Obsession - Episode 5

Bumping into each other

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I got home feeling really sad,I can't believe he has a fiancee and there I was already in dreamland.it was just too painful you know,I know you guys think it absurd,I mean who falls in love with a guy within a min of meeting but I know what I feel /felt is love....I love Darren.

I decided to take a hot shower,that should help with my thoughts and in the shower I couldn't help thinking about him and how I wished he was here to do all nasty things to me

Charming get a grip on yourself,he has a fiancee remember,a part of me thought. Getting outta the shower I went off to the kitchen to have some cereals before I go off to bed

Oh my God!!! Adora would kill me,I can't believe I left her at the club..I totally forgot about her in my haste to leave Darren's presence . What do I do now?? Just then Adora strolled into our apartment looking really angry

My sweets please I can explain

Oh sure I bet you do,speak out,I don't have all night she said still angry.

Okay um,I had to leave because of Darren

And who the eff is Darren??

I went on to explain everything that transpired between Darren and I and she felt really bad for me.

Am sorry love,it will be if it's meant to be okay,don't overthink things...

I hugged to show my appreciation and we went off to bed. I kept thinking about him in bed till I finally slept...

Hey there,I shook Adora who was still in bed sleeping,I need to run to the store,we are low on groceries

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. I rushed off to the grocery store and bumped into someone again. Okay this has to stop,you can't keep bumping into people all the time I thought to myself,and just as I was about to apologise a familiar voice said;

Oh it's you again,fancy bumping into you here Darren said

Oh it's you I said flustered,oh Jesus here goes the butterfly in my stomach and why the hell am I trembling..

What are you doing here he asked??

Isn't it pretty obvious I answered rudely

He chuckled and said; why did you run off like that the last time,you didn't even give me the opportunity to explain

Explain what exactly huh,that I was getting cozy with another woman's man?? Now why is she angry,it's not like he said anything about dating you or sort a part of me reprimanded me.

Okay fine,I know you're angry and all but please can we discuss this over coffee, there's a really nice coffee shop somewhere around here.

Alright fine,he took me the shop and there he explained everything to me,that Anika was an ex who took their break up pretty bad and has  sworn to make life a living hell for me

She acts all clingy whenever she sees me with a lady just to ruin things for me.

Why don't you do something about it,I mean she can't keep ruining things for you.

Yes I sure can but the thing is; she's family

What do you mean??

Well she's a family friend,her parents and mine have being friends since like forever so you see why i can't do anything to her

Oh yes,I totally get it,sorry about that but you really have to put her in her place okay..

Enough about me already,tell me about you,I didn't exactly get your name he said.

Hahahaha yeah you didn't, well there's really nothing much to say, I'm charming, studying business administration and Management at the university of lagos,um what else nothing,I stop there.

You're something else you know,I won't press you though,I believe I'd get to know alot about you soon.

Yeah right,we drank in comfortable silence as we looked around the busy street with thoughts running through our minds. Somehow we found ourselves gazing into each other eyes endlessly,oh what fine brown eyes his got,I can drown in those oceans of deep brown..you see,his eyes were the first thing I noticed about him and then his lips looking all soft and pink  and full oh God help my soul,I couldn't help thinking about kissing it.

He broke the silence by asking if I'd love to do coffee with him some other time and with much persuasion I agreed lol, meanwhile I was jumping with joy inside of me buh girl gotta play hard to get. We exchanged contact with his promise to call me.

I drove home overjoyed with Mabel's mad love playing, I really love her songs, i can't wait to tell Adora,just then I felt a heavy hit at the back of my car.. 

Wtf!!! I angrily opened the door and guess who came to my face.

Yeah you guessed right!!! 

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