Set me free - Episode 12

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This one is to Emash. Who's always asking for Michelle. Happy Sunday!


"Been in here so long, I can't take it!" I angrily fling a pillow to the ground.
"it's not all that bad ma'am. You have everything you want in this room." the latest help tries to soothe me. I think she's the third one of the week . I wonder why they keep quitting on my blind ass. Perhaps because you take your frustrations on all of them! My inner girl snap at me. I just mentally roll my eyes at her. She simmers but shuts up anyway.
"It's been weeks. Don't tell me i have everything i want because you sure as hello don't know what i want." I snubbingly state.
"Your dad made a special order that you don't leave your room." 
"well, that man makes special orders on so many things. He won't let me even brush my own hair!" I snap.
"He doesn't want you hurting yourself."
"shut up!" I blow up at once.
I'm not a broken doll for Christ's sake! The man has got to let me do something. I hate this feeling like I'm rotting inside from lack of use.
"I'm sorry ma'am." the poor help apologizes. I sigh deeply

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. It's not exactly her fault, Michelle. My subconscious says, poking her nose in again. I'm Mara! Now, I'm talking to my mind. I'm finally going out of my mind! I need to leave this place for a few minutes.
"you can leave now." I dismiss the woman who quickly retreats like she can't wait to.
"I'll outside if you need me." she mutters before locking the door silently behind her. Ofcourse she's just sitting behind the door waiting to help me wash my ass or something completely absurd!
'you could just go outside without their notice. Slip in, then out. Voila!' my subconscious suggests and wink conspiratorialy at me. Down girl! We can't go outside alone. We are blind, remember?
'quit being an invalid!" i mentally gasp. She didn't just use the invalid word!
"and quit that hurt face. You need someone to tell you off your self pity. You want your father to stop treating you like an invalid, you have to show him you can do things on your own.' she does kinda makes sense though.
"prudy?!" I call on the help outside and the click of the door tells me she's now inside the room.
"um prudy. I feel a little parched." I say
"oh. I'll get you a glance of water then." 
"nah. I'm craving juice. What kinds are stocked in the house right now?"
"um orange, pineapple and watermelon ma'am."
"oh well, i was feeling more like um like um tomato juice or something." I say, trying so hard not to fidget with my hands. I do that whenever I'm lying.
"tomato juice?" she asks like she thinks I'm kidding.
"well, if you can't go to the market to get fresh tomatoes because I like my juice fresh, then you can forget. I'll just tell my father you tried your best." I say offhandedly.
"whattt? Don't be funny. One glass of tomato juice coming right up. In lets say twenty minutes give or take." she says and I mentally fist bump the air.
 As soon as I hear the door open and close behind her, i fly out of bed and Carefully tiptoe to the door. I manage to get it to the door without crashing into anything then press my ear against the door to listen to her footsteps. When I'm sure, she's out of sight, I twist open the door and step right out. Just this one step and I'm feeling so alive.
 Thank God I'm on the ground floor so no stairs to tackle. If i could just find that garden I keep smelling from my bedroom. I should probably go right. Right is always right afterall. I start walking straight down, making sure to stay by the wall so I know when I reach a bend.
"Calm down Mara. Follow the scent of the flowers." I mutter and start sniffing the air. I must look like a dog. I just hope the house is empty as usual.
"Follow the flowery scent." I repeat to myself as my hands tells me it's time for a bend and I take right as usual.
"ouch!" I yell as my nose slams into a hard wall.
"fuck! Are you blind?!" a deep voice snaps. Oh, the wall can speak? I let my hand study this wall as I move it upwards. It's warm and--
"Get the fuck off me!" a large hand cover my wandering one and pull it down. That's when it clicks. It's a man! One of dad's men? I just stand here dumbfounded.
"hey, you have to move so I can go through." The voice says, clearly irritated. What a meanie. Can't he see I'm blind?
"Jerk." I mutter under my breath as I carefully move my body. I'm suddenly turned around and slammed against a wall.
"ouch!" i scream again. The jerk's face is just in front of me. I can smell his woodsy cologne.
"jerk?!" he bellows. My shoulders are starting to slump in defeat but my subconscious is throwing a huge fit in my head. Who does this jerk think he is! He's ugly I'm sure.
"you were being mean." I say quietly.
"who goes around blindly walking into people." he snaps and I gasp. He did not just call me blind.
"Get away from me, you jerk!" I throw my hands wildly to try and slap the bastard but it just meet air.
"wait a minute, you are Mike's blind daughter." he sounds surprise. I mean duh! I'm obviously blind!
"yea, I get it. I'm blind. I don't need no one to keep throwing it in my face!" i snap. He finally moves his hard body from my personal space.
"are you chuckling right now?!" 
"oh sorry, you just seem awfully young to be the infamous blind snub." he says so casually. I'm so mad.
"excuse me?!" I snap
"I'm Gideon. And you've made quite a lot of people at my job agency quit. Little advice princess, take your frustrations out on someone who deserves it. Not your helps." he owns the company where dad recruits helps for me?
"got it?" I feel his finger brush my chin.
"why don't I take my frustrations on you then!" I throw my fist in the air to the direction of his voice but I'm suddenly held from behind,
"Don't just throw blindly, blind girl."
"urgggh!" I try to knock him out with the back of my head but nearly fall on my ass instead. His hands around my waist hold me up.
"follow the scent, princess." he whispers into my ear. I grind my teeth then throw another punch, this time catching the waft of his cologne and following it.
"oomph!" the voice grunts out when my fist connects with hard muscles and I'm too excited to feel the pain in my knuckles.
"oh yeah!" I fist bump the air and do a little victory dancing. Throwing my tongue out to mock him.
"I see we got a fighter on our hands." he says on a chuckle and I preen in pride.
"You sound surprise." I tease. When was the last time i felt this surge of excitement? Not even before mama died.
"that's because I am, princess." he tells me.
"you can stop calling me princess now. I did kind of hurt you right now. There's no guarantee that I won't do it again." he chuckles at this and so do I.
"God, I needed that laugh." I mutter.
"I'm glad hurting me made your day." he says drily but i can detect the smile in his voice.
"intruder! He must still be in the premises. Go on, catch him before the boss notice his files are gone!" a voice snaps from a nearby room.
"intrud--" I'm suddenly pulled and slammed against another wall. Ouch!
"shhhh" the familiar voice shush me as his hand cover my mouth. You're the intruder?! I want to ask but his hand against my mouth is damn tight. I can't even get a breath of air into my mouth.
"He can't be that far. The man is fucking blind for goodness sake." I gasp at this. He's blind? But he knew I was young and he dodged several of my punches. I try to wriggle free but his hold is digging into my hip. I forcefully rip his hand off my mouth.
"I'll lead them elsewhere." I state then come out of hiding without listening to him.
"hey, ma'am." I recognise dad's personal assistant's voice.
"you shouldn't be here. It's not safe." he continues.
"there-there-there's a burglar! Oh my poor heart, i had to hide in there. He was so mean." I start sobbing.

