Set me free - Episode 11

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"hey, don't be so rough!" I yell as a rough looking guy grabs me by the collar and starts dragging me inside the mansion's compound. Everywhere still hurts and this guy's manhandling isn't helping matters. I was elated when the large gate opened after hours of yelling and throwing stones but with the hard look of this guy, I'm doubting if I'm lucky right now or not.
"shut up and come with me." he growls as he pushes me to the side of the house.
"hey, the house is that way. Where are we going?" I have to ask.
"didn't I tell you to shut up?" he spits at me . Don't annoy the fierce man, William. I clamp my mouth shut and limp in front of Mr fierce.
"in there." he points to what must be a servant quarters or something. I think about what I'm doing for a few seconds before I say fuck it and walk in with all confidence because it's high time William man the fuck up. I got a wife to fight for after all.
"oh if it isn't the illegitimate son who can't accept his fate in life." father's wife mocks in a cold voice. She's perched on a chair which looks out of place in this humble sitting room. She probably had them bring it from the main house

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. God forbid her large ass touches an ordinary carpenter's furniture. I smile secretly at my thought.
"something funny?"
"huh?" what was she saying earlier?
"whatever. What are you doing in my house?" she asks as she eyes my bloody uniform. Don't let her make you feel small William.
"you mean, why am I in my father's house?" I ask. Her brows shoot up into her hairline.
"you must have lost your damn mind like your mother."
"no, actually I've just gotten wiser. Where's my father?"
"Gotten so bold in few days little boy." she sneers
"I don't want to bicker with you. I just have to talk with my father because it's high time we talk."
"so you think you can come in here all bloodied up and ask for my husband? Newsflash, he doesn't want anything to do with you and your alcoholic mother."
"well, maybe he didn't but he most certainly will now." I smirk when i see the witch's perfectly plucked brow perk up. I have her attention now. She raises her ass from her palatial chair and walks to look up at me. For the first time i look into her eyes.
"He wouldn't need anything from a hoodlum." she spits in my face with so much venom i almost shiver but my tough facade doesn't slip. My phone starts vibrating in my pocket and we both look down at it at the same time.
"Go home little boy. You don't want to mess with me. It's your last warning." she says dismissively as she turns away from me as she starts to walk out on me. I use this chance to pull my phone out of my pocket. It's been ringing for so long.
 There's about 12 missed calls and three messages.
It's mother. I look down to my phone then the retreating back of the witch.
"Sh*t" i curse as I connect the call when mother starts calling again.
"where have you been, will!" since when did she notice my absence?
"a man was here earlier with two touts. He said you brainwashed his daughter and married her. They trashed the house. What is all this about you getting married. I told him that couldn't be through but--" mother ramble on.
"mother calm down." i say, running out of the small room.
"son, they smashed my drinks." she sobs again. Ofcourse that's what is important right now.
"mom, are you okay?" i manage to get in through her sobbing about her drinks.
"yea, they just broke things then left when they didn't see you. Said they'll be back. Did you really get married, Will?"
"mom, just stay there okay, I'm on my way. Don't move." I say before zooming out of the mansion.
 I'll be back for you witch.


"Mom! Mom!" I fly inside our sitting room but it isn't the scattered mess that makes me pause as my mouth hit the floor.
"You look awful." she says silently as she fidget with her fingers.
"is this the girl you married?! Will! Her father would set your hides on fire! What were you thinking?! Married by 18! The man even destroyed my precious drink. Oh you are in for it this time Will. Wait why the sudden wedding? Is she---is she pre--"
"mom!" i yell to stop her rambling. Dawn looks like she's going to bolt at any second.
"mom please excuse us for a minute." I beg. She pouts but nods in agreement. She brush pass me to show she doesn't like being left out of this juicy news.
"I'll just go buy some wine. I'm famished." I hear her mutter and i feel like hiding in shame from Dawn.
"sorry about my mother." i mutter as i scratch the back of head self consciously.
"she's an interesting woman." Dawn says.
"but that isn't why you are here I'm guessing." my head hang in complete shame. There's complete silence for a while before Dawn breaks it.
"You kinda left this with my father's men." she says. My eyes goes up to see her holding my wedding band and neck chain.
"yea, ohhhh." she chuckle lightly and I loosen my shoulders a little.
"I'm sorry about my dad beating you up and thrashing your place." she says and I shake my head.
"no, let me talk Will. This wedding was my idea. I dragged you to the altar. I should have known where you live. We've been dating for years afterall." she smiles sheepishly.
"No, dawn. This is all on me. I should have told you who I really was. Who I am, baby." I tentatively brush away a trail of tear from her cheek.
"I'm sorry I didn't make you trust me enough to tell me."
"no, it's not--"
"No. I love you William. So much but baby this can't work." she steps away from my touch but I make a grab for her arm as she turn her face from me.
"Babe, i messed up. I know. But i can make it better. Please. Don't leave me."
"please." she finally turns to face me.
"I'll never love anyone like I love you William. But this was a mistake." she forces out of her tears. It's like my here's breaking into a thousand pieces. Is this what an heart attack feels like?
"baby---" I don't let her finish her statement. I pull the hand I'm holding unto and pull her to me, pressing my lips firmly to hers. Her lips taste like tears. I feel the sob wracking her body as she presses her body more firmly into me.
 Dawn is the first to pull away.
"I'm sorry William. My dad's lawyer will be here with divorce papers tomorrow."
"what? Baby, please."
"I'm sorry." she sobs as she retreats.
"oh, so you are going to marry that jerk Davis huh? You are just going to walk right out my door without giving me a chance?" I can't help but feel bitter.
"it's for everyone's best. I mean look around you, William. See what my father did to you look what he did to your house."
"I don't care if i get hurt, Dawn. I don't care about a few furniture. I only want you."
"What about your mother? She could get hurt from all of this. My father wants a marriage with the Williams and won't hesitate to hurt her. I can't have that on me." 
"That is what I'm trying to tell you. You don't need a wedding to the Williams. You already have it." 
"What are you saying?" she eyes me suspiciously.
"Me. I'm a William." I deadpan.
"come on William! Are you still on with that lie? No offense but look at where you live." she snaps. I quickly grab mom's favorite picture and shove it into dawn's hands.
"look. That's my mother and Mr Williams."
"Oh my God." she gasps as she stare down at the photograph. Thank God mom managed to keep this photo of her and my dad when they were still in college.
"yes. I'm also a William. Take my hand and I'll get you that merger. Stay with me."
"I- this is--"
"shhhh. A month. Give me a month to get that merger. Please. Think about it, we are already married.

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. You love me. I love you so so much. It's a win win for everyone."
"say yes, baby." I implore with my eyes.
"I really can't say no to you." she mutter and i jump in the air with triumph.
"you. make. me. a. very. happy. man." I punctuated each word with a kiss to her lips as I lift her off the floor.
"where do I put my things then?" She asks.
"say what?"
"I kinda ran away from home and choosing you kinda makes me disowned till we get things right." she shrug while looking around my humble abode.
"well, I can guarantee you get next place to my on my bed." I wink at her and she slap my shoulder. We chuckle lightheartedly but deep down i know i have my work cut out for me. But I'm determined not to fail.

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