Obsession - Episode 10


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After a long day at the supervisor's office,I decided to call adora,haven't heard from her since she travelled( been really busy with the project thing I totally forgot about her, does this make me a bad person??? Nahhh I don't think so)

Ring! Ring!

Ring!! Ring!!

Ring!!! Ring !!!

She finally picked up at the third ring

Hey dear, how're you doing?

Char,is that you??

Yeah,don't you have my number anymore I said to her.

Don't be silly,I didn't look at the screen before picking up she said as I heard some scratching sound at the background and just as I was about to ask what the sound was,I heard a gruff voice ask;

Babe why did you put my shaving cream??

Um,it's in the cabinet beside the bed she replied back.

Sorry about the interruption,so where were we??

Um,you were just about to give reasons for not calling since you left but I guess I've my answers I said to her.

Oh please don't be like this she said

Be like what??? I can't believe you kept something this huge from me,I thought we were supposed to share secrets I said

Don't be dramatic char,I was gonna tell you at the right time,I only really wanted to confirm he's the one before telling you,I didn't want to be pitied if things went wrong between us. To be honest char, I haven't being able to give myself completely to this guy,I mean I think he loves me but it's like I'm holding back and expecting the worst

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. I think I love him too but what if he hurts me like spread did,I wouldn't be able to live with that,I could hear her cry.

You really have to stop with all of these negativity okay??  Listen to me Adora I said desperately you're a really great person who doesn't deserve all of what has been thrown at you but you either allow it make or break you.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and that there's someone out there for you,I don't know if it's this new guy but I bet you would find the one.

So girl,learn to take whatever is thrown at you and accept it as one of those things that happens in life okay and always wear a smile on that pretty face of yours like you've gat no worries.

Hakuna matata!!!

Laughing to my ears,she thanked me for the great words and ended the call with a promise to always keep in touch.

I really hope she's fine, she's a good person and deserves the very best this is the thought that ran through my mind as I fell into a very deep sleep where I saw myself with Darren at the altar..........


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