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It was really early in the morning, Michael had his hands wrapped around Jessie as she slept, he slowly trail his fingers down her arms, he was thinking about so many things especially what he was going to say to Jessie later In the day,  he has been thinking about it since yesterday, he is actually thinking of the right way to go about it 

He sigh softly and close his eye's, I just pray everything goes as plan today, he thought to himself 


Few hours later, Michael felt Jessie moving, he opened his eyes to look down at Jessie, he watched as she shuffled closer to him and pressed her face to his sides 

"I can see anything" Jessie mumbled 

That's because you have your face bury at my side, Michael said with a chuckle as he move a little putting enough space between them so as to make Jessie see properly

He watched as Jessie slowly opened her eyes and he smiled brightly at her

Good morning, Michael said 

Good morning, Jessie replied 

I don't feel like getting up, Jessie said 

You don't have to get up if you don't want to, Michael suggested 

No, I need to get up, Jessie said 

Michael watched as Jessie untangle herself from him and sat up straight on the bed, he watched as she slowly stood up from the bed and made her way towards the bathroom, but she stopped and turn to look at him 

Is everything okay? Michael asked seeing as she stopped 

Yes, Jessie answered, 

Michael waited for her to speak he could that she is a little reluctant to say what's on her mind, he wonder what was on her mind 

What is.......

Will you join me in the bathroom, Jessie asked quickly cutting Michael off 

Michael eyes widen in surprise, he was not expecting Jessie to ask that, he opened his mouth to say something but shut it when no word came out of his mouth, he watched as Jessie fidgeted with her hair 

If you don't want to it's fine, Jessie said seeing as Michael as not yet responded to her question, she turned to leave but Michael stood up fast and walk up to her, he held her hand to stop her from leaving 

I will love to join, Michael said but are you sure you want us to do this? Michael asked

Yes, Jessie whispered softly as she took his hand and led him to the bathroom, she immediately shut the door behind them when they entered the bathroom

Michael watched as Jessie pull her clothes, he couldn't help but stare at her as she remove her clothes 

Jessie look up to Michael when she was done removing every piece of clothes from her body, she was not shy about her body, she look at Michael with expectation in her eye's 

"Take off your clothes", she said softly 

Michael wasted no time in taking off his clothes 

"You are beautiful" Jessie said softly stepping closer to him, she trail her fingers across his chest 

"You are beautiful too" Michael compliments her and placed a soft kiss on her lips, he brought her close to him and wrapped his hands around her as the water drop on their body 

Michael could not believe he was experiencing this moment, he thought he will remain alone forever but Jessie came along and changed everything 

He kissed Jessie's on the forehead as he continue to hold her, enjoying their shower together 

When they were done with their shower they came out of the bathroom looking fresh, Jessie immediately pick out her outfit and change while Michael waited for her 

Are you done? He questioned 

Jessie nodded her head 

Let's go downstairs, Michael said leading the way out of their room 


********    *******   ****** 

We were about to send sunshine to come get you guys, Elena said immediately Jessie and Michael came downstairs 

Thank God, she did not come, she would have interrupted our intimate moment, Michael said to himself as he glance at Jessie who was staring at him with a smile on his face 

"Let's eat everybody" Elena said 

They all eat their  breakfast quietly but Michael and Jessie were holding hands underneath the table as they eat.

After breakfast Michael went to the living room and sat on couch, he saw Jessie talking to sunshine and when their eyes met he smiled at her before Jessie averted her eye's and continue talking sunshine.

Michael sigh softly, he saw Raguel going upstairs he immediately stood up from  the couch and made his way to Raguel 

Hey Raguel, Michael said making Raguel to stop walking and turn to look at Michael 

What's up? Raguel said 

I want your advice on something, Michael said 

Okay I'm listening, Raguel said 

Not here, let's talk a walk outside Michael said 

Okay, Raguel said and followed Michael's lead outside, Michael shut the door behind them 

I have been thinking about something, Michael said specially about I and Jessie 

What is it? Have you changed your mind about jessie, Raguel asked 

What? Not at all, I love Jes, Michael said quickly 

"Good" Raguel muttered

So what is it about the two of you? Raguel asked 

You know Jessie is not my soulmate and if she was we would have already been seen as married, Michael said 

So what are you saying? Raguel asked 

I want to make Jes mine just like the way human do, Michael said 

There is a word humans really use, Michael said thinking 

"Propose" Raguel said 

Yes" Propose" Michael said nodding his head 

You want to propose to Jessie, Raguel asked

Yes I want to, Michael said 

Do you think it's a good idea, he asked 

Of course yes, you love Jessie and she clearly loves you too, I don't see any reason why you should waste anytime, Raguel said 

Do you think I'm being too forward? Michael asked 

He really want to propose to Jessie but he does not want rush anything

Should I give her sometime? Michael asked 

Just pop the question Michael I'm sure she will not refuse you, Raguel said reassuringly

Alright then, but I need your help Michael said 

Sure, Raguel said grinning widely 

*******    *******    ***** 
Hey jessie, Elena said as she walked closer to her 

Hey, Jessie replied with a smile 

Are you busy? Elena asked 

"No" Jessie replied giving Elena a questioning look 

Will you like to accompany me to the grocery store? Elena asked 

Sure, Jessie said, are we going now? She asked 

Yes, Elena said 

Okay, let's go, Jessie said and she followed Elena out of the house 

Elena and Jessie talk about random things as they were heading to the grocery store 

I have a question to ask you? Elena said 

Okay, you can ask me, Jessie replied 

I know you said you are not going to hurt Michael again and I believe you, but are you really sure you want to stay with him forever? Elena asked 

I have never meet anyone like Michael before, he is kind, loving and also caring even when I hurt him he easily forgive me, I can't see myself with anybody else expect for him, I love him and I will stay with him for as long as he wants me, Jessie said 

Elena smiled beautifully at Jessie, I'm sure Michael feels the same about you too, she said 

*******     ******** ******* 
We need to hurry to get things done before they return from the grocery store I want everything to be prefect, Michael said quickly 

Don't worry everything will be perfect uncle Michael, Ariel said quickly and hurried out of her uncle's sight to get other things done 

I can't believe this is happening, Michael said to himself he was pulled out of his thought when he felt a hand rest on his back, he turn to look at samael who was smiling widely at him 

You have really come a long way Michael and I'm really proud of you, samael said 

I'm still here because of you, you encourage me, and made me not to give up on myself and I am entirely grateful to you, Michael said 

You deserve all the happiness you are getting, Samael said 

Michael smiled at him and hugged him tightly

"They are here"  Raguel said making Michael to pull out of the hug 

Michael took in deep breath and Raguel placed his hand on his shoulder 

"Everything will go as plan" he said softly and left his side immediately the door to the house open

What is going on here? Jessie asked looking as the entire house was well decorated she turned to look at Michael with questioning eye's 

From the first day you step into this house I felt a deep connection with you, I tried to convince myself so that it's not possible for me to find love but with each passing day I fell deeply in love with you and I'm so convinced I want to spend the rest of my existence with you by side 
I love you Jessie so am asking you; 

"Will you marry me" 

Jessie stood there looking at Michael, she never expected a proposal from him, tears drop from her eye's as she looked at Michael who was on his kneels 

" I will marry you" Jessie replied 

Michael immediately stood up and put the ring on her finger 

I love you Michael and I'm glad our path crossed, Jessie whispered softly to his ears 

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