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Michael was seated on Jessie's bed with his nose buried on her bedsheet, even though it has been two days since Jessie left the bedsheet still smell like her 

It was really  hard for Michael, he still can't bring himself to believe that Jessie had left without even looking back.

Michael has not say any word to anybody since Jessie left, he only nod or shakes his head when he is asked a question

He was in constant pain and he struggles to get through the day,

Raguel notice the pain and discomfort his friend is feeling even though he insist he was fine, Raguel normally sits with him during the night just to watch over him,

sometimes Raguel do talk to him but he never replies, but that does not stop Raguel from talking and Michael was really grateful for that because he sometimes needs something to distract him from the pain he is feeling 

Michael stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom,

he looked at his reflection on the mirror and he could hardly recongise himself, he sigh softly as he poured water on his face before he existed the bathroom 

He made his way downstairs and went straight to the living room, he sat down and close his eyes for a moment before he heard his name 

Uncle Michael, Ariel called 

Michael opened his eyes and stare at Ariel, he looked around and saw that the entire family was looking at him with concern 

You look like sh* t, Ariel said as she moved closer to him 

"Language," Elena scolded her daughter

Ariel just rolled her eyes and sat next to her uncle 

When did you get back? Michael asked in a whisper 
His voice was hoarse from not using it for a while, 

Not too long ago, Ariel answered 

She and her soulmate were out of town for a while and only just got back 

Why are you looking at this? She questioned 

Michael did not say anything he just kept quiet 

Mom? Ariel said looking at Elena 

We will discuss this later, go freshen up first, Elena said 


No but young lady, Elena said sternly 

Off you go, Elena said pulling her daughter from the couch 

Ariel glanced back at her uncle before she left for her room

Raguel immediately sat next to Michael when his daughter had left 

How are you feeling? Raguel asked 

Good, Michael said with a cough 

Elena rushed to the kitchen to get him water which he drank quickly, it was the first time in two days since he put anything in his mouth 

I know it's hard for you to get over Jessie, I know it will take time, but please don't shut us out, 

Please Michael, Raguel said pleadingly

Okay, Michael whispered 

"Good" Raguel said 


Lunch is served, Elena announced from the dinning table 

Come with me, Raguel said trying to pull Michael off the couch 

Michael shook his head protesting 

Please Michael, I know you don't have to eat to keep up your strength but I will be at rest if you eat something, Raguel said 

Okay, Michael said standing up and following Raguel's lead to the dinning table 

Michael heard footsteep and he looked up to see Ariel coming down with her soulmate Grey with their hands join together 

He had to look away quickly, because seeing that makes him think about Jessie,

he took a deep breath and look up to find Raguel watching him 

He gave Raguel a tiny smile before he averted his eyes 

I'm so hungry, Ariel said as she sat down next to Grey 

They started eating but Ariel was looking around 

What is it dear? Elena asked 

I haven't seen Jessie anywhere since I came or sunshine, Ariel said

The entire room went silent, and Ariel looked at them with questioning eyes 

"She left" Michael muttered 

Left? Ariel said 

But I thought the two of you .........
Ariel began to say but one glance at her mother made her to shut up 

Ariel was in shock she did not really expect this of Jessie, she glance at her uncle who was playing with his food, 

I now understand why he looks this way, Ariel said to herself 

When they were done eating Ariel helped her mother with the dishes,

when her mother was about to leave the kitchen, she stopped her 

Mom, what happened between Jessie and uncle Michael, Ariel asked

I really don't know what to say, she just said she had to leave and that was it, Elena explained 

I thought she liked uncle Michael, Ariel said 

We did too, but maybe we were wrong about her, Elena said 

I will go talk with uncle Michael, Ariel said 

Make sure you don't remind him of Jessie, today is the first time he has spoken to any of us since Jessie left, Elena warned 

Okay mom, Ariel said as she walked out of the kitchen


Michael was still seated in the living room but he was feeling uncomfortable, he glance at Raguel and he was not surprise to see Raguel watching him 

I want to take a stroll outside, Michael said 

I will come with you, Raguel said 

You don't have to Raguel, I promise I will be fine, Michael said 

Then I will come with you, Ariel said walking closer to her uncle 

"Not you too", Michael  said as he roll his eyes 

You guys should stop treating me like a child, Michael said 

We are not treating you like a child, Ariel said, I just want to spend time with you, Ariel said 

Fine, you can come, Michael said waking to the door, Ariel was about to follow him when her father stopped her 

She looked at her father and she knew exactly what her father is going to say, so she nodded her 

Raguel such in relief as he watched his daughter and Michael leave 


*******      ******     ******

Michael occasionally will glance at Ariel as they were walking, he could tell she was in deep thought and he wonders what she might be thinking 

Let's sit here for a while, Michael said pointing at a spot 

Okay, Ariel said as she followed her uncle's lead 

Are you alright Ariel? Michael asked 

Ariel chuckled softly, I suppose to be asking you that, Ariel said and she mentally slap herself immediately the smile that was on her uncle's face disappeared 

"Sorry" she whispered 

It's okay, Michael said

Did you have fun on your trip? Michael asked 

A lot of fun, Ariel said smiling 

Ariel talked about all the things she did with Grey, they both laughed at some funny things that happen, and Ariel was really proud of herself for making her uncle laugh so much 


******     ******     ******** 

Jessie was standing near her window and starting at nothing in particular, her mind keep drifting to Michael, 

I wonder if he is okay, she whispered to herself 

She immediately shook her head, to get the thought of Michael out of her mind, 

I need to Stop thinking about him, she muttered 

She closed her eyes for a moment before, her sister's words made her snapped her eye's open

Why are you sulking? Sunshine asked 

I'm not, Jessie snapped 

You definitely are, I thought this is what you wanted, sunshine said 

You don't understand anything so shut up, Jessie said 

Don't tell me to shut up, sunshine said standing up

Jessie looked at sunshine with wide eye's 

Look at you Jessie, ever since we left the Angel's house, you have not being yourself, 

Why don't we just go back, sunshine said

No, we are not going back, Jessie said sternly 

There is nothing there for us, she added 

Not even Michael? Sunshine questioned 

Especially Michael, Jessie replied 

I don't want to be with him, Jessie said 

You don't want him and you keep on calling his name in your sleep 

What! Jessie said 

No I don't she argued 

Yes you do, sunshine shot back 

It does not mean I want him, Jessie said 

Keep deceiving yourself sis, sunshine muttered 

Jessie please let's just go back, you need him, sunshine begged 

I don't need him, Jessie said 

Stop talking to me about him, Jessie said 

You don't understand anything you are just a child, Jessie said 

I might be a child but I know Michael loves you and you do too, sunshine said 

You don't know anything about love, Jessie said shaking her head 

Grow up for once Jessie, you claim you are the adult here, then act like one, sunshine yelled as she marched into the bathroom and slam the door shut 

Jessie just stood there in shock, 

Could she be right? 

Do I have a chance with Michael? 


I love sunshine........., 

Don't forget to drop a comment, see you in the next episode 


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