Synder-Ella - Episode 34

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Zichat climbed down from the truck with Peter’s help. Her back was stiff and she had to stretch a little bit to make sure her back still belonged to her. Meanwhile Peter and his father were bringing out some stuff from the truck while she looked around . She had read about towns and villages and she had never actually been in one, she had no idea which it was, but she knew there wouldn’t be a whole lot of difference between a town and a village. It was getting sunny, she could tell by the time on her phone-screen that it was some minutes after 2 in the afternoon, the journey had lasted for about an hour.

She watched as Peter groaned while lifting the plank from the truck and she couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“What are you laughing at?” He asked while putting the plank on his shoulder.

“Nothing, just your chicken arm...” she replied but he was about to reply when his father who had gone into the house earlier came out with another man who had a chewing stick at the corner of his mouth. Zichat looked away and walked further away from the house to catch a better view of the little town.



As Synder rushed out of the house, she almost collided with the young lad who was coming in with a plank of wood but it surprisingly missed her face.

“Hey watch out!” The man shouted.

“I’m fine, thank you.” She said, moving closer to the wall so the man could pass.

“Where do I put this?” He asked and she pointed to the room she had just walked out from while she walked further out of the room.


Henry hissed and shook his head when he realized Synder had left without hearing what he wanted to say

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. He shrugged and decided he would still get to tell her soon. His eyes fell on the glassy shoe that was on the floor, he smiled and bent to pick it up, he had no idea where the other leg was. While he stood up as the first thing that confronted him was a plank of wood and it was so large it covered the face of the carrier, still he bent slowly so the man could come in easily without plucking his eyes with the plank.

“Easy...” He said as the guy tried to put down the plank, with his back turned to Henry.

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. Henry contemplated on helping him but then he saw Synder standing outside and smiling at someone and something just turned in his head. He really needed to tell her. With this thought, he forgot what he wanted to do and he walked out of the room.



Peter carefully set the plank down, shaking his head since the man he had met here couldn’t even offer him help, anyway, he wasn’t surprised, his father was after all paid. He stretched his back and walked out of the room as well.


Zichat was still outside, she had walked about two houses down, hoping if she would at least find someone that looked like her friend but it was just stupid so she decided to go back.


“I want you to meet Synder and Henry is on his way.” Mr. Garuba said.

“Wow! They are the ones you said would be going with us to the city?” Sammy asked.

“Yes, they are, I hope you will be kind enough to drop them where you think is safe for them.”

“Of course,” Sammy replied.

“Thank you so much sir..we. appreciate this and ...”


Zichat stopped as she saw what she thought couldn’t be. She was already coming to the house and right there was her friend, her best friend, the one she had been looking for and.....oh no!

She blinked twice, this couldn’t be!

Quickly she picked a race, her heart beating heavily against her chest and she screamed at the top of her voice-“SYNDER!”


Slowly, Synder turned towards the voice she recognized it couldn’t be, her heart skipped a beat and then before she knew it, they were both in each other’s arms.

“Oh my God! How did this” They both said to each, amidst hugging and panting and jumping.

The two older men frowned as they couldn’t understand what was happening. Mr Garuba was confused and Sammy was trying to remember where he had heard the name, ‘Synder’ from.


By the time Henry was out, he was confused seeing Synder and a lady hugging and talking at once...he couldn’t understand and was about to ask when he heard the other man whose face he hadn’t properly seen say, “my prince.”

He frowned, then he looked up to see the face and all his mouth stood open, jaws dropped.

“Oh my God! Daddy!” He shouted and rushed to embrace his father’s friend. Sammy laughed and began to shout, “Peter, Peter where are you?”

“Oh my God. Peter is here?” Henry asked, pulling away from Peter’s father when he saw his friend who was also shocked to see his face.

“You bastard!” Peter shouted joyfully and rushed to punch his friend who ended up hugging him.


Katrina smiled mischievously in the car, she was relieved. The prince had been found and so was the other girl.

“Oh my God!” That is our prince!” Shouted one of the guards excitedly, opening the car to rush out...

Katrina dialed a number while watching the scene from where she was,

 she stopped when she realized the guards that had rushed out earlier were not going to where the prince was but instead were moving towards a Porshe car which was now packing right in front of her, catching the attention of the Synder and the rest who began to realize that they were no longer alone.


“What is happening?” Zichat asked, turning around and frowning.

“Who are these people?”Synder asked, “did you come together?” She asked.

“No!” Peter replied but stopped when he saw the Porshe...

Everyone watched as a beautiful pair of legs stepped out of the car with her royal robe sweeping the floor even before the royal maidens could catch up with her.

Synder was surprised when the woman spread her arms with tears of joy flooding from her eyes, “my son!”

She looked as Henry stepped away from them and walked towards the woman before finally embracing her, “mother, I have missed you.”

She couldn’t understand and neither could Mr Garuba who was throwing her a confused look...

“Arrest them!” The woman shouted to her guards, pointing to Peter, this surprised Henry.

“What are you doing mother...wait...stop...” He shouted to the guards who were now rushing towards Synder and the rest.

“Zichat?” She asked but quickly, Zichat pulled her, “let’s go, quickly, let’s go Peter...”

Synder was confused but she fled with her friend and the two men leaving Mr Garuba behind, she didn’t understand a thing and neither could she stop looking at Henry whom now she realized was a total stranger...
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  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    Hmm!!! Life Of The Rich, So Pathetic... Nice 1 Tobi.
  • Odeyemi Hephzibah picture
    Odeyemi Hephzibah
    Wow Tobi you are just too amazing. All this suspence will not kill somebody. Well I hope synder understands, Ride on
  • topmaike007 picture
    Nice write up
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    The queen is too fast in her actions she should at least wait for explanation
  • Ukbaby picture
    Na wa o mother queen
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Wow Tobi, you are super, just too much, thank you sis, kisses dear
  • Phavo Asinobi picture
    Phavo Asinobi
    See this queen Eliza o, anyway Toby I'm glued, lost my job so this story is for now my friend, just don't keep me waiting for long hun
  • SkyBae CeeJay picture
    SkyBae CeeJay
    This is amazing, keep us out of the misery by posting another episode plz plz plz
  • Medina Lawal picture
    Medina Lawal
    Awww kisses to you @ tobi, thanks you sis
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    So guled to dis episode hope nothing happen to dem huh love you more @ Tobi
  • Ola Hormolar picture
    Ola Hormolar
    Wow, this is a whole lot of drama, nice work to be
  • Gracious picture
    Toor, mother queen. Her eyes wee soon ja sha. Iya Tobi, please don't kill me o. I went through everything
  • Uwem Udoh picture
    Uwem Udoh of the rich in deed.Imagine the woman oo... Tobi weldone, interesting episode pleaaaaaaaase!
  • Felicia Oluwasheun picture
    Felicia Oluwasheun
    This queen lasan. Well done dear
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    This is where the search will begin, excellent
  • Peesam picture
    This queen ought to be kidnapped
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