Tales of Nene - Episode 12

Sorrow Turned Joy

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The receptionist scanned through the hard covered note. Ose breathed Impatiently, the reception was almost empty except for few persons awaiting to see the doctor. 

Mr. David's looked much better, "the surgery was successful" rejoiced Aunty Joy. Father and son stared at each other before hugging.

The Nurse in her elegant white dress instructed them to the doctor's Office.

 "I am happy he made it alive". The doctor adjusted the large lens that covered his round eye balls . His handwriting was illegible, "make sure the tablets are taken after a meal and ensure he rest properly, if there is any symptoms, report to the hospital".

Nene didn't like the manner in which Tracy stared at her, Nene sat in the direction opposite the swimming pool, she could now see the waves properly. She imagined the soothing feeling being underneath the water in the intensity of a scorching sun. 

Her nervousness reduced with time, she minded her words, unwilling to expose her income level. The discussions were dominated with subjects about luxurious lifestyles, latest cars and life in the Overseas.

She quickly gulped her wine and concluded on explaining the situation to Anita, not minding the Consequence. "How is studies" Inquired Anita's mum? Nene was caught unawares

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. The questions came too quick. She wanted to tell a lie but she wasn't prepared.

After narrating the situation, the couple felt sorry for her, Tracy expression was bland. 

Nene was beginning to feel uneasy, twilight was approaching. 

The door of Anita's room was ajar. Nene didn't knock she knew Anita would have heard her footsteps.

Anita faced the split window in front of her, Nene couldn't see her face

but she knew she did not want any disturbance.  She gathered the courage and finally   spoke not minding if she was listening or not. "I swear to God Almighty I never wanted it.  He was the one who forced himself on me". Anita stood up from the high mattress, she gently pulled Nene by the hand closely to herself.

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. The room was quiet. 

"I trust you, I know the kind of person Kayode is. Their eyes met, Anita smiled. "Do not worry I will deal with that Idiot, sorry for any embarrassment he caused" Nene nodded. 

She was now relieved; she could now think straight. "I will be leaving for home very soon” said Nene. 

Anita got dressed, preparing to accompany Nene home, Anita left for a while why Nene impatiently waited, Nene had informed her mum before leaving not to get home beyond six P.m. 

Anita appeared in the room Smiling for whatever reason Nene couldn't understand.

"I have a surprise for you" said Anita. Nene wasn't ready for this unwarranted surprise; her mind was fixed on getting home quickly.

 "Please close your eyes, you mustn’t break the rule".

 Nene suspected it was a prank or something close to that or at most another box of perfumes.

Anita slipped something like a paper into her hand. 

You can open them, "Mtcheew" she hissed and quickly opened it. 

Behold it was a cheque of a very large amount. She couldn't believe her eyes. She stood still for few seconds 

"For me" asked Nene? oh yes my parents 

gave this to support your education. Tears clouded her eyes, she wept uncontrollable. 

Get up young lady beckoned Anita's parents. She expressed enough thanks. 

That chirping of the evening crickets filled the air, she decided to break the good news in the morning. Her heart skipped for Joy whenever she thought about her future. She now imagined herself in the University, the thought of being in campus filled her mind, imagining different scenarios of life as an undergraduate till she surrendered to sleep.

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