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Jessie's eye's were still closed but she notice she could no longer feel the warmth of Michael's body pressed to hers,

she slowly opened her eye's and that's when she saw that Michael was no longer on the bed 

She looked around the room until her eye's rested on Michael who was sitting on a chair with his eye's closed and fingers linked together 

Jessie stood up from the bed and made her way to where Michael was sitting, immediately she stood in front of him, Michael's eye's snapped opened 

Good morning, Michael greeted with a smile on his face 

Good morning to you too, Jessie replied drowsily

Michael noticed that Jessie is barely keeping her eye's open and he felt guilty about it because he was the one that kept her awake during the night 

After he had told Jessie everything about his past, he felt really vulnerable and un relaxed, he couldn't control his emotions as he kept on tearing up during the night

He was really glad Jessie was there to help him out but now he really did not like how tired Jessie look

Hey, where did your mind wander off to, Jessie asked snapping him out of his thought 

You look tired, Michael said, why don't you go back and sleep more he suggested 

No, I'm good, Jessie said shaking her head to protest 

You are barely keeping your eye's open Jes, Michael argued 

No, I'm not going back to sleep, Jessie said in yawns 

See, you are tired, just rest a little, Michael urged her, 

I really feel this is my fault, Michael muttered

Don't do that, Jessie said quickly, its not your fault, you were down yesterday after taking a stroll down a memory lane, its my duty to look after you because "I love you" Jessie said as she leaned down and peaked his lips 

And I also know if places were switched you would have done the same for me, even though Angels don't sleep at all, Jessie said as she grin at Michael 

Michael smiled at her, "I love you" he whispered softly 

I will go take my bath now, a cold shower will wake me up properly, Jessie said as she turn to the direction of the bathroom 

When she opened the door to the bathroom, she turn to glance at Michael one last time giving him a big smile before she closed the door behind her 

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, she now saw the reason why Michael insisted she goes back to sleep,

she looks really tired, she has bags underneath her eye's, she sigh softly as she averted her eye's from the mirror to turn on the shower 

She stood in the shower for a while before she started scrubbing her body, few minutes later when she was done she use her towel to dry her body and that's was when she realize she did not bring clothes to change in, she took her towel and wrap it around herself before she left the bathroom 


You are done already, Michael began to say but stop abruptly, he stood still with his word caught up right  in his mouth, he was completely speechless, his eye's roam all over Jessie's body on their own accord 

Do you like what you are seeing, Jessie teased 

Michael blushed and averted his eyes from Jessie 

Are you blushing? Jessie asked with a grin 

No, I'm not, Michael muttered with a red face 

You are so cute, Jessie said as she pinched his check

Michael slapped her hands away from his face making Jessie to burst into laughter 

She quickly went to her drawer and picked her clothes and made her way to the bathroom to put it on, when she was done changing, they both made their way downstairs 


******     *******      ******* 

We thought you guys were not joining us for breakfast, Elena said immediately they entered the dinning area 

We are here now, Michael said with a smile 

They both settled down on the chair, and started eating 

Michael could not get the picture of Jessie in towel out of his mind, he pictured so many things in his mind that made him really smile just thinking about them 

Even when family members were interacting with each other as they eat, he kept quiet but his eye's were just on Jessie, when he finally averted his eyes from Jessie he saw Raguel smirking at him Michael shook his head slightly with a grin 

After they were done with breakfast,  Raguel quickly pull Michael aside 

What is it? Michael asked 

You look really happy, Raguel pointed out, 

Yes I do, Michael said with a smile

Have you told her about the reason why you don't have a soulmate? Raguel questioned 

Yes I have, Michael answered 

"Good" Raguel said 

Let's sit down, Raguel said as he lead the way to the living room, he sat down and Michael sat next to him 

So what's going on? Raguel asked 

What do you mean? Michael asked 

You eye's were just on Jessie the entire time we were having breakfast, Raguel said 

So, I'm I not allow to look at her, Michael asked 

Yes you are but not when it feels like you are undressing her with your eye's, Raguel said with a grin

I did not look at her like that, Michael denied  biting his lips 

You should have seen your face at the dinning table, I bet if nobody was there who would have undress her for real, Raguel said 

Stop it, Michael said as his face become red from embarrassment

Raguel laughed hard seeing as embarrass Michael look, 

Okay, I will stop talking, Raguel said as he put his hands up 

Michael shook his head at Raguel as he laughed softly 


******     *******     ****** 

Jessie is in the kitchen helping to tidy up things, before Elena walked up to her 

I'm really sorry about what Ariel said to you yesterday, Elena said 

So you did get the answer out of Ariel, Jessie said 

It's fine Elena, I understand why she said those things and I promise you I'm not angry at her, Jessie said as she placed her hand on Elena's shoulder 

Are you sure? I can go get Ariel here so she will apologize to you, Elena said 

There will be no need for that, there is nothing to apologize for, If I was in her shoes and a loved one was hurt by someone I will do everything possible to avoid it from happening again, Jessie said 

Okay, if you say so, Elena said dropping the issue 

Jessie smiled softly at her and went back to what she was doing, when she was done she left the kitchen and went to the living room 


Hey sunshine, Jessie said as she sat down next to her sister 

Hi, sunshine said with a smile 

Did you sleep well? Jessie asked 

Yes I did, sunshine said 

I bet you slept well too, Sunshine said with smile 

Not really, Jessie replied 

Why not, you were with Michael all through the night, with his hands around wrapped around you, sunshine said 

How did you know he had his hands around me, Jessie asked 

I came to check on you last night, sunshine said 

Really, Jessie  asked raising  her eyebrow at her, you are really behaving like my mother, 

Sunshine shuggered, so how is things going on with Michael, sunshine asked excitedly 

Good, Jessie said as she grin at her sister 

Jessie sometimes could not believe her sister was just six, she just acts mature for her age,

she sigh softly as she averted her eyes from her sister and her eye's immediately rested on Michael who was already staring at her 

She gave Michael a smile but Michael motioned for her to come to him, so she immediately stood up and went to where Michael was sitting and sat next to him 

Michael immediately wrapped his hand around her and Jessie rested her head on his shoulder
Everything felt right, she was so relaxed and she closed and drifted off to sleep 


*****     ******    ******* 

Michael was standing by the window in their room, he had so many thoughts running through his mind,  he turn to face Jessie who was still sleeping, he walked closer to her and sat next to her, he leaned down and kissed her forehead wrapping his hand around him 

He is really convinced that he was doing the right thing, the decision he will make  by tomorrow will change things in their lives he just prays Jessie will be fine with it 



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