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Jessie was lying on the bed with Michael who has his hands wrapped around her the event that happened earlier today was still playing in her head, she still can't believe she is now engaged to Michael and will soon married to him, everything feels like a dream.

I wish my parents were here today, Jessie said softly with a sigh, they would have loved you, she added 

My parents would have loved you too, Michael said as he placed a kiss on her forehead 

Michael was about to kiss Jessie on her lips when the door to the their room suddenly opened making Michael to stop midway.

Sunshine, Jessie whined a little 

What are you doing here? Jessie asked 

I came to get my sister, sunshine said crossing her arms 

Well your sister is busy right now, come back later, Jessie said 

No, you are coming with me now, sunshine said moved closer to the bed 

Sunshine, get out of my room, Jessie shouted 

I'm not leaving without you, sunshine said still standing her ground

What do you want with me anyway? Jessie asked 

To plan for the wedding, sunshine said, if you are just going to sit here and stare at Michael all day, they will not be a wedding, so let's go now, she added 

Jessie huffed and stood up from the bed she turn to look at Michael; 

I will be back as soon as I can, she whispered softly and kiss him before sunshine dragged her out of the bedroom.

Here comes the bride, Elena announced as Jessie walk down the stairs, Jessie shook her head and laughed 

Come sit down, Elena said pulling out one of the dinning chair out for her to sit 

So how will your wedding look like? Elena asked 

Well I think.......

Don't worry about the wedding, I have it covered, Ariel said cutting off Jessie 

I'm so excited, Ariel squeaked

We all are, Elena chipped in 

 I will be right back, Ariel said as she run upstairs 


******    *******   ******** 

Michael was feeling bored just sitting in the bedroom, he really wanted to go downstairs to meet Jessie, he sighed softly as he stood up from the bed and made his way to the window 

Everything is going well, I can't really believe I am finally going to be happy, everything seems like a dream, he shook his head with a smile.

I really need to see Jessie now, he said as he made his way to the door when he opened he saw Anna making her way downstairs

Hey, Anna said with a smile 

Hi, Michael replied 

How are you doing? Anna asked 

I'm doing great, Michael said 

I can see that Anna said 

Well congratulations on the wedding, Anna said 

Thank you, Michael said 

I'm really glad you are finally happy, Anna said 

"Me too", I have you thank for all this, you made me not not give up, you encouraged me when I was feeling down.

Thank you Anna, I really appreciate all the things you did for me

I'm  really glad I could be of help, Anna said as he squeeze his shoulder a little before heading downstairs 

Michael sighed softly and was about making his way  downstairs before he was stopped by Ariel who was coming upstairs 

Where are going? Ariel asked 

"Downstairs" Michael pointed out 

To do what exactly, Jessie asked 

I need to see Jessie, Michael said 

She is busy right now, why don't you go talk to Dad 

I don't want to talk to your father, Michael said 

You have no choice uncle, go talk to him if you are feeling bored, Ariel said as she pushed her uncle towards the direction of her father's bedroom.

Michael sighed softly as he made his way to Raguels bedroom 


*****    ****** ****** 

Jessie finally made her way upstairs, immediately she entered the room Michael sigh in relief 

"Finally" he muttered 

Jessie laughed softly and made her way to the bed

Did you miss me? She whispered 
Yes I did Michael said kissing her 

I'm really tired, Jessie said as she rest her head on Michael's shoulder 

Why don't you take your bath so you can just sleep, Michael suggested 

I'm too tired to lift my body, Jessie said in yawns 

Come on, Michael said as he lift her up from the bed and carried her to the bathroom, he helped her strip her clothes and quickly strip himself too, he wrapped his hands around Jessie as they both took their bath.

After they where done bathing, they both head to their bed and it did not waste time before Jessie drift off to sleep.

*******     *******    ******** 

It's  been two weeks already since the wedding preparation started and today happens to be the long awaiting day.

Michael was staring at Jessie as she sleeps, it's still really early and he could not believe that few hours from now he will be married to her, he smiled softly and kiss her forehead which made Jessie to stir a little but she did not wake up.

Michael sigh a little before he stood up from the bed and made his way downstairs.

He saw Samael, Raguel and Samael in the dining table discussing, when Raguel spotted him, he smiled at him.

Come join us, Raguel invited

Michael quickly join them and took a sit 

How is the soon to be married man doing? Raguel asked 

Michael laughed softly before he responded; I'm fine 

They all continue to discuss about random things before they knew, it was already day break 

I need to go upstairs now, Michael said standing up from his seat 

Okay, they all said in unison

Michael quickly made his  way  upstairs when he opened the door to his bedroom, he saw Jessie already sitting down on the bed 

Good morning,  Michael greeted as he moved to the bed 

Good morning to you, Jessie replied 

She was about to say something before a knock on the door interrupt her 

Come in, she said 

Elena and Ariel immediately came inside 

We have to get you ready now, Elena said as she pulled Jessie up from the bed 


No but Jessie, let's go now, Elena said 

Jessie sigh softly as she look at Michael 

I love you, she whispered 

I love you too, Michael said watching Jessie leave the room 


**********     *********   ******* 

Michael was now standing on the alter waiting for Jessie to arrive and when she did he was dumfounded, Jessie was looking very beautiful in her white dress the smile she has on her face light up her entire appearance

Michael smile widely as he watched Jessie make her way to the Alter, when Jessie finally got to the alter, she smiled at him 

They both listen to what the pastor is saying and respond when they are suppose to do, 

"You can exchange your vows now"

Jessie spoke first lookly at Michael in the the eyes as she spoke 

"I promise never to let go of your hand I now take, I will hold you forever I promise to put you ahead of all things I do, to be by your sides through thick and thin, I love you and I will remain by your side forever".

Michael smiled at Jessie before he spoke; 

"I have prayed my entire life to find someone that will complete me and when you came into my life everything started to make sense, I knew right from the start that you are the one, I love you with a love that cannot be expressed in words only in  kisses, in glances and in the years of our lives"

After that both slip the rings into their finger the pastor then said; 

"You may kiss your bride" 

Michael wasted no time in unveiling Jessie and sealed their lips together, Everybody cheer for them as they continue to kiss 

When the pastor pronounced them husband and wife, Michael quickly engulfed Jessie in a hug and whispered in her ear 

"I love you" 

. .

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