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Jessie's eye's slowly opened, she scanned around the room until her eyes finally rested on her sister who was sleeping peaceful besides her 

She tried to stand up but she felt a serve pain at her side, and a groan escaped her lips, she shut her eyes tightly as she absorb the pain, she took in deep breath before she opened her eye's again 

Jessie then gently placed one of her legs firmly on the ground and few seconds later, she placed the other one.

She sat on the bed taking in deep breath before she eventually stood up from the bed and made her way slowly to the door and opened it,  she shut the door  quietly in other not to wake her sister 

She made her way downstairs slowly, each step she took feels like hell, the pain in her side was really serve,

when she eventually got to the end of the stairs she sigh in relief 

Jessie was about to take another step towards the kitchen when she felt eye's on her, she  slowly turned to see Michael standing with folded arms watching her 

Her heart skip, she had the urge to walk up to him and wrap her hands around him but she knows better not to even give that thought of hers any action

They both stare at each other without saying any word for a while, Jessie could see the pain she caused Michael written all over his face, 

I just wished I could turn back the hands of time, she said to herself while still staring at Michael,

she finally averted her eye's from his, she could no longer bear the sight of him in pain knowing she was the cause it 

I just want to get something to eat, Jessie said softly, and when she did not hear any word from Michael, she turned and made her way to the kitchen 

When she got to the kitchen, she sat down, the pain in her sides was literally killing her,

she wanted to stand up before she heard Michael's voice, she did not even know when he entered the kitchen 

What did you say? Jessie asked

I said I will make something for you to eat, Michael replied 

You don't have to do that I manange, Jessie said quietly 

One look from Michael made her stop the argument and sat down quietly, just watching Michael moving around the kitchen 

The silence in the kitchen was very awkward, Jessie had so many things to say but she does not even know where to start from 

She watched as Michael moved from the kitchen to the dinning table and placed her food there, she immediately stood up and walked to the dinning table, when she was settled on the chair, she looked up and saw that Michael was still watching her 

"Thank you" she said 

I will call Raphael, so he can examine you, Michael said and hurried out of the kitchen before Jessie could even say anything 
Jessie sigh softly before she started eating her food 


******         ********        ******* 

Michael breath a sigh of relief immediately he left the dinning area 

When he first saw Jessie downstairs he was so happy that she was finally awake and he wanted nothing more than to warp his hands around her but he had to stop himself,

Even when he saw Jessie struggling to get to the kitchen, he wanted to put his hands around and lead to the kitchen, he wanted to ask her how she was feeling and so many other things but he couldn't do any of those 

He made his way to where Raphael was seated with his eye's closed, he watched as Raphael opened his eye's sensing his presence already 

Hey, Raphael said standing up 

Jessie is awake, Michael announced 

That's good news, where is she? Raphael asked 

She is at the dinning table, Michael replied and started making his way there, with Raphael on his heels 

When they got to the dinning table, Michael could see that Jessie was lost in thought and she has barely touch her food 

He really wants to speak to her to know what is going on, he does not like the way she is looking so disturb 

Hey Jessie, Raphael said pulling her our of her thought 

Hey, Jessie said and her eye's drifted to Michael briefly before she look at Raphae

How are you doing? Raphael asked 
Not good, Jessie replied as she winched in pain 

Your side is still giving problem, Raphael asked 

Yes, Jessie answered 

Give me a minute, let me go get something for your pain, Raphael said 

Jessie nodded her head and watched Raphael leave


Michael stood there just watching jessie, he took a deep and opened his mouth to say something to her before he heard footsteps, he turned to see sunshine coming down the stairs 

Jessie, sunshine called out as she finally made her way to where her sister is, 

What is it? Jessie asked softly 

What are you doing here? Sunshine asked as he folded her arms glaring at her sister 

"Eating" as you can see, Jessie said 

I can see that, sunshine said still glaring at her sister,

why did you get out of bed without me? Sunshine asked 

You were sleeping, Jessie said, not really knowing where the conversation was leading to 

And so, you are injured, you are not suppose to be walking around the house by yourself, sunshine said sternly 

Will you stop acting like my mother, Jessie said  with a smile as she rolled her eye's 

