Set me free - Episode 13

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 I look down at my chipped nails and darkening fingers and sigh. It's been what, three weeks with no success at meeting with Mr Williams and I'm just about ready to pull my hair out. I'll kill for a manicure treatment right now.
"hey, babe. I've got great news!" William's cheerful voice booms from the front desk of the supermarket. The last time he said he had great news, it was about giving Mr William's secretary his number to give to his father who's regrettably in the states.
"come on, babes . You can stack the tins of green peas later." he calls. Oh, yea. I was supposed to be stacking tins of green peas. They are ruining my nails though. I can't get used to this life.
"dawn! Come on!" William calls again.
"Fine, fine! This better be great news." I call back as I drop the carton of green peas on the floor and walk up towards William. As I pass the toiletries section I'm reminded of my delaying period and I mentally shiver at the thought of pregnancy.
 William and I were careful that first night and we haven't been intimate ever since. It's probably just the stress.
"dawn!" William calls again and I try so hard not to roll my eyes. This better be good

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. It's almost a month with no success in sight.
"there you are." He's literally bouncing on his feet and I can't help but contact his excitement.
"Dad's secretary just called." he announces.
"well and she brought great news." he says again.
"will you just get to the point." I say and pout.
"calm down babe. My dad is coming back tomorrow!" he finally spills and I squeal.
"I'll make sure to meet him at the airport before his scheming wife put a stop to our plans. You'll go with me and we'll introduce ourselves to him. I'm feeling good about this."
"I'm feeling so much more than excited, William!" I squeal again as I throw myself into his arms. He catches me and spins me around.
"I'm gonna get my nails done, soon." I can't help but be vain, you know.
"I'll treat you like the queen you are to me then." he whispers as he sets me down on my feet.
"Thank you for staying by my side no matter how hard it has been living with my mother and I for the past month." He caress my cheek softly as he smiles down at me. Moments like this are the only reason why I'm letting myself suffer just to follow my heart. I feel elated right now.
"excuse me." our head snap back to a customer standing awkwardly at the door of the supermarket.
"oh, come on in. What are you buying?" William says to the young woman just about two years older than I am.
"um a kit." she says so silently, I don't catch it at first.
"a kit?" William asks. The lady looks from William to me then flush like she's embarrassed to say what kit.
"a test kit." she mutters and realisation hits me.
"oh, William I'll take care of her sales." I tell William who smiles appreciatively.
"i'll just go out and buy us some food. You must be hungry." William calls to my back as I direct the lady towards the toiletries section.
"you know how to Use it right?" I ask as I hand various types of pregnancy test kits to her.
"pee on the stick." she says and I nod.
"you married?" she asks as she choose two of the test kits and hand me the rest. I smile down at my wedding ring proudly on my finger.
"The guy at the counter?" she asks and I nod.
"pretty young I must say." she says again and I nod.
"He looks enchanted by you quite alright." she says and I grin.
"we got married about a month ago." I say as I bag her purchase then hand it to her. I tell her the price for both kits and she frowns.
"I can't even afford one." she mutters and starts handing the bag back to me.
"maybe next time." She says.
"wait!" I call before she starts walking away.
"You can have one of it. I'll take what you can pay." I say to her. She lighten up a little then hand me a few old naira notes. I hand up at her as I remove one of the test kit and hand her the other one in the bag.
"Thank you so much."
"ofcourse. Goodluck." I tell her as she walks out of the supermarket.
 I caress the edge of the lone test kit on the counter and grimace. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.
"you pregnant?!" The sudden screech startle the hell out of me as I jump and the test kit falls off the counter and unto the floor.
"mother?!" she snatches the test kit off the floor before I can reach it.
"you are going to be the death of me! You are just a child for God's sake." she sobs out.
"mom I'm not--"
"look at all the dark circles under my eyes all because you ran off with a poor excuse of a boy and now this!" she snaps at me.
"William isn't a poor excuse, he's Mr William's son. We'll prove it to everyone tomorrow at the airport." I can't help but snap.
"prove what? What airport?" she asks shrewdly.
"I'm not pregnant." I mutter instead. Why does my assertion sound weak even to my ears.
"don't you dare lie to me."
"I'm not!"
"what were you doing with this kit then? You take your mother for a fool now huh?! Is that what this boy has turned you into?"
"no, mother. I was selling it to a customer." I explain.
"What customer? Where is the customer, Dawn?!" she looks at me like I'm crazy.
"she's obviously gone, mom."
"lies. Lies, Dawn. Just a month and you are pregnant? Your waec is just next month for goodness sake." she cries
"I'm not pregnant!" Is she even listening to me?
"you are not? Prove it then! Prove to your mother that you haven't completely lost your mind." she slaps a few thousand naira notes on the counter then slap the kit to my chest.
"wha--at what?" i stutter.
"I said proof it." she repeats.
"why would i do that? You have to take my words for it or leave it--"
"you ain't serious." mother mutters as she grab my hands and starts pulling me.
"where's the toilet in this rundown store." she mumbles as she pull me around the store until she sees the sign for toilet.
"here you go. Go inside there.

