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It's been two weeks since Michael and Jessie got together, well no really together because Michael has yet to say anything about his feelings for Jessie, not that he does not want to say it but he just feels Jessie has a lot on her mind and the nightmares with sunshine was also on her mind but Sunshine's nightmare has stopped over the week after seeing the therapist Raguel brought 

Michael sigh a little, he has notice Jessie has be a little distant and not really because of sunshine, but Michael has yet to notice why she was so distant,

he has actually plan to talk to her about it today not that he had not tried before, he had but Jessie always change the topic but now he was really determine to know what is going on with her 

Michael glanced at the stairs he was expecting Jessie and her sister to come downstairs any minute, it was time for breakfast and they were already late 

It did not take long before he heard footsteps and he turn to confirm that it was Jessie's and her sister 

He gave her a smile, which Jessie returned before she averted her eye's

Michael sigh sadly when Jessie averted her eye's from him 

I wonder what is wrong with her? He said to himself 

I just have to find out and I will pressure the answer out of her if I have to, Michael said 

Hey Michael, sunshine said happily as she sat next to him 

Hi, Michael said and force a smile on his face before he looked at sunshine 

Are you alright? Sunshine asked studying him 

Right? Michael muttered 

Nothing get pass her, she is always observant even as little as she is she always know when something is not alright 

And she has really become confident and talks a lot, you would not believe she was once the shy scared kid that was recused from the demon zone, not that Michael was complaining he was really happy she has become more confident and free to express herself 

But sometimes Michael would prefer if she did not ask any question like right now to be precise because he does not want to lie to her and definitely not tell her what is bothering him 

I will be fine sunshine, Michael finally said 

You can talk to me about anything and I will definitely understand, sunshine insisted

You are six, Michael said stating the obvious 

So? Sunshine said with a pout 

I can't discuss everything with you, Michael pointed out 

Why? I might be a kid but I'm wise and I can see what is going on, sunshine said 

Michael look at sunshine as if she has two head 

Don't look at me like that, sunshine said rolling her eye's 

I have seen the way you look at my sister and I can tell you really like her, sunshine said with raised eyebrow

Michael burst into laughter 

"Good observation" Michael muttered 

Sunshine grin widely at him 

So... Are you going to tell me what is wrong with you, sunshine asked again 

Is it about my sister, sunshine asked 

Yes, Michael said 

Then you should talk to her, sunshine said 

I will, Michael replied with a smile 

Don't forget to tell her about your feelings too, sunshine whispered just before Jessie called out that breakfast was served 

Sunshine winked at Michael before she hurried to the dinning table 

Michael smiled widely before he stood up from the couch and made his way to the dinning table 

During breakfast Michael would occasionally glance at Jessie and most of the times he will find her playing with her food and she was looking very tense 

What could be wrong with her? He muttered 

After breakfast he watched as Jessie disappeared into the kitchen he was about to follow her but he was stop by sunshine 

What is it? Michael asked but his eye's was still in the direction of the kitchen 

Let's take a stroll outside, sunshine said 

Hmm....okay, Michael said but we should tell your sister we are going out, Michael added 

Already done that, sunshine said 

Now let's go, sunshine said while pulling Michael towards the door 

Michael sigh a little and glance at the direction of the kitchen one last time before he head outside with sunshine 


*****       ******        ******    

Jessie went to her bedroom immediately she was done with the dishes,

she was now standing close to her window and staring at nothing in particular 

She allowed sunshine to go out for a stroll with Michael because she really need to think,

she has notice both Michael and sunshine has got close in this past weeks, her sister sometimes prefers Michael's company to hers 

She sigh softly as she walks to her bed and sat down still in deep thoughts 

Things with Michael has been going on very well over the past weeks but she knows that she has be distant lately which she has a reason for that, 

Being with Michael makes her happy but she still has a doubt in her mind and that doubt has got her thinking a lot and have made her also take a decision 

It's for the best, she muttered 

I really need to leave this place, Jessie said as the bed was no longer comfortable for her, she stood and start pacing around the room 

I can't stay here anymore, I don't belong here, I and my sister would have to leave, she said quietly

I'm really scare that this thing with Michael is getting really deep, what will happen to me when he finds his soulmate 

I would not be able to live in the same roof with Michael's soulmate, it will kill me, I better leave now before that time comes 

It might be difficult for me to start living and fending for myself again but I will survive I have be fending for myself before I met this family 
I have to leave she said as she took a deep breathe 

I should inform Elena, Jessie said as he head for the door and made her way downstairs 


When Jessie got downstairs the entire family was seated in the living room,

"Prefect timing" she said 

she took a deep breath before she moved further into the living room 

Jessie, Elena acknowledge when she entered the living room 

I'm leaving, Jessie announced 

The entire room went silent and everybody was staring at Jessie with confusion 

Why are you leaving? Elena asked 

Did something happened, Elena inquired 

Nothing happened, I just feel like I have over stay my welcome, Jessie said not telling the entire truth 

