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Michael's entire body stiffen for a moment when he heard Jessie's confession, he did not really expect Jessie to confess her love for him so soon, not that he was complaining, he now felt really relaxed after hearing her say she loves him 

He felt Jessie pulling out of the hug which he wanted to protest against but he just let it happen,

when he looked up, he met Jessie's eyes which was still wet for crying 

"I love you" Jessie said looking straight into Michael's eye's 

Michael could see every atom of truth from Jessie's eyes, this moment felt like a dream to him, a dream he will not really mind not waking up from 

Michael did not wait from any other word from Jessie before he crashed his lips on hers, he pulled her close as he continue kiss her, they only pulled out of the kiss when they were breathless 

"I love you too" Michael whispered softly in her ears 

Jessie's smile widen as she pressed her lips against his but they were not able to enjoy their kiss before they felt a hand pulling them apart 

Jessie pull back and look down to find her sister glaring at them with folded arms 

What is it? Jessie asked 

You said you will be back soon and I have been waiting for you, sunshine said 

I was about to come downstairs, Jessie said 

Really? Sunshine said looking at Michael and Jessie 

Is it after you guys are done smooching each other, sunshine said as she raised her eyebrow at them 

Jessie blushed and looked away from her sister 

I can't believe you said that, Jessie muttered 

Yeah, whatever, let's go downstairs you have to eat, sunshine said as she took Jessie's hand pulling her towards the stairs 

Sunshine turned to look at Michael who was watching them leave, she winked at him before she pulled her sister down the stairs 

Michael laughed at Sunshine's gesture and he did not really waste any more time standing and smiling to himself, he quickly made his way downstairs to join the rest of the family


When he got downstairs he saw Jessie and sunshine arguing about something, he did not really Care to know what they were arguing about, he was just glad to see Jessie smiling again 

Are you going to stand there and watch Jessie or you are going to join us, Elena said making Michael pull his eye's away from Jessie 

He smiled softly as he settled on the chair, he did not even feel like eating anymore, watching Jessie being happy has made his stomach full

When they were done eating, he watched Jessie took the dishes to the kitchen, he was about to follow her but his way was blocked 

Michael saw sunshine grinning at him as she stood in his way 

Where are you going to? Sunshine asked 

To the kitchen Michael said as he point towards the kitchen 

You want to continue from where you guys stopped when you were upstairs, sunshine said with raised eyebrow 

No, Michael said 

Good, because that place is a kitchen where food are cooked and it's not meant for any other thing 

"Whatever" Michael muttered 

Can you please let me pass now, Michael said 

Nope, sunshine said as she took Michael's hand, come on Jessie has work to do, you can smooch my sister later, sunshine said as she pulled Michael to the living room 

Immediately he sat down on the couch, Raguel sat next to him grinning widely at him 

What? Michael said with a smile 

So everything is fine between you and Jessie now? Raguel said 

Yeah, Michael said huge grin on his face 

I'm really happy that you and Jessie have finally settle things, Raguel said 

I'm really happy too, Michael said 

"I can finally breath" Michael muttered 

Have you told Jessie the reason why you don't have a soulmate, Raguel questioned 

No I haven't, Michael said as his entire countenance change

I know it's a really hard topic for you to discuss but she deserves to know, Raguel said 

Michael nodded his head, I will tell her tonight he said 

It's for the best, Raguel said softly

"I know" Michael whispered 

Tonight is going to be a long night, Michael said softly as he close his eye's 


********        ********       ******** 

Jessie was washing the dishes with Ariel helping out,

she could tell Ariel wants to say something to her because Ariel keeps looking at her way when she thought she was not watching 

When Ariel stopped cleaning the dishes, Jessie stopped washing and look at her to find her glaring at her 

I know you have settle things with my  uncle, Ariel said but Jessie remained quiet just watching her 

I really like you Jessie but if you hurt my uncle again I will make your life miserable, Ariel threatened

Jessie was not angry at Ariel neither is she upset with Ariel for warning her about hurting Michael,

she knows they were close and she knows she pain she put Michael through when she had rejected him

I will never hurt Michael ever again, that I promise, Jessie said with all seriousness 

"Good" Ariel said 

What is "good"? Elena asked as she walked into the kitchen, she looked between her daughter and Jessie, she could feel the tension in the room 

Ariel did not wait for her mother to say anything before she rushed out of the kitchen like a person that is being chased 

Did something happen? Elena asked 

Nothing happened, Jessie said 

Really? Elena questioned with crossed arms 

It's really nothing Elena, we were just talking, Jessie added 

If I don't get the truth out of you, I will surely get it out of my daughter, Elena said 

Jessie shook her head slightly, let it be Elena, Jessie said 

For now i will, Elena said 

It's really good to have you back, Elena said with a smile 

It's really good to be back, Jessie replied 

They both stood quiet for a while before Jessie spoke 

Do you mind telling me  the reason why Michael does not have a soulmate, I thought every Angel do have a soulmate , Jessie said 

It's not my story to tell Jessie, but I'm sure Michael will tell you why he does not have a soulmate 

Okay, Jessie said turning back to the sink to continue washing the dishes 

When she was done, she looked around the kitchen and did not see any sigh of Elena in the kitchen, she did not even notice when she left 

Jessie sigh softly as she made her way out of the kitchen 

When she got to the living room she saw Michael and sunshine discussing and laughing, she smiled softly at them before she took a seat next to them 

