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Bestfriend no more

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I know everyone is hating on me right now, why Iv been awol and why I don't finish my stories bla bla bla, was even afraid to come back because of the hate comments I would get lol, well I'm sorry and have  been very busy with family life and work, I also lost interest because there were no incentive on this site but it all started with the ultimate writer's block, I'm grateful for all the checkups iv been getting from strangers who just love my story, writing is my passion and I enjoy writing as much as you enjoy reading my stories, I would try not to be awol again, just wanted to use this  medium to say that I'm less busy now and I'm back, love you guys and thanks for all the love and support...peace.


I stopped in front of a building and looked around, it was in another part of town, his part of town, I looked at him but he was already out of the car

"You coming?"he asked

I opened the door and joined him as he held my hand and led me into the building, I still looked around in awe but I didn't have to wonder for long as it was soon obvious where I was

"A tattoo shop"I said looking at the kind of people going in and out, we went up a staircase hand in hand 

"Uhuh, I'm sure you be never been in one"he said


"Hopefully you have nothing against them", my face heated, I've always wanted a tattoo but never had the mind to have one because of my father...

"My Dad would literally kill me" I said

"That's supposed to be the point"he said with a smile as he pushed open a door and a guy looked up, he was a bit older than us with dreads and tattoos on both arms

"Sup C"they shook and hit bodies while I looked around, a girl gave me a skank look, whatever that was, it was obvious I was never gonna make any friends in his circle

"This is my girl Jasmine.."he introduced"Jas this is Tim, my tattoo artist"

"Wow she pretty"I blushed besides myself, and  saw he was drawing on the back of  a guy who was laid still on his belly, it looked like a bird , Christian took off his shirt and I got back to reality, were we even allowed to get Tattoos?

"I want her name ...right here "he said to Tim pointing below his belly button, I gaped, my name...?!

"Wow, must be serious"Tim said with a smile then turned to the girl" Tola set up another place for the girl"

"Uhum..." they all looked at me and my voice died off" Can I talk to you?"I asked and pulled Christian aside

"I ..I haven't really thought about this and..."

Christian stared at me then burst out laughing

"Y so serious, you think I would force you to get a tattoo? I was totally joking, of course i dont expect you to get one, i just wanted you to watch"he held me on my shoulders and pulled me close"....I want you to stain me with your name"he said it so low I almost peed in my pants at how s*xy it sounded, I stared at him and didn't know what to say, how did I get this guy to like me so much, I held him back around his neck

"Permanently?"I asked

He stared into my eyes"Permanently"

"Are we talking marriage"

"If you want"he said without flinching

"I like the sound of that"I said  with a chuckle tracing down him

"We don't have all day" we heard and I recalled we had an audience and Tim was done with the other guy who was now sitting up, Tola was still glaring at us standing beside a new set up she had prepared, what was her issue?!

"Uh it would  just be me" Christian said to douse the situation

"No, I'm getting one too"I said, to his amusement

" don't have to"he said

"I want to, I'm easy to convince"I said as I went to my prepared position, he still stared at me surprised, hoping I would tell him I was joking "just keep your house open if my father throws me out of the house"

"Hahaha we would live on the streets"he said laying down on his side of the room

"That wouldn't be so bad" I said

"What do you want to draw?"Tola asked breaking the conversation, I didn't know if I was ok with her drawing a tattoo on me seeing she wasn't all that friendly but I discovered she must be the one who drew on females and Tim was busy with Christian, she had on  a nose ring and a belly button

"Something that matches with his"I said

"You have to be specific"she said "we have pictures you can loo...."

"Christian......that's what I want"


No one told me it would hurt like hell but I had no regrets I was happy I got it...we got it

School was better with him beside me, it was break time, we got our lunch and ate under a tree after which we walked around the school holding hands

"So your my first tattoo"I said

"I thought you didn't want anyone to know"he said

"Yeah? It's our secret"

"Then why is your voice so loud"he teased, I chuckled and hit him, he took my hand in his again

"I want to be your first and last everything"I smiled as I thought about the one thing I really wanted to do with him, Jasmine get your head out of the gutters I said to myself

"So sup with Tola, is there something I should know,she was giving me attitude, I thought she was going to stab me or something"

"Why would she stab you?"

"She doesn't like me at all, I could tell"

"You just think everyone doesnt like you"

"No this time she really had an attitude, she probably wants you for herself" i said with seriousness

He laughed"you think that about everyone, you so paranoid, she's Tim girlfriend , why would she want me for herself"I stared at him shocked

"He's dating her? why do nice guys date girls like that"

"Because she makes him good money that's what, even you can attest that she's good with her drawings"

"Ya, she tried but..."

"You just tryna be modest, that's like the best I've seen"

"Because it's your name" I said, i couldn't believe I had his name tattooed on my thigh, we turned a corner and saw Tunde and Rosemary kissing against a wall....I stared at them in shock...


Who can guess what would happen next??

. .

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