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Michael had his hands wrapped around Jessie as they both lay on their bed. Michael still could not believe he is now married, he eye's glance to the wedding ring on his finger and he could not stop the smile that crept on his lips.

His mind drifted to the time he was in heaven, he thought about his parents and the little time he spent with them before they died;

if I did not look for them they would have still being alive today, that means I would have still been in heaven and also have the privilege of having a soulmate. 

That means I would never had met Jessie; the thought of not be with Jessie did not settle well with him.

Even though he knows having a soulmate is one thing every Angel wish for but he is not sure he can trade Jessie for a soulmate, not sure he is certain.

Everything that happened in heaven happened for a reason, not that I wished  my parents death but if they were still alive I would never had met jessie, neither would I have my hands wrapped around her now.

Michael was pulled out of his thought when he felt jessie's light tap on his hand, he turned to look at her with a smile.

I have been trying to get your attention for a while now, you seem lost in thought; "what are you thinking about"? Jessie asked 

It's nothing important, Michael replied as he placed a kiss on forehead.

Jessie did not press the issue further; if he says it's not important then it's not, she said to herself.

Jessie was about to say something but paused when she saw the way Michael was staring at her;

she ran her tongue around her lips and watched as Michael's eye's followed the action.

Before she knew what was happening, Michael pinned  her down to the bed and locked their lips.

Jessie wasted no time in putting her hands around his neck as they continue to kiss; Michael remove his lips from Jessie's and trail kisses down her neck.

I don't have any idea what to do, or what you like, Michael whisper softly in her ears making shiver run down her spine.

I have never done this before he continued, so if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know, Michael whispered as he stare at Jessie for a while.

Jessie did not reply him rather she pressed her lips against his; she loved the fact that her Angel is still innocent.

They both blindly remove their clothes, and Michael was little nervous, he was silently praying in his head for everything to go well.

When they were no longer fabrics on their body, Jessie stopped kissing Michael and looked at him;

"I love you", she said looking directly at him 

"I love you too" Michael replied  as they both finally give in to the desires and needs of their body.


******   ********   ******** 

Jessie noticed she could not feel the hands of her Angel around her, she slowly opened her eye's and behold the sight of a very nak*d  Michael standing by the window.

"What a lovely sight to behold in the morning" she said to herself 

When you are done ogling me let me know, Michael said as he turn to face Jessie with a smirk on his face.

Jessie laughed hard and shook her head slightly, she was not ashamed of the fact that she was caught staring.

"Good morning", Michael greeted 

"Good morning" Jessie replied cheerful 

Come on, we need to have our bath now, Michael said pulling Jessie along with him towards the bathroom and shut the door behind them when they entered.

Michael wasted no time in turning on the shower,  as they both clung onto each other and enjoy the warmth of the water that touched their skin.


They later left the bathroom and head downstairs after putting on their clothes.

When they got downstairs, they saw saw their entire family seated in the living room interacting with each other, but before they  could venture into the living room properly, Elena immediately stood in front of them; 

Hey Michael, Elena said as her eye's moved to their joined hands which made her smile

Hi, Michael replied

"Can I take Jessie for a while"? Elena asked 

"Sure", Michael  said leaning down to kiss Jessie before he finally let go of her hands and walked into the living room as both Elena and Jessie dashed off to the kitchen.

Jessie started helping around in the kitchen, but notice Elena was staring at her but anything time she meet Elena's eye's she will look away.

Jessie sigh softly as she dropped the onion and the knife on the counter and turn to look at Elena giving her full attention 

"Do you want to say something to me" ? Elena asked 

"Yes" Elena spoke up

I just want to thank you for everything;  I have never seen Michael this happy before and now he wears a beautiful smile on his face all because of you, Elena said.

I have you all to thank for giving me a second chance with Michael even after what I did to him, Jessie said softly.

Elena smiled and hugged her tightly but the hug quickly came to an end when sunshine walked in and spoke;

"so when I'm I having a nephew or a niece"? She asked making both Elena and Jessie pulled back from their hug and glance at sunshine who has her arms crossed around her chest.

"You want to have a nephew or nice"? Jessie asked while raising her eyebrow.

"Yes"; I want to be reffered to as "Aunt", sunshine replied making Elena and Jessie burst into laughter.

Well my dear sister, you are not going to be called Aunt so soon, Jessie said pinching her sister's cheeks.

But why? Sunshine asked while pouting; 

Elena said you and Michael were making babies last night that's why you guys were so loud, sunshine said pointing a finger at Elena's direction who was trying to hold back her laughter.

Jessie turned to face Elena who gave up in trying to hold her laughter, she laughed hard as she stare at Jessie;

you two were definitely not quiet last night, I had to come up with something to tell sunshine because she was on her way  to your room last night.

I can't believe everybody heard us last night, Jessie said as she used her hands to cover her face making Elena laugh hard at her.


******    *******   ********    ******

Michael was still seated in the living room watching the TV when he felt Raguel's presence by his sides.

What's up, Raguel asked 

Michael just shrugged without saying anything

You look really happy, Raguel pointed out.

Yes I'm really happy, Michael said turning his full attention at his friend.

It's written all over your face, Raguel said as he gestured at Michael's face.

I'm really happy for you Michael, you deserve all the happiness you are getting, Raguel said making Michael smile at him.

"Breakfast is served" ,Elena announced making the entire move to the dinning area, they all sat down to eat their food while Michael and Jessie on the other had their fingers intertwined underneath the table as they eat their meal.

Michael was really glad that everything about his life has fallen into place; now he has a beautiful wife and a lovely family; what else can I ask for, he thought to himself.


So we have two more episode to go guys.

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