Synder-Ella - Episode 32

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Ella was busy helping Mrs. Garuba in the kitchen to prepare the food . The older woman kept looking at her while smiling at the same time, Ella noticed this but did as if she was unaware, hoping that soon the woman would spill what was on her mind.

Mr. Garuba and Henry were in the passage, peeling the skin off a pile of cassava on after the other. Henry was sitting close to the entrance of the kitchen so he could see the two women and they could hear what was being said.

They were using coal-pot to cook and in Ella’s hands were folded papers which she would use to lift the black pot from the fire once the rice was done.

The woman kept looking at her as she kept on fanning the coal-pot with a plastic plate so that the fire could come up quickly.

“Have you ever done this before princess?” The woman who was washing the other pots finally asked, catching the attention of both Henry and Ella.

Ella smiled, she was in  a new cloth that belonged to Mrs. Garuba,“I thought  you were never going to talk, Mrs Garuba, and no, this is my first time.” She replied.

“She is really good isn’t she?” Mr.

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. Garuba who overheard the question asked.

“Yea, she is. She is not like all these city girls that cannot do anything.” The wife replied. That moment, Ella caught Henry looking at her, his lips twisted in a proud smile.

“Even this young man here, he keeps peeloing off the cassava as if he had been doing it all his life, people like you are so rare.” Said Mr. Garuba to Henry who chuckled.

“I have a friend whose mum is a cook, so, I learned from spending quality time at his place,” Henry explained. He was in a clean shirt and trousers as well.

“No wonder.” Said the wife, “you both are really different, and you really fit each other.” She added with a chuckle but Synder only smiled, trying to avoid Henry’s gaze. Since they had kissed in the previous night, they hadn’t spoken about it at all. When she woke up, he was already out with Mr Garuba and they have been helping with chores.

“You are right my wife, they are so young and vibrant and I believe that there is a purpose behind your coming together.” Mr. Garuba replied and Henry looked up, smiling at Synder who ignored him.

“I thought as well too sir, but I don’t think she believes that.” He said on purpose.

Ella looked up, surprised he could say that boldly, then she realized that the three were looking at her, quickly she stood up, “excuse me, I think I need to ease myself.” She said, rushing out of place while the rest laughed at her.


“So, that how the whole shit happened, that is really so twisted!”

Peter gasped at his father, “dad, you are too old to be saying words like ‘shit’ or ‘twisted.’”

“Sue me.” Said his father while driving, “but everything Zichat just said now deserves those two words. I mean, you and your friend planned to kidnap a princess, she dressed up her friend like a princess just to get past some stupid policemen who turned out to be another group of kidnappers, now, Henry, the mastermind, the prince who wants to get a princess, got kidnapped by the wrong kidnappers with a wrong princess, is there anything more twisted than this?”

Zichat chuckled, “indeed sir, there is nothing as twisted as that.”

Sam pinched his son on by the side, he was so quick that Zichat didn’t see.

“So, this Synder, is she really pretty?” Peter asked, taking the hint from his dad and hiding a smile. He was sitting at the front with Zichat beside his father who was driving.

Zichat frowned and then switched on her phone to show him her screensaver which had both her picture with Synders.

“Wow! She is really pretty...”Siad Peter, “but think you are prettier.” He said with a wink but ZIchat scoffed, shook her head and then went silent.

Peter felt another poke by his dad on his lap and he faced Zichat again. “So, if we finally rescue them, how about you and I go on”

Zichat starred at him, “are you kidding me? Who talks of a date at a time like this? Can we just focus on the road please?”

“Okay, sure, sorry.” He quickly said while his father muffled a laughter.



“Can you try not to get too close to them, they must not see  that we are tailing them okay?” Katrina snapped at the guard-driver.

“My lady, can I ask why we are tailing them instead of trying to rescue the prince? Which is even more important?” Asked the guarddriver.

“That is none of your business, just do as I ask.” She retorted.

The other two guards sitting at the back exchanged glances.

“I think we should call the queen, she asked us to follow you in rescuing the princess and not to tail anyone, this is a complete waste of our time.” Shouted another of the guards.

 She shouted at him, “no one calls the queen except me so keep following and shut the hell up!”

After this, a phone began to ring and Katrina brought out the phone that the queen had given her.

“Hello my queen, we are still on our way and...” Katrina was quiet as she listened as the queen spoke...”okay my queen but I want to have a proof first before sending anything to you and....yes, I am sure I can save our prince and....okay my queen, I will send it now.” She said, then hung up , quickly, she went on Google map and sent the coordinates to the queen.

The guards were quiet, she could tell they were probably laughing at her silently.

“Keep driving!” She shouted again, “you better be nice to me as I am going to be your next queen and you should know that I have a very good memory.”

No one said anything.

Now the only thing was for her to pray that Synder and the Peter-guy were not misleading her to the wrong place as the queen would be coming with her own guards.
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