My bodyguard

The novel is about Jack and Stacey, Jack was assigned to guide Stacey with time she fell in love with him but Jack wanted their relationship to be strictly professional and he was still trapped in his past love life which he is not willing to let go 

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    • My bodyguard - Introduction

    • This is an amazing love story between a girl and her bodyguard, she first saw him as a friend but has time passed she fell in love with him but Jack wanted their relationship to be...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 1

    • So our daughter will be returning from overseas tomorrow even after we have told her to stay back  Yes dear, remember she took her stuborness from you, hahaha, tha...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 2

    • Honey, hurry up we don't want to be late in picking up our daughter, am here now let's go  Jack and John you both should make sure everything goes on well,...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 3

    • Boom! Hahaha, did I scare you Jack, oh it's you little princess, stop calling me little princess am all grown up now  I know that's why you have also falle...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 4

    • Sir you called me, yes Jack,  Stacey Jack is going to be your bodyguard, what dad I have a bodyguard  Yes honey try to understand since your dad is coming out...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 5

    • Peter can you please call Jack, tell him am going out,  okay MA , Jack MA Stacey ask me to call you she wants to go out  Jack drive carefully don't get ca...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 6

    • Am really sorry about what mark had said, Jack looked up and ignored her, I said am sorry, I heard you MA Stacey  You did not ask me why I came back early, it'...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 7

    • Stacey was outside reading a book when she saw John and Jack discussing and laughing  Wow Jack really have a wonderful smile, how I wish he can just continue smili...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 8

    • Honey are you alright,  she turned and saw that it was her mother,  mom it's you,  yes were you expecting someone else, no mom were you crying?  No, don'...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 9

    • Jack is in his room, talking to his mother on the phone. Stacey wanted to go out, but she did not see anyone to send for Jack. Everyone seems busy, so she decided to go by herself ...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 10

    • Some days later without any form of communication between Stacey and Jack, which felt like forever to Stacey, she felt it was wise to break the silence. She walked straight to wher...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 11

    • When they got home that night Stacey kept wondering if Jack was safe alone in the hospital, since there was nobody to look after him in the hospital until she finally fell asleep....
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 12

    • The next day, precious comes to visit her brother like she promised.  She walked straight to the room, and met Jack and John lying on the bed... She tiptoed to were they were,...
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    • My bodyguard - Episode 13

    • It was 6pm, Stacey came out dressed wearing a body hug gown, looking all shades of beauty. Stacey asked Peter to go call Jack for her, that she wants to go out, Peter left running ...
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