It all started at a coursemate's wedding ceremony somewhere in ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, charming saw and fell instantly in love with Darren who happens to be the brother of the groom...Oh dear, it was love at sight. Charming couldn't contain herself she tried insanely hard to get him to notice her and he sure did lol, he approached her, complimented her looks and asked for her number and that was how their love story began......

Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at writing and I hope you do like...

I would definitely appreciate a feedback and encouragement from y'all

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    • Obsession - Episode 1

    • Hey dearie, my wedding is in five days and I would be super honored if you do attend and I'm really sorry am informing you on short notice charity said to me.....you see, chari...
      • Views (1,015)
      • Comments (1)
    • Obsession - Episode 2

    • Oops someone is in a hurry charity said laughingly. Would you be serious for once in your life pleaseee?? Alright fine, what'sup with this attitude of yours,damn some...
      • Views (817)
      • Comments (3)
    • Obsession - Episode 3

    • I'm really sorry everyone, I noticed I made errors in the names, the name of charming's friend is Adora not charity.....charity is the coursemate   ...
      • Views (719)
      • Comments (3)
    • Obsession - Episode 4

    • Hello!!! Are you sure you okay a deep voice brings me back to the present....oh yes,I'm sorry once again for ruining your shirt.......nahhh it's fine he says. Cha...
      • Views (701)
      • Comments (2)
    • Obsession - Episode 5

    • I got home feeling really sad,I can't believe he has a fiancee and there I was already in dreamland.it was just too painful you know,I know you guys think it absurd,I mean who ...
      • Views (517)
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    • Obsession - Episode 6

    • What the hell did you do that for huh,what the eff is your problem I asked Anika (remember Anika the clingy chick, Darren's "supposed fiancee") Well well we...
      • Views (539)
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    • Obsession - Episode 7

    • Darren's pov Hey bro wassup,you didn't tell me you employed a new secretary,a fine ass one at that damien  my brother whistled loud. I didn't k...
      • Views (622)
      • Comments (2)
    • Obsession - Episode 8

    • Flashback to the night of the dinner party...... Would you be my girlfriend Darren said to me once again. I really want to but I'm scared I thought within m...
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    • Obsession - Episode 9

    • I was at the office when I thought of Charming and then decided to put a call through to hear that sexy breathtaking voice of hers,her voice sounded really stressed as she explaine...
      • Views (586)
      • Comments (4)
    • Obsession - Episode 10

    • After a long day at the supervisor's office,I decided to call adora,haven't heard from her since she travelled( been really busy with the project thing I totally forgot abo...
      • Views (511)
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    • Obsession - Episode 11

    • Do you charming Thelma Dickson take Darren Nelson as your lawfully wedded husband,to have and to hold,in sickness and in health,in riches and in riches till death do you part???&nb...
      • Views (557)
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