I'm your mother, for as long as you are injured, sunshine muttered 

"Whatever" Jessie said 

Michael could no longer hold his laughter, watching them is really hilarious 

Jessie's head snapped to Michael's direction immediately she heard him laugh, she smile at him before she averted her eyes 

Here Jessie, Raphael said handling her a drug, this should reduce the pain, he added 

Thank you, Jessie said 

Do take Care of yourself, see you in the morning, Raphael said walking away 

Jessie eat and little and sunshine helped her with the dishes 

Come on let's go, you need to rest, sunshine said pulling Jessie to her feet 

Good night Michael, sunshine said 

Good night, Michael replied 

Jessie glanced at Michael one last time before they left


*****      *******       ******** 

The next morning, Jessie woke up with less pain on her sides all thanks to the drugs Raphael gave her, 

She made her way to the bathroom, she strip her clothes and looked at her sides, she sigh softly before she turn on the shower 

After sometime she came out of the bathroom, 

Good morning, sunshine said sitting on her bed 

Good morning to you too, Jessie replied 

I will go have my bath, sunshine announced standing up from the bed, she was about to shut the door but stop mid way 

What, did you forger something? Jessie asked 

Don't go downstairs without me, sunshine said 

I won't Jessie said 

Sunshine stare at her not really buying Jessie's word 

Promise? She said 

I promise, Jessie said with a chuckle 

Good, sunshine muttered and shut the door 

Jessie shook her head slightly as she went to stand close yo the window

I will have to talk to Michael, Jessie said to herself 

She stood there for a while before she heard the door to the bathroom opened revealing sunshine 

Ready to go? Jessie asked 

Yes, sunshine said taking Jessie's hand and leading her out of the room 


When they got downstairs the entire was in the living room chatting, Jessie really felt uncomfortable, she does not even know how to act around them,

she just felt like going back to her room and just stay there 

Hey, Elena said pulling Jessie out of her thought 

Hey, Jessie said 

Elena pulled her into a hug, I'm glad you are okay, Elena whispered in her ears 

Jessie sigh in relief and hugged her backed

How are you doing ? Elena asked pulling out of the hug 

I'm feeling better, Jessie said 

Good, Elena said 

Let's go have breakfast everyone, Elena announced as walked to the dinner table 

Jessie sat next to sunshine, her eye's keep drifting to Michael as she eats her food 

I'm done eating, Michael said standing up and making his way upstairs 

Jessie immediately stood up 

Where are you going? Sunshine asked 

I will be right back, she said quickly 


Let her go sunshine, Elena said softly 

Jessie did not waste anytime as she made her way upstairs

Jessie saw Michael coming from a room and she quickly went to him 

I  want  to talk you, Jessie said 

We don't have anything to talk about Jes, Michael said softly 

At least he called me "Jes" instead of Jessie, that's a start she said to herself 

We have a lot to talk about, Jessie said 

Michael shook his head at her and was about to walk away but Jessie held him back 

I'm so sorry for everything Michael, I never meant to hurt you 

But you did, Michael whispered 

I know, hurting you its the most stupid thing I have ever done in my life 

I was so scared to lose to you Michael, Jessie whispered 

Everyone I have ever loved, those who promised to stay always turned their backs on me, 

I would never have done that, Michael said 

I know in my heart you will never hurt me but my mind won't just listen to it

I'm really sorry Michael Jessie said with tears falling from her eyes 

Everything I said to you, I did not mean anything, if I can earse everything I said I will Michael, you mean everything to me and I don't want to lose you 

I don't Care if you have a soulmate, I will take my chances  with you to be happy 
Please Michael, I really want to you back 

I miss you so much, there is never a day I don't think about you since I left, you were constantly on my mind 

I'm begging you, Jessie said as she attempt to kneel down but Michael was fast enough to stop her 

Please Michael, Jessie whispered painfully with more tears falling from her face 

I can't live without you, I really can't, these past weeks have been hell for me, I can't go on anymore without you

Please Michael......

Michael could no longer take it he pulled her into a hug 

Jessie cry harder as she hugged Michael tightly 

I'm sorry, she continue to whisper as she cried hugging Michael tightly 

Don't ever leave me again, Michael whispers 

"Never" Jessie muttered 

I love you Michael, Jessie whispered softly to his ears 

. .

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