Obsession - Episode 11

Intense feelings

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Do you charming Thelma Dickson take Darren Nelson as your lawfully wedded husband,to have and to hold,in sickness and in health,in riches and in riches till death do you part??? 

'Yes I do'.

You may kiss the bride the priest said and just as we were about to kiss,I woke up.

'Ughhhhh it was all a dream'

I stood up to freshen up,it was finally the day of my defense and I was nervous as hell.

Grrrh grrrh my annoying phone rang while I was searching for an appropriate attire to wear

God I wish Adora was here,she would have helped out with all of this shit.


Hey sunshine,how are you feeling this morning Darren asked on the other side of the line.

Ughhhhh I dunno.

You will be fine dearie,you gat this okay,I just called to wish you well..talk later

Yeah thanks Darren.

Typical Darren he was always in a hurry!

I finally decided on a green gown with puffy sleeves and flats with a touch of make-up 'was never good with that, and I was good to go. There were lots of pretty faces,I could see people taking pics and doing all sort of fun things, it was fun to look it . I walked around searching for the hall where the defense is being held and finally located it with the help of a course mate,to be honest the defense went really smooth and I was glad to be done with school and it's drama of course.

I got home really tired so I decided to take a nap  before my outing with Darren later, he called after the defense for a congratulatory night out.

Just as I was about to doze off,my phone rang

Not again!

I annoyingly picked but jumped for joy when I heard the news

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. Well turns out someone is  getting married.  with a sigh of contentment I slept off until I woke up later to prepare for the outing with Darren


Wow this place looks amazing I appreciated as we walked into a fancy Chinese restaurant

Wait until you taste their food he said and just like the last time he ordered for me( okay I really don't like this kind of idea but I guess it's fine,he was being gentlemanly right? I assured myself.

We dived in immediately the food was brought to us and it was really tasty,a really nice change from the regular meals I usually had.

Thank you very much for the meal I said to him as we sat in his car listening to perfect by Ed Sheeran

You can mention it he said laughing

What is that I asked him

Well it's my way of saying you're welcome mostly when I'm thanked for little things that doesn't really count.

You're something else,it's good to say thank you always you know

Yh yh I do know that

You know you would look prettier with your hair cut

Okay where is this coming from I asked him

Don't mind me,I just thought out loud,it's nothing serious

Oh really I said I said as we both went silent

Another green light charming a part of me said but I ignored it of course

um,I kinda wrote a poem for you he said as he broke the silence

Really??? Let's hear it I said smiling

it's nothing special just something I thought of in my head

Shush you gat my attention

Okay here it is;

Deeper with you i fall in love
This feeling that can never be enough, 
In this, there's no shades of grey,
It's plain and sure will stay... 

I've found love in you, 
No gainsay,  this is true, 
It's like on me you cast a spell, 
And nothing,no definition can tell... 

The way you call my name,
Makes me Tremble, 
Ain't going no where because you're it for me

  Awww aww I love you Darren I said with tears in my eyes,thank you very much for such a wonderful piece,it really touched my heart and with that I initiated a kiss for the first time. And with that kiss we found ourselves in bed ,that night I gave myself to him completely with a promise to love him forever never knowing there was trouble waiting to destroy our newfound love...........


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  • Oke Gbenga picture
    Oke Gbenga
    Nice poem you've gat there, i guess you are also good at poem... Can't wait to see more from that box of urs...
  • Oke Gbenga picture
    Oke Gbenga
    Nice poem you've gat there, i guess you are also good at poem... Can't wait to see more from that box of urs...
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