Obsession - Episode 4

Love at first glance

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Hello!!! Are you sure you okay a deep voice brings me back to the present....oh yes,I'm sorry once again for ruining your shirt.......nahhh it's fine he says.

Charming where the hell have you been girl and who's that cutie I just saw you with? Adora I think I have found the one,oh my God did you see his face I kept gushing.....

Hahahaha you are never serious Adora says

But I'm girl, now I believe the butterfly theory cause I could have sworn I felt 'em in my stomach,like the feeling is undescribable

Can we talk about something else other than this hunk of yours,you didn't even get his name,what a shame.

Well whatever, come-on girl let's go partyyyy,I have some moves to show you.....And off we went to the dance floor to let loose,singing and dancing crazily to wobble up by Chris brown

Shake that booty girl,shake that booty girl Adora chanted loudly and then she trailed off suddenly, I turned to see what made her stop and connected to deep brown eyes...Mr whatever his name is was staring at me 

Oh shit,he's coming,what do I do,what do I do,I kept asking myself...why does this guy make me feel this weak? He kept walking until he stood in front of me and opened that sexy mouth of his and said "would you love to dance"

Oh sure why not?

He waltzed me to the dance floor,holding me tightly to his body,I could literally feel his body heat and it felt so delicious and he smells really good too, i mean I could definitely get used to that smell 

Are you usually like that on the dance floor,I mean that was some dance moves he said

I laughed nervously,um not really,I guess it's the  effect of the booze and the fact that I haven't really had fun in awhile

Ohhh I guess you needed that he said laughing


You look more handsome when you laugh I found myself saying to him

Oh really,thanks ma'am he says jokingly

So tell me about you,you know I still don't know your name I said

Oh Darren darling here you are, I have being searching everywhere for you and who's this the voice snobbishly asked.

What do you want Anika??

What do you mean by that, I was worried about my fiance and decided to go look for him

Oops I guess that's my cue to leave,it was nice meeting you I said

Hey wait! I didn't get your name Darren said as I walked out of the club

I thought I found the one but I guess he wasn't the one I thought sadly


Alright, I'm um still trying to work on the length

I hope you like, comment and share

Your encouragement is all I need to continue this story..... thanks

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