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Michael was seated in the living room watching a movie or trying to watch a movie, because he was finding it hard to concentrate on what is going on in the movie, his mind keep drifting to Jessie and it was painful and at the same frustrating, because he knows Jessie has probably moved on, so thinking about her is really pointless 

He has told himself several times not to think about Jessie or where she is but every time his mind won't just listen to him

He sigh softly and closed his eye's but he opened them when he was tap on the shoulder 

He looked over his shoulder and saw Ariel standing with a look he don't really understand 

Hey, Ariel said softly 

Hi, Michael replied with a smile

Come sit down, Michael said and he watched as Ariel took a seat next to him 

Michael was quiet watching Ariel who looks as if she was thinking about something 

Is there something you want to say to me? Michael asked 

Michael watched as Ariel opened her mouth but shut it when no word came out it

Ariel slowly shook her head at her uncle

Come on Ariel, spit it out, Michael ordered softly 

Well I was wondering if you will......

Um.. Will you want to speak to Jessie? 

Hearing Jessie's name made his heart to beat a little faster, he looked at Ariel confusingly


Do you know where she is, Michael asked with a hint of excitement

Not really, Ariel said,  but I and Grey can find out where she is, Ariel added hurriedly when she saw the hint of excitement faded from her uncle's face 

Michael could not say anything he could only stare at Ariel 

I don't think that's a good idea, Michael said after a while of being silent 

Why not? Ariel asked 

I don't think it's necessary to know where she is, she made it clear that she doesn't want me, Michael said 

But what if she had her reasons for saying that? Ariel said 

I don't know Ariel, but I don't want to be heartbroken the second time if she were to reject me,

I don't think I will survive it the second time, Michael said with a very painful expression 

Excuse me, Michael said as he stood up from the couch and left 

Ariel watched her uncle leave and she felt really bad for bringing up the suggestion to find Jessie,

she sigh softly as she stood up from the couch 


Hey dad, Ariel said 

What is it,  you look worried? Raguel questioned 

I messed up, Ariel muttered 

What did you do? Raguel asked 

Ariel explained to her father what she said to her uncle


I know dad, I'm sorry, Ariel said 

Where is he? Raguel asked 

He went outside, Ariel said 

I will go talk to him, Raguel said

No don't worry I will go talk to him, Anna said as she stood up and left giving Raguel no room to argue 


****    ******  *****  

Michael was pacing around trying his possible best not to tear up, 

She doesn't care about me, so why should I waste my time crying because of her, Michael said angrily as he continue to pace 

Hey Michael, Anna said 

Michael turned around to see Anna standing by the doorway 

Hi Anna, Michael said 

I'm fine Anna if that's why you are here, Michael said softly 

Are you sure you are fine? Anna asked 

I will be fine, Michael said 

Don't give up Michael, Anna said 

you are telling me not to give up, Michael said as he chuckle 

Yes, Anna said 

I have given up already, Michael said, you told me it will get better and I belived that for a while but now I don't even know what to believe anymore, 

I thought it has got better, when Jessie came but I was wrong because she walked away, so don't stand there and tell me not to give up, Michael yelled 

It might seems as if nothing is working, but believe me when I say Michael, " it will get better" Anna said as she turned to leave 

"Don't give up" she added before she went inside the house 

Michael sigh softly as he allowed the tears he had been holding drop from his tears 

"When will it get better" 


It did not take long for Raguel to come outside and when Michael noticed his presence, he discreetly wipe the tears from his eye's but when he heard his friend sigh he knew it was pointless because he saw the tears 

Michael turned to face Raguel who had a worried expression all over his face, 

I'm fine Raguel, Michael said softly 

Raguel did not say anything rather he pulled Michael into a hug, Michael melted into it and hug his friend tightly

Michael pulled back from the hug and looked at Raguel 

Where is Ariel? He asked 

Probably in her room, Raguel said 

I will go talk to her, Michael said 

Okay, Raguel said letting go of Michael, and Michael turned around and went inside the house 


******      *******       ******

Jessie was seated on her bed with her sister next to her, she had so many thoughts running through her mind, but  she was pulled out of that thought when her sister spoke 

You called his name again last night, sunshine said 

Jessie need not to be told which persons name because she already knew her sister was talking about Michael 

Jessie opened up her mouth to speak but shut it when she heard the next word that came out of her sister's mouth 

And before you deny it, I recorded it last night, sunshine said with a proud smile 

You can't be serious, Jessie said 

I am, sunshine said grinning, you can listen to it if you want to, sunshine said as she hold up the phone to her sister 

Jessie sigh softly and collected the phone from sunshine

Sunshine immediately stood up from the bed 

Where are you going? Jessie asked 

"Outside", to give you some space as you listen to the recording, sunshine said as she blow her sister a kiss before she left the house 

Jessie shook her head, she took a deep breath before she played the recording 

She closed her eye's tightly as she heard Michael's name coming from her mouth 

"I miss him so much" she whispered 

She snapped her eye's opened when she heard noise 

Sunshine is that you? Jessie asked 

When she did not get any response she stood up from the bed and was about going outside when the door was pushed opened and Jessie frozed in her step when she saw a demon holding onto her sister 


Jessie please don't let them take me, sunshine said with watering eye's 

They won't, Jessie said firmly 

What do you want? Jessie asked 

"You", the demon spat

My  master wants you, another demon said 
Jessie did not even notice that they were more than one demon because she was focused on her sister 
She looked around and saw at least 10 demons, which made her caused softly 

I have no business with your master, Jessie said angrily

You do, he wants you and he will get you, the demon said as he grin evily at Jessie 

Jessie shivered a little at the thought of the demon leader capturing her, but she tried to compose herself 

Let go of my sister, Jessie ordered 

The demon's laughed hard 

You don't call the shot here, the demon spat 
You are going to come with us, the demon added 

I'm not going anywhere with you, Jessie said 

You don't have a choice, and you are so stupid to leave the Angel's who can protect you, the demon said 

Yes I was stupid, Jessie said to herself 

Go get her!  the demon holding her sister ordered 

Jessie took her stance to fight, she pushed the first demon that attacked her knocking him out instantly, 

The other demon's did not waste anytime, as they attack Jessie in crowd 


********      ********      ********  

Michael was seated in the living room with the entire family when all of a sudden he started feeling uneasy 

What is going on? He questioned himself 

Who needs my help? 

Raguel was at his side immediately 

What is happening? He asked 

Someone needs my help, Michael said 

Who? Raguel asked 

Let me find out, Michael said as he closed his eye's and linked his fingers together trying to concentrate, his eye's snapped opened in shock 

"Jessie" he whispered 

Jessie and sunshine  is in trouble with the demon's, I have to get to her, Michael said standing up 

Wait a minute, you are not going anywhere, Raguel said 

Why will you say that? Michael asked 

Look at you Michael, you have being down for weeks now since Jessie left I don't think you have the strength to face the demon's 

I will try, Michael said firmly 

Raguel shook his head, you need to save them and not try, Raguel said 

Let me go instead, Raguel said 


No but Michael, I will go and that's final, Raguel said giving Michael a stern look 

I will come with you Raguel, Grey said from where he was seated next to Ariel 

Okay, Raguel said nodding his head 

Where is she? Raguel asked 

Michael quickly gave them the direction he saw Jessie at, 

Raguel nodded his head, we will leave now, he said as he flashed his wings 

"Bring them back safely" Michael whispered 

We will, Raguel said and with that they both left 


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