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"I told you this was going to happen." jerry help pull me up from the floor where no one has bothered to offer help ever since the Dawn's father's hoodlums left me bloodied. I grunt painfully and spit out the little blood in my mouth as Jerry bring me to a standing position.
"I'm okay. This is nothing." I assure him weakly . Talking feels like a chore now. It hurts to breathe. Oh lord, let there be no broken ribs. I dont have money to treat that.
"Don't be ridiculous! Here. Use this for the gash across your brows. It's bleeding." He hands me his handkerchief. I give him a weak smile as i dab on my bloody brow.
"you realise your lies have been exposed in front of the school right?" Jerry says after settling me on a stony chair in front of the school.
"I don't give a fuck anymore" i spit.
"Peter is planning to kick you out of the football team. This doesn't look good." he says again. I know he's my only friend but his priorities are wonky.
"hello? I'm sitting here bloody right now while the love of my life has been dragged away by my nemesis. Who cares about Peter or football right now?!" I snap.
"true. You look like shit." He laughs and i throw him the stink eyes.
"It's hilarious bro

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. Just look what they did to you. This just looks like a bad romance movie." he continues mocking my misery.
"I'm glad you find my predicament laughable. I'm out of here." I say as i drag myself up and start walking away. Limping away actually. That bastard broke my ankle.
"Listen to me William. End this now for your own good. A childish love isn't enough to end your life for." Jerry advises.
"it's already too late for that. I'm not gonna rest until she's beside me again"
"where are you limping to?!" Jerry yells at my back but i don't stop to reply. I can't forget Dawn. She is my wife! My hand land on my chest to caress the jewelry Dawn gave me last night but i don't feel nothing. In panic, I pull down two buttons. There's no chain and no wedding band. Where did it go?!


"yeah, just there. You always know how to diminish those annoying knots on my shoulders." Mrs Williams coo as her masseur/ PA massage her shoulders.
"ofcourse. I always know what you want." he says as he concentrates on a difficult knot.
"ma'am. Someone's knocking at the main gate." one of the maids of villa Williams calls from outside the door. Mrs Williams scowl at the now offensive door.
"Get rid of him or her. I do not want to be disturbed." she says without opening her eyes.
"But ma'am---" the maid tries to say.
"I said get rid of him, you moron!" she yells.
"Calm down madam. You don't want those wrinkles back." her PA tells her.
"That damn maid would get it from me." she finally opens her eyes and motion for her PA to stop and get the idiot on the other side of the door. Knowing not to argue with her, he quickly wipes his hands of massage oil and walks to open the door.
"hey." he calls to the scared maid's retreating back and motion for her to come back to the room when she turns around to acknowledge him. The scared maid who knows how wicked her employer can be, nervously walks in.
"Ofcourse it's you. Madeleine. Always putting your nose in everyone's business." Mrs Williams says quietly as she pours a glass of champagne. No one dared interrupt her as she silently sips her wine.
"How long have you been working here, Madeleine?" she asks casually as she stands and walks to stand in front of the maid.
"twe-- twenty years." the maid stutter as she looks up into the eyes of her employee. Worse mistake ever.
"Don't dare look into my eyes!" Mrs Williams yell as she lands two slaps against the poor woman's face.
"ma'am, deep breaths okay?" the PA finally intervenes.
"totally not worth it." he tells her.
"I wonder who the hell was at the gate that this idiot thought she could interrupt my massage." she fumes.
"It was the young master." Madeleine says without fear. She has had enough of her madam and was glad her nemesis was at the door calling.
"yo-young master?" It's now Mrs Williams' turn to stutter. Madeleine grins as she shrug.
"yes. You remember the one you had his mother thrown out after bewitching her husband?" Madeleine sneers.
"How dare you!" Mrs Williams go to slap her again but this time, Madeleine grabs her arm and slaps it down.
"you have no right to do that to me anymore because i quit!" she snaps and turns on her heels to leave.
"you self righteous bitch! You are the one who betrayed your own friend for a measly paycheck. Weren't you the one who set her up with the gateman and took those damning pictures? I just did what a good employee would do and consoled Mr Williams. It's not my fault he fell in love with me and married me is it?" Mrs Williams snidely ask. It was like the hands of time had withdrawn to almost two decades ago. Mrs Williams could vividly remember her climb to success. More like crawl but who cares? She moved from maid to mistress of the house and she does not regret a thing. Not even the betrayal of her friends.
"she was our friend you monster!" Madeleine screams as she lunge at the wicked monster in the room. The PA gets in between them and holds Madeleine in place.
"she was my boss. Too bad she didn't hold tight to her position." Mrs Williams laughs.
"get her out of my sight!" she commands.
"let me go! Let me go!" Madeleine tries to fight the hold on her.
"i am going to expose you. You can't get rid of me as well.

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. I'm going right out to tell the young master outside of how you kept the secret of his birth from his father! Mr Williams won't ever forgive you!" Madeleine challenges. The thought of that makes Mrs Williams see red.
"my son is the only young master in this house!" she yells.
"Lies! Everyone knows he is your son from your ex husband! You couldn't even give the master a child. What would the master do when he finds out he has a son. His own son?" Madeleine mocks.
"get her out!" Mrs Williams yells as she throws her glass of champagne at the satisfied Madeleine. She couldn't very well tell anyone what she knows because she would be implicated as an accessory to Mrs Williams crimes but the satisfaction she gets from tormenting the witch is so worth her losing her job.
"I'm the mistress of this mansion! My son is the rightful heir and no one would dispute that if i have anything to do with it." she rants to herself as she walks agitatedly in circles.
"i just have to get rid of the only one who knows about that useless son. Yes, Madeleine can't live with my secret." a broad smile stretch her beautiful face as she calms down.
"James!" she calls for one of her security detail. He comes in after a few seconds.
"you know what to do with that woman who just got dragged out right?" she asks and the bulky man in the room nods with no emotion on his face.
"good. Now do me a favour and bring me the boy at the gate." she adds. James nods as he marches off to do his madam's bidding.
He felt a little pity for the woman he has to kill and make look like and accident but a job is a job. He shrugged off every atom of guilt as he goes out to the gate to drag the young man who has been throwing stones at the gate for almost an hour now. Would he have to kill the kid too? He wondered.

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