me with Christian for anything...
"So um, is your Mom home?"
"I don't know, she's usually at the boutique by this time, why?"
"Well I wanted to come in" his hand rested on my thigh "I missed you"
"No you didn't" his hand went into my skirt and I slapped it away
" Don't touch me like that" I said
"You playing right" He suddenly parked and attacked my lips with kisses and soon we were making out, he smiled when he looked at me but I wasn't smiling, I was thinking about somebody else...
"You okay?" he asked
"I need you to take me home" I said
He started driving again and there was silence
"I'm sorry okay, I know I'm an a**hole"
"You are an a**hole" I said
"I just...lemme make it up to you, we ll go out weekend"
"I have dance practice" I said
"On a weekend?"
"I uh.." I cleared my throat" we practising routines" I didn't say with whom, and he didn't say anything as he parked in front of my house
"Stay safe.." He said as I got out.
I went in thinking that two years ago it seemed very okay to date him because he was rich and good to look at but now I really didn't know why we were dating.

Christian took me to a garage which looked empty
"Where's this place?"
"It used to be my Dads garage, he sold cars" he said
"Well why is it not being used?"
He was silent "My father's late"
I gulped "I'm so...I'm so sorry.. "
"Don't be, it was 10years ago...we lease it out for stuff, still tryna decide what to do with it permanently"
"Oh" I dropped my bag on the floor and crossed my arms, he stared at me then asked
"You have music?"
"Um yeah, I have it in my phone" I searched for it
"I brought a  speaker we could connect it to" he said opening his bag
"Oh nice"
He plugged it and I went to give him my phone so  he could connect it to the speaker, the music suddenly played out the speaker, he looked at me as I looked at him..
"Uh..let's start" I said moving away "Okay for the first part, I start while you join me..."
We started to move and he was surprisingly getting it. 
As he pulled me up from a dip, I held his gaze as we sweated...
"Does your boyfriend know your here?" he asked
"Because I don't want anyone boxing my face in"
"Its school work, even my father would approve"
"Your sure?" he paused "I think this is a bad idea, we should practice in school only"
Why..was I getting to him, was he scared of something?
"Okay, I just wanted to help".I said
He packed up his stuff in silence
"you usually not this nice, why you suddenly nice?" he asked looking at me, I cleaned my sweaty hands  on my trousers, because I saw your sister and realised I was a b*tch...
"Maybe because you were nice to me, you helped me out with directions to my house" I said
"So this is kind of a pay back" I nodded, he paused
 "Do you..pity me?" he asked
I swallowed, did he think it was that, that I pitied him, because he was poor...? I decided to take a chance...
"What if..." I wetted my lip "what if I liked you and hoped we could be friends" I tried
He stared at me "you can't be friends with someone like me" he said
"Why not?"
"Because you're too good, I'd soil your white dress"
I got close to him "what if I wanted it soiled" he stared at me, as I searched his gaze "what if I wanted to take my chances with you" I continued
He chuckled "you don't know what you're saying"
My lips pursed "But I do..."
"We world's apart Sade, we can't even be seen together in a place like this.."
"No one has to know"
"What..." he said, visibly sweating at what I was suggesting, was I throwing myself at him or was he seriously throwing it back in my face
"There's something about you I can't figure out" I said
"Your just  curious about my life, in the that what you want to see?" he asked "I could take you there" he chuckled dryly "you want more ammunition to laugh at me"
"That is not it, Christian" I said exasperated, I moved  closer to him 
"I've seen the way you look at me"
"I don't...look at you" he said but I leaned up on him and pressed my lips to his, he looked at me then my lips, as we kissed again and soon he took  my lips in his and pulled me to him, we made out for almost a  minute before he came to his senses and pushed me away..
"What in hell are you doing?"
I too came out of the clouds
"I don't know" I actually did not know as I found myself licking my lips which still burned...
"Don't do that again.." he warned
"Last I checked, you kissed me back" I said 
He glared at me  like I planned this and I was out to get him as he finished packing...
"Lets get out of here" he pushed past me and walked away, leaving me standing there. What was his deal, it was just a kiss...
I joined him with my bag beside the road as we waited for a bus, he didn't look at me...
"I'm sorry" I said "I just hope we can be friends"
"We dance partners, nothing else" he crossed the road and left me standing there, tears burning my eyes, I looked  right and left before I followed him and got on the bus...back home.

"So what you're saying is that you didn't go on that date because you had dance practice with Christian,Tunde asked me about it but I didnt want to sell you out, why couldn't you reschedule for him" I glared at Rosemary as she nagged me, she and my boyfriend talked more now that they were acting together
"you know I preferred it when you both weren't talking, are you suddenly his spokesman, I had dance practice, schoolwork, my Dad'd possibly kill me if I dropped that for a date"
"Hmm" she stared at me" so how did it go with Christian ".
"Bad, he says we should stick to school environment ".
"why, did something happen?".
"What no"
"Well I didn't tell Tunde but I think you should tell him about Christian being your partner and all, it just wouldn't be fair seeing it suddenly on stage"
It doesn't matter, I told myself, Christian probably hated my guts now, I had kissed him and thrown myself at him, surely he d start avoiding me... I saw him walk into class and sit at the back, I didnt know why I kissed him but I knew that whatever it was I had to stick to my boyfriend, Tunde did love me and our relationship would thrive if I put more effort at it, Christian was right, we were worlds apart, I wouldn't even understand his life even if I tried, I stood up and walked to the back of the class
"Hey, can we talk?" I asked, he shrugged looking bored out the window
"I wanted to apologize about what happened... " I began my very rehearsed speech, he was my dance routine partner and  I didn't want any undue tension between us, plus I had a boyfriend 

"No I'm sorry too, " he said looking at me "it was equally my fault, I took you to the garage.... and I did kiss you back " he admitted, there was a silence
" we good"I asked
"OK, see you at dance class"
I sat back on my desk as Rosemary gave me the eye, I looked back at him... but he turned away. 

Who do you ship Tunde or Christian??

Why do you think Christian is pushing her away??


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  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    I think Christian is a good guy but has a lot in his mind and might be scared of trouble if Tunde finds out. Weldone Funmi
  • Cutedreamer picture
    I like Christian. That Tunde guy is much of a rich snob
  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    I go with Christian but the title and the cover page don't match dear
  • Funmi Anita Adesina picture
    Funmi Anita Adesina
    Tnx all, would find another cover
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