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. I'm sure dad's PA wouldn't know what to do with a crying teenager.
"calm down. This burglar. Where did he go?"
"that way! No i mean this way!" I say pointing left then right.
"hell, I'm just a blind scared girl." I cry in mock frustration.
"yeah, it's certainly that way. Right is always right afterall." I finally say.
"you heard her, that way guys!" he yells and I sag in relief when their heavy footfalls finally go out of earshot.
"Right is always right afterall?" I startle when I hear the man I just helped chuckles beside me.
"how'd you do that? You're blind as well aren't you?" I ask.
"well, being blind also means my other senses are heightened. Plus, I've harnessed this power to my favour. Let's just say I'm the innocent blind man who can kill anyone."
"oh my God." I groan.
"I didn't just save a murderer." I continue. His low chuckle and nondenial doesn't even make me scared.
"have to run along now, princess." he says instead.
"wait!" I grab for air to try and hold him. He takes my hand instead to assure me he's not gone.
"Teach me. To be like you." I say
"a murderer?"
"no, just to fight. And you know, defend myself."
"maybe I will. Goodbye princess." He finally lets go of my hand and I know he's gone.

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  • Emash picture
    Wow! Thanks My Bebe for the dedication. Who is this mystery blind guy o? Interesting
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Getting more interesting
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks Emash. N it's juliet not Bebe.
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks destiny
  • Delly Soglo picture
    Delly Soglo
    Will this mystery guy be her Prince Charming lol, Great job Juliet.
  • Delly Soglo picture
    Delly Soglo
    Will this mystery guy be her Prince Charming lol, Great job Juliet.
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