Returned - Episode 11

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Matt and I got to the party together that evening. He had come to pick me up from home. Everyone from our class and even those I couldn’t recognize were in Rose’s house. She was busy dancing with Emily  when we walked in. On seeing me, she screamed and rushed over to give me a hug. I could see she was a bit tipsy, there was a cup of what I knew must be alcohol in her hand.

“Thanks for bringing her, Matt,” Rose said as she dragged me with her. I followed, wondering what the hell she wanted to do.

The next minute, I was staring into Emily ’s face . She also looked equally surprised.

“What’s this, Rose?” she demanded.

“Well, guys, aren’t you tired of fighting?” Rose asked.

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. “I mean come on, at the end of everything, Vance  picked none of you both,” she faced Emily .

“I don’t think I….”

“I’d rather not…”

We both said at the same time. I wasn’t ready to be friends with someone who betrayed me just yet

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. Not with the fact that she never apologized.

Rose sighed and faced Emily .

“You backstabbed your friend and stole her boyfriend…I think you need to apologize.”

She gasped. “Rose? Are you kidding? Does she not owe me an apology?”

I’ve been keeping calm all along but hearing that made me lose all my calmness.

“I don’t owe you anything, Emily ,” I blurted.

She turned to face me. “Oh, is that what you think, little miss goody shoes? You just magically went after him after I told you I had feelings for him?”

“You had feelings for about a hundred of men!” I retorted sharply, causing more attention. “Probably if you weren’t a backstabbing whore, I would have taken you serious for once!”

There was a loud “Oh!” from everyone, then several laughter erupted. That sort of made me feel good.

“Guys, don’t do this…” Rose pleaded, but Emily  pushed her to one side and move closer to me.

“It’s true, a leopard never loses its spot. A gutter scraper’s always a gutter scraper. That was why it was so easy for you to fall in love with someone who’s been playing you all along.”

There was another loud, “Oh!”  We were already at each other’s faces.

I smiled and moved closer, tapping her chest. “At least, he played with me for two months, but then he turned around and dumped your ass the second I left his life.”

The “Oh!” this time around was louder than the rest.  I waited no further but instead, grabbed a drink from someone close and left the house.




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