Hey guys, Jessie said 

Hi, sunshine said while Michael just smiled at her

Well as I was saying, sunshine continue with her discussion but stopped when she saw Michael was no longer paying attention to her 

Really Michael? Sunshine huffed out

Sorry, Michael apologize as he took his eyes away from Jessie 

It's okay, I'm tired anyway I will go to bed now, sunshine said standing up 

See you upstairs sis, sunshine said in yawns 

Hold on Jessie, Elena said making sunshine to stop walking 

You won't be sleeping with Jessie anymore, Elena announced 

You will have your own room, she added 

That's so cool, sunshine muttered 

Lead the way to my new room, sunshine said excitedly 

Elena took her hands and lead her to her new room 

Let's go upstairs, Michael said pulling Jessie to her feet as he lead the way upstairs to their room 


This is now ours, Jessie said 

I love the way that sounded, Michael said 

I will go take a quick bath, Jessie announced as she left the room and went to the bathroom 

Michael sat on the bed and closed his eye's 

I will have to tell her tonight, no matter how difficult it will be to say, Michael said to himself 


Jessie's voice made him snapped his eye's open, she was already on the bed sitting next to him, he did not even realize it 

Are you okay? Jessie asked, you had a worried look all over your face, she added 

I have to tell you something, Michael said 

It is about the reason why you don't have a soulmate, Jessie asked 

"Yes" Michael said 

In as much I want to really know about that you can tell me that some other time, clearly you are not ready to say, Jessie points out 

I just have to say it now because I will never be ready to say it, Michael said calmly 

Okay, Jessie said, just take your time she added 

Michael nodded his head, he opened his mouth to say something but no word came out of his mouth 

Jessie saw that and squeeze his hand softly 

Michael took in a deep breath before he spoke 

I'm the reason why my parents  are dead, Michael said 

Jessie gave Michael a confused frown 

I thought Angels don't know their parents, and they are raised by Elder Angels in  heaven just like Raguel and Raphael, Jessie said 

Yes that's true, Raphael raised Raguel, Michael said calmly 

Heaven thinks having our biologically parents with us will cause a distraction to them, Michael added 

Jessie kept quiet and waited for Michael to clear her confusion 

It was not really easy for me when I was in heaven, I had no one, no friends 

What about the person that raised you? Jessie asked 

Michael laughed harshly, the Elder Angel assigned to raise me was not interested in raising me, he always shout at me at every given opportunity,

he said I'm the reason why he is not out there exploring things, he just neglected me

I practically raise myself, Michael said squeezing Jessie's hand,

it was really hard for me Jes, I could not take it and so I did what heaven forbids

I looked for my parents, I just wanted to be loved, I just wanted to have my family with me,

when I found them I was really happy that we all can live as a family and I know that could not happen when we are in heaven so I decided we should come leave on earth

No Angel is suppose to live on earth unless that Angel has the permission to do so, but I knew we could not ask for permission because I have already breaking the first rule by looking for my parents so we decided to leave without asking for permission 

And that was the greatest mistake I made, Michael said as he took in deep breath before he spoke again 

We did not have anywhere to go, so we were just roaming around the earth until we were ambushed by demons, that's when everything fell apart 

My parents tried to defend me in every way they could because I was too weak to defend myself, my guardian never thought me anything 

I watched as my parents struggled to fight off the demons I prayed to heaven to assist us but help did not come Michael said as tears fall down his eyes 

I watched as the demon killed my father in front of me and I knew that my mother did not stand a chance against them she looked at me with a smile on her face before she was killed 

I ran towards my parents, I did not want to live anymore I just wanted to demons to kill me too, Michael said remembering the way his parents lifelessly body was lying on the ground 

He squeezed his shut as more tears fall from his eye's 

I thought that would have been the end for me, Michael continue but I was saved by Samael, Elena's father 

He was the one Angel that came to my rescuse, Michael said 

When he brought me back to heaven, the Elder Angels was really displeased with me, they did not even show any sympathy for me loosing my parents 

They said I was stupid and reckless and now it has caused me the life of my parents

They wanted to send me back to earth to wander by myself but Samael stepped in and pleaded on my behalf but heaven still had to punish me and that's when they say I will not have a soulmate for disobeying the law of heaven, Michael said 


Jessie pulled Michael into hug, Michael squeeze her tightly as he cried hard 

After sometime when Michael was clam she pulled from the hug 

I can only imagine what you went through, Jessie said softly 

I'm really sorry about the death of your parents, Jessie added 

I caused their death, Michael whispered 

It's was not your fault, you just wanted to be loved, and the decision heaven made was really cruel, Jessie added 

What happened after that, Jessie asked 

I tried to take my life, Michael said calmly

Jessie was shocked she did not expect him to say that 

I was stopped by Samael, he talked me out of it and made me want to live again, he taught me everything I know today, Michael said softly 

I'm really glad you had Samael to look after you, Jessie said

Me too, Michael said as he rest his head on Jessie's shoulder 

Jessie wrapped her hands around him and watched as Michael closed his eyes 

Her heart break to see Michael in the state he is, she planted a kiss on his forehead as she closed her eyes and hum softly .

. .

Read " DEMON'S FATE ( BOOK 2) " by the same author ( Igwe Aruoriwo loveth )


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