Obsession - Episode 6

Beginning of a new dawn

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What the hell did you do that for huh,what the eff is your problem I asked Anika (remember Anika the clingy chick, Darren's "supposed fiancee")

Well well well if it isn't the boyfriend chaser

Excuse you, I don't know what you're talking about.

Shut your mouth you bitch,how dare you come close to my man,of all of the men in the universe, it's my Darren you want,well you would never have him as long as I live she yelled angrily and left in her car

What's wrong with this chick, she's so desperate gosh. I continued the drive home preoccupied with lots of thoughts.

Took you long enough, I was just about to call the police Adora said sarcastically

Oh please don't be dramatic,I have had a long day, can you imagine the guts of that bitch I told you about

Um,what bitch??

With a frown on my face I reminded her of Anika

Oh yes that clingy thing,what did she do this time?

That bitch actually hit my car just to prove a point,saying I would never have Darren and to stay off him,well she would never get that because I don't intend leaving him

Um,am I missing something charming?

Oh yes you're darling I said blushing, guess who I bumped into at the store

Hmmmm I would say santa Claus but it isn't Christmas yet she said jokingly

That wasn't funny,well I meant Darren and we had coffee together

Oh Darren okay!

So we had coffee, got talking and he explained the situation with Anika to me,turned out she wasn't really his fiancee

Sorry I don't think I get the picture,you said she was.

Can you be calm for a minute and not interrupt me,I was getting to that part . And so I explained everything with her listening with rapt attention and a moisty eyes.

I'm happy if you're happy charming she said hugging me,atleast now you would finally get laid.

Ughhhhh did you really have to ruin the moment you evil child we both laughed.

We decided to make spaghetti and meatballs for lunch and it was really a tasty meal...wish you had some(don't worry you will get to taste it someday lol)

I woke up to the sound of my ringtone,I can't believe I fell asleep on the couch.


Hello dear! I heard a familiar voice say to me


Yeah it's me,how are you??

I'm very well thanks and you?

Doing great,um, I was hoping you would accompany me to a friend's birthday party tomorrow evening

Oh oh

Please don't say no, I'd be glad if you do

Oh alright now

Thanks a bunch, I'd pick you up by 7,is this fine by you?

Sure definitely,see you at 7

Bye love and he hung up

Did he just call me love,don't play yourself girl that part of me says again.

My amazing friend helped with my make-up knowing fully well I suck at that and also pick out a nice outfit.

Oh my God who are you,she says admiringly

Darren would be surprised when he sees you,you clean up well sweetie,you should learn to pamper yourself,I mean look how elegant you look.

You think so??

I know so sugar,I'd do you if I were a guy

Here we go,I said rolling my eyes at her

Did you just roll your eyes at me charming Thelma Dickson.

Oh Jesus,you sound just like my mother, I love you Adora,what would I do without you,you have being the very best friend ,the sister I never had I said holding her hands and staring right into her eyes so she could see how sincere.

Don't you dare cry and ruining the makeup I spent hours on she said crying out loud

I love you too charming and I would do about anything for you, you're my sister remember,my bff and just then we were interrupted by the doorbell.

I guess your date is here,clean that look of yourself,we wouldn't want him worried,would we she said...

I walked down the stairs to him waiting at the bottom with a very big smile on his face

He took my hand kissing it,you look beautiful

Why thank you my lord we both laughed.

The drive over was fun,we talked,drank champagne while his driver drove us,it was heaven on earth....oh how I love this man.

He introduced me to his friends as his girlfriend and to say I was surprised is an understatement.

Things were going to fast don't you think?? Hmmm well I didnt mind as I was terribly in love.

He took me to a spot at the garden where we shared our thoughts,dreams and memories, I understood his kind off person and I loved him the more.

Can I kiss you Adora?? 

And of course he kissed me even before I gave him the affirmative.

Oh dear lord,my very first kiss

Don't you dare give me that eye,it's my first kiss, I'm allowed to enjoy it.

He kept on it while I responded,such a great kisser,I finally get to have a taste of his sexy sweet lips

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. I could feel myself getting wet down there already and I really wanted to have,I could already picture us doing it.... oh charming,what have you gotten yourself into

Did I mention that I was a virgin.....yes a virgin at 25 hahaha.

He broke off the kiss to ask if;

Charming I know we barely know each other but I feel so connected to you,I haven't being able to think straight from the first moment I laid eyes in you and I have dreamt of someday having you as mine.

Will you be my girlfriend????

Oops, do I say yes???

I want to say yes but...........

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