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 “It happened two years ago,” I started and continued. “It was on Vance ’s birthday. I still couldn’t believe he and I were in a relationship. It’s just been few months; things were really great between us. Because of this, I thought of doing something special for him.

With Rose and Emily ’s help, I organized a surprised birthday party for him but then I lied about having to leave town and that I would be coming back the next day.

Earlier that day, I had gone to visit our other friend, Stacey, in the hospital but I left later.

Being the only child, Vance  had so much freedom than most people in our age . It was easy to get everyone to come, thanks to Emily ’s popularity. She had always supported my relationship with Vance , or so I thought. Our relationship was just two months.

That night, I got to his house, and as expected, the party was in full swing; however, I couldn’t see either Emily  or Vance .  I tried asking from some of his friends but no one knew where he could be. Everyone was busy dancing and drinking. I gave Rose a call; she was still at the hospital and hadn’t heard from Emily

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. Later, I decided to go to his room, hoping there was no way the birthday boy would ditch his own party.”

“So, when you got to his room, what did you find?” Matt inquired.

“I found Emily  stark naked on the bed with him,” I replied, trying hard not to recall that horrible scene that I managed to put at the back of my mind. “They were deep at it, and when I walked in….”my voice trailed off as I recalled the incident.

I at first couldn’t believe my eyes. Within the span of the shortest time, it felt like the air got abruptly taken out of my lungs as I couldn’t in a million years understand the scenery unfolding before me.

My mood immediately changed from that of excitement to heart wrenched as I witnessed Vance  and Emily , pressed up against each other before exchanging a kiss in a lip-locked position. My emotions took control and before I knew it, muffled sobs began to shake my form.

How could they do this to me?

My best friend whom I practically considered family was standing there, in bed with the guy I had feelings for.

I remembered placing both hands over my mouth to muffle my sob, I suddenly lost balance as I slowly sloped downward.

The air became suffocating and I really wanted to escape.

“How could you?” I shrieked with melancholy and they instantly pulled away from each other to gaze towards my direction, finally cognizant to my presence.

Wasting no more time, I leapt away and unstably ran towards the staircase, preparing to flee.

When I got to the living room, I was immediately yanked backwards by my newly found enemy-Vance .

“Get the fuck out of my face!” I had screamed at him. “You disgust me! I don’t ever want to see your face again!”

This seemed to draw the attention of everyone who was now looking at us.

I could still remember the way Vance  had looked at me, with a depraved indifference. Then all of a sudden, to my surprise, he burst into laughter.

I was confused.

“This has all been too easy,” he said, “Getting you to fall for me in a span of weeks,” he paused to release more cruel laughter. “The boys were right after all, you’re really desperate!”

I could only gasp at him, wondering what I have done to deserve such wickedness.
“You thought I had feelings for you?” he blurted out in an emotionless tone. “All the things I said to you were nothing but lies but you couldn’t see that. Since the whole excitement of having a boyfriend clouded your judgement.”

Everywhere was suddenly quiet. My eyes were tired of releasing tears. Suddenly, everyone erupted into laughter towards the humiliation.

“Way to go, Vance ,” one of the guys said.

Before I realized what was happening, everyone was already shouting.

“Obsessed! Obsessed!”

I didn’t know what was worse, discovering the man I fell in love with , only dated me out of scheme, or that my bestfriend had to sleep with him, or that everyone thought I was actually obsessed with him!”

I blinked rapidly as the noise ceased and I saw Emily  approaching me. I could still remember how she had glanced at me in a disrespectful manner.

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. I hated her so much.

“How could you do this, Emily ,” I said weakly. “I thought we were friends…”

She snickered and threw me a victorious expression. “Excuse me,” she said, waving her hands. “We stopped being friends the moment you went after Vance , right after I told you I had feelings for him!”

My heart constricted against my chest. “B…but, I asked you, you said you were fine with, that you didn’t like him anymore…”

“Well, you heard what you wanted to hear, Elizabeth !” she said in a condescending tone. “You think you can steal what’s mine, think again!”

The audience resumed their laughter as they kept throwing me looks of mockery.

I still couldn’t remember how I had gotten home in one piece that night.

“I’m so sorry,” Matt said, holding my hands. That was when I realized there were tears flowing down my cheeks.

“What’s going on?” said a familiar voice. I wiped my face and tried to avoid looking at Vance . “Elizabeth , are you alright.

“None of your business, Vance . Why can’t you just leave her alone?”

Vance  hesitated for a while. “I just want to make sure…”

“I think you’ve done enough!” Matt shouted at him and without saying anything, Vance  left.

I was surprised, why would he even care to know what was wrong with me to begin with?




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