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Jessie was trying her possible best to defeat the demon's but it was getting really hard,

one demon pushed Jessie hard to to the ground and kick her with force, Jessie screamed in pain but she was not willingly to give up, she stood up and knocked the demon off, 

She retreat backward and rest her back against the wall with her hands to her stomach, she looked down and that's when she noticed she was bleeding 

Give up Jessie, the demon spoke 
You can't overpower us, you are injured, 

I will die trying, Jessie muttered as she glance at her sister who was crying very hard 

One of the demon's lunged towards her pinning her against the wall,

Jessie struggled to get out of his grip but she failed but before she could do anything else she saw a bright light 

Hope filled her heart instantly 

"They came" she whisper at the same the demon's shouted Angel

I'm not alone anymore, she said to the demon holding her, the demon got angry and was about to strike when Grey pulled him off 

Jessie sigh in relief as she saw Raguel and Grey took charge of the situation, her sister wasted no time as she ran to her 

Jessie, she whispered as she hug her tightly

Jessie groan in pain and sunshine immediately pulled back

You are bleeding, sunshine said 

I'm fine sunshine, Jessie said reassuringly even though she was in pain 

It didn't take long  for Raguel to come to her side

Are you alright? Raguel asked 

I'm fine, Jessie said firmly

No she isn't, sunshine said glaring at her sister, she is bleeding, sunshine said as she point to Jessie's bleeding side 

It's looks really bad, Raguel said examing her side 

Raguel held out his hand to Jessie and she placed her hand on his and stood up, she looked over Raguel's shoulder and saw Grey standing by the door,

she nod her head curtly at him before she averted her eye's from him and continue to look around the house, searching for a particular person 

He is not here, Raguel said making Jessie to glance at him 

Jessie's felt hurt a little, she had expected Michael to come, but maybe she had expected too much 

I'm so stupid, why would he come, I hurt him badly, she said to herself 

You will have to come with us, Raguel said snapping Jessie out of her though 

What! Jessie exclaimed in shock, she never expected Raguel to say that, surely Michael would have told him what she had said to him 

The thought of being in the same house as Michael again made her feel happy and sad at thesame time, 

How will he react to me being in thesame house as me, he is not even here right now, will he be able to stand me after what I said to him, so many thoughts were running through her mind 

Don't over think anything Jessie, Raguel said after seeing the way Jessie was staring hard at the ground 

Jessie slowly look at Raguel before she spoke 

I don't think it's a good idea, Jessie said shaking her head 

It's the safest thing to do Jessie, Raguel said 

You don't want anything to happen to sunshine or do you, Raguel asked 

Jessie will not be able to live with herself if anything were to happen to her sister again 

She slowly shook her head, let's go, Jessie said 

Jessie tried to take a step but a little scream escape from her lips making her shut her eye's tightly as she felt excruciating pain at her side 

Raguel immediately put his hand around her to stable her, 

Raphael will take a proper look at your side when we get home, Raguel said 

"Home" she whispered softly as she lost consciousness

Jessie! Sunshine yelled as she ran towards her sister 

She is fine sunshine, Raguel said 

Are you sure? Sunshine said as she study her sister's face 

I'm sure sunshine, let's go home, Raguel added 

Sunshine nodded her head and she allowed Grey to pick her up, Raguel flashed his wings, holding onto Jessie firmly as they left the house 


*******        ********         *********

Michael was pacing around the house, he was feeling very restless 

Where are they? 

There will be here soon, Elena said resting a hand on his shoulder 

Have a seat while you wait for them, Elena said pulling Michael towards the couch 

Michael sigh softly as he sat down 

He closed his eye's shortly but snapped them opened when he sense them 

They are close by, Elena said 

Yes they are, Michael said standing up 

His heart was beating very fast, he was going to see Jessie after so long 

He tried his possible best to steady himself so he would not jump on Jessie when she gets here 

She doesn't want me, Michael reminded himself 

It did not take long before Raguel and Grey appeared in the living room 

Michael's eye's instantly went to Jessie who was unconscious in Raguel's arms 

What happened to her? Michael said moving towards them 

She was injured before we got there, Raguel said 

Take her to her room, Raphael said, I will be there shortly 

Michael took Jessie from Raguel and took her go her room 

Raphael came into the room shortly and examine Jessie, after he was done he stitch up her side 

Will she be okay? Michael asked 

I can't say for now Raphael responded 

Michael studied Jessie's face he could tell she was not sleeping well, there were bags under her eyes, 

What are you doing to yourself? Michael whispered softly

He brought his hand to remove the hair that was in Jessie's face but he stopped mid way when he noticed Raguel looking at him

He snatched his hand back and walked out of the room without saying anything 


Michael sat down in the living room, staring at nothing in particular when Raguel sat next to him 

Are you okay? Raguel asked 

I'm fine, Michael lied, 

All Michael wanted do was to go back to Jessie's room and wrap his arm around her until she wakes up but he knows he can't do that 

Will you be comfortable with her here? Raguel asked 

I don't have a choice, regardless of what happen between us she needs a safe place to stay until we figure out how to get the demon's off her back 

Raguel sigh softly, if you don't really want her here, I can move her somewhere safe and have some Angels to look after her and sunshine 

No, Michael said shaking his head

He cannot bring himself to let another person protect Jessie when he is here even though he will never admit that out loud 

Jessie is already use to the family, so she should stay here, Michael insisted 

I will just stay out of her way, Michael added 

Raguel looked like someone who wants to argue but Michael slowly shake his head at him 

Let it be Raguel, Michael said 

Okay, Raguel said standing up he looked at Michael one more time before he left 


********       ********        ********  

The entire family was seated in the dinning table eating their dinner but Jessie was still in her room,

she has yet to wake up but Raphael had check her and he said she was stable 

Sunshine was seated next to Michael, but she was very quiet which is very unusual 

Hey sunshine, Raphael said 

Sunshine looked up at Raphael and gave him a tiny smile 

You will have to help me with something, Raphael said 

What is it? Sunshine asked 

What did Jessie eat for breakfast this morning? Raphael asked 

"Nothing" sunshine said 

Oh, okay, Raphael said 

What about last night, Raphael asked 

"Nothing", sunshine replied
She has not being eating well since we left here, sunshine said, she was always sad, sunshine added 

She wasn't eating? Michael whispered 

Nope, Sunshine said 

And she was sad too, Michael said to himself, was it because of me, did she regret leaving me, what if she didn't mean anything she said to me, Michael asked himself 

I don't even know what to believe anymore, Michael muttered under his breath 
I'm not sure she regret her action, because if she did she would have come back, 

That explain a lot, Raphael said pulling Michael out of his thoughts 

She would have been awake now but she does not have any strength and I think she exhausted the strength she had left when she fought with the demon's, she lost a lot of blood, Raphael said 

Is my sister going die? Sunshine blurted out 


No, she won't, Michael said firmly 

She won't die sunshine, she will be up in no time, Raphael will do everything his his power, Michael said reassuringly

Sunshine nodded her and hug Michael, Michael quickly wrapped his hands around her and he looked at Raphael, who nodded slightly at him 

Come on sunshine, let's eat, Michael said pulling out of the hug

Sunshine nodded her head and pick up her spoon and started eating 

Michael lost his appetite to eat, his mind was constantly thinking of Jessie 

He looked at the stair case expecting Jessie to run down and join them at the table but that did not happen 

Michael sigh softly and stood up from the dinning table and head outside 

He stood outside and wrapped his hands around his body as he closed his eye's 

Even if you don't love me Jessie, I do love you, please pull through this and come back to us, Michael whispered softly

. .

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