No you have not, Elena said standing up, you are welcome to stay here as long as you want, Elena added 

Jessie shook her head slightly, before she spoke,

I really appreciate everything you all have done for me from the moment I step into this house and I'm entirely grateful 

But it is time for me to leave, I can't stay here forever,

I have to figure out my life and how to take care of my little sister, Jessie said 


No Elena, Jessie said shaking her head 

I really have to go, thank you for everything she added 

Jessie was about leaving when Elena pulled her into a hug

I don't really know your actual reason for wanting to leave but please think about it again before you leave, Elena said in her ears before she pulled back from the hug 

Jessie nodded her head at Elena's word but she knew she was not going to think about anything, her mind was already made up 

Jessie hug other family members before she ran off to her room in tears 


******       ********      *******

"come back home immediately"

Michael frowned softly as he heard Raguel's voice through the "Angel's whisper"

"what is going on"  Michael replied immediately

"There is no time for question, just get home quickly"  Raguel said before he ended the contact 

What could be happening at home, Michael did not really like the way Raguel's voice sounded, he looked at Sunshine to find her already staring at him 

What is wrong? She asked 

I don't know, Michael replied but we have to go home immediately, Michael added 

Come on, let's go then, sunshine said pulling Michael's hand 

But when Michael refuse to move, sunshine looked at him confusing

Why are you not moving, sunshine asked 

I have wings, it will be fasted in getting us home, Michael said 

Sunshine look around before she spoke, I'm not sure its a good idea, they are people here, she pointed out 

Michael quickly pulled her aside and watched the humans that was standing there and when he was sure that nobody was paying attention to them he flashed his wings and sunshine immediately wrapped his hands around him and they head for home 


*****    *****      *******

Michael saw Raguel and Elena pacing in the living room when he entered the house, 

Is everything okay, he asked 

Jessie is leaving, Raguel said 

What! Michael said 

Did something happen between you two? Elena asked 

No, Michael said, not that I know of he added 

I need to talk to her, Michael said quickly as he hurried out of the living room to Jessie's room, he did not even bother to knock, he just opened the door and froze on the door step when he saw Jessie packing her things 

What are you doing? Michael asked 

What does it look like I'm doing, Jessie snapped 

Why are you leaving? Michael asked 

You don't expect me to stay here forever, or do you? Jessie shot back 

Michael remained quiet staring at Jessie but Jessie ignored him and continue packing her things 

What about us? Michael asked quietly 

Us? There is no us, Jessie said 

We kissed, does that not mean anything to you, Michael asked 

It was just a kiss Michael, people kiss all the time, it does not mean anything Jessie said 

What did I do wrong? Michael asked quietly 

Nothing, Jessie snapped 

I'm just tired of staying here, I have to leave, we kissed and so what one day you will have your soulmate and you will have all the fun with her 

Is this about me having a soulmate? Michael asked 

Then don't leave because I don't have a soulmate, Michael said quickly 

What do you mean by that, Jessie asked, every Angel has a soulmate even Elena told me you have one but she has yet to come

That was before she knew that I don't have a soulmate,

if you can just sit down I will explain everything, Michael said desperately

No need for that, I don't Care if you have a soulmate or not, that does not change anything,

I'm leaving that's it, Jessie said as she pushed past Michael and went into the bathroom 

She came out shortly and Michael hold her hands to stop her from moving 

Don't touch! Jessie screamed 

What is your problem, because we kiss and made out few times does not mean you own me, you are nothing to me, jessie yelled 

Michael chest tighten hearing Jessie's word, his heart thumped against his rib cage, it fought for space in his chest with the air frozen in his lungs 

He had to hold the wall to steady himself from falling to the ground 

Jessie please don't, Michael whispered painfully 

I'm begging you..., 


Jessie ignored his plea and went downstairs she avoided everybody's eye's and pulled her sister away from Elena 

I don't want to go, sunshine protested 

You don't have a choice, Jessie snapped and drag sunshine 

Please......., sunshine pleaded with tears, 

Elena! she cried out, but Elena could not do anything to stop them from leaving she just wrapped her hands around her body as she watched sunshine being drag out of the house by Jessie 


The front door shut closed and Raguel turned to look at Elena before he remembered Michael was still upstairs 

He ran upstairs immediately to see Michael seating on the floor looking as if he was in shock 

Michael, Raguel whispered 

Michael ignored him and continue to stare at nothing in particular 

Raguel moved forward and wrap his hands around him 

It's hurts now to realize I'm not as important as I thought I was to her,

silly of me expecting too much from her, Michael whispered painfully 

Michael don't .......

Don't say anything Raguel, don't Michael said firmly as he attempted to stand but fall back since he was not stable 

I loved her, he whispered 

I know, Raguel said 

Michael remained quiet but the word jessie said to him was still ringing in his head

"You mean nothing to me" 





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