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. Pee on that stick and make sure you come out with goodnews. Meaning no baby." she instructs.
"mother, i--"
"go in there. Or you want me to drag You inside and force urine out of you?!"
"no!" I cringe in disgust.
"then you better go and don't make me come in there to force you." she pushes me into the toilet and slam the door shut.
 This is ridiculous. I stare blankly at the test kit.
"i don't hear urine sounds!" mom bang on the door and I scowl. Christ how did my night turn into this? What is mother doing here anyways?
"are you done yet?!" mom calls again.
"mom I--"
"you asked for this." i hear her say before she barges into the bathroom store and grab the kit. She pulls the pink stick out of the packet then throw a hard look at me as she position the kit in the toilet.
"squat." she commands.
"I'm not peeing with you holding a stick under me mother." I protest.
"don't let me beat a urine out of you." she snaps.
"are you peeing or not"
"I'll pee but can't you give me a little bit of privacy." I say shakily.
"make it quick." she says as she hand me the stick then stand in the doorway.
"are you just going to stand there?" I ask awkwardly.
"pee on that stick." she grinds out with a scowl.
"atleast look away." I mutter as I close my eyes and mentally will the pee to come out and silently pray that God saves his blessing of a child for a few years. After doing my business, my greedily grabs the test off my hands and scowl at it.
  I watch with bated breath and fingers crossed as i mentally count the minute away. My bite down hard on my lips as the dull red line starts becoming brighter while my life dims before my eyes.
"pregnant." mother gasp as she looks back at me. A lone tear falls down my eye as I stare at mother's forlorn face.
"dawn?! You in here?" William walks in at this moment. My head snaps to him as his eyes meet mine then my mother's before moving to the positive pregnancy test kit. I'm so dead!

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  • Emash picture
    This is good news. Mr Williams would be happy to be a grandpa and have no choice to to accept them seeing Williams jnr is his real son. Hope the fake son would be discovered too, and his evil mother disgraced. My Bebe o
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Aww William, this is so hard for you and Dawn at this time of your life, but everything happens for a reason. Nice one Julie
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol Emash. It's juliet o
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks benedicta
  • Amma picture
    is William still gonna count on his father when he himself is going to be a father soon?
  • Angela David picture
    Angela David
    Getting more interesting
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks Angela
  • Emash picture
    Sorry my Julicious Amehrizer! Kissess
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Boy oh boy.....
    Damn sorry William
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Uh uh! Dawn don't even think of aborting cos i feel dats d next thing ur momma is gonna do.. Nice one Jules
  • Orji Christiana picture
    Orji Christiana
    Ewoo this is a very tight conner
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Teenagers won't just listen bible warns we should flee from youthful passion. This is it. Dawn u chose it, so face it
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