Obsession - Episode 7

Darren's law firm

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Darren's pov

Hey bro wassup,you didn't tell me you employed a new secretary,a fine ass one at that damien  my brother whistled loud.

I didn't know I was supposed to I replied sarcastically and how many times have I told you to knock before you enter my office,I could be in the middle of a meeting you know.

Take a chill pill bro,what's with the attitude,besides I asked your secretary before I came in.

Whatever,so what's brings you here I said to him

Well,mom sent me over,she said to personally invite you for dinner tomorrow,I guess she won a contract or something...

Well i'm busy,I don't have the time for all of that I said to him.

When would you get over the grudge you have for mom,you know she was just looking out for you

I didn't ask her to,and if getting married to Anika for her own selfish reasons is the definition of looking out for me then I think y'all better have a rethink because I would never marry that bitch.


Excuse me, sorry to interrupt sir,the new secretary said to me, what's her name again Eva, Eve....something with an E 

These process were brought to me by our partners at Andre & Co legal firm so I need you to go through it before I acknowledge them

Alright Eve...

It's Evelyn sir

Oh yes alright

I'd get back to you......

Mehn that's some asset she gat behind her,I really gotta to talk to her Damien said

Don't you dare,I have had enough of you philandering about with my staffs

Damn you're such a spoilsport,so yeah dinner at 6...I gotta go he said as he left.

Finally I can get some rest........

Damien has being known to mess around with my female staff always making them believe that as the CEO's brother that he could promote and make life better for them...such naive ladies,a few have threatened to sue him but for my well known integrity all around the states as a reputable lawyer.

I went through the process Evelyn brought to ensure there weren't errors and then called her to go on with the acknowledgement.

I really didn't want to go for dinner at my parents because of their endless talk and demands coupled with the fact that Anika and her parents would be there but i knew if I didn't that all hell would let loose.


Charming's pov

I can't believe you leaving me,I miss you already

I'll miss you too dearie but I really need some lone time to think about what next to do with my life and probably have some fun while am at it

Aww awww I really wish I could go with you but there are lots for me to do in school especially with the project and all

Gosh my supervisor is really giving me tough time,I just don't understand him I said to her

What exactly is his problem??

How am I supposed to know, he's probably transferring aggression since it was rumoured he wasnt granted a promotion I laughed out loud

Charming that's wicked of you,you don't laugh at the downfall of a person

Yeah I guess you're right but he started it first.. you know what,can we just talk abt something else I said to her.

When are you leaving again??

In two days she said

What!!!!! And you're just telling me this.

I'm sorry sugar,I just thought of it and I think a vacation would be good for me

Yh yh.....it's fine but I would really miss you I said as I hugged her tightly.

How about we go to the mall for shopping she said

Oh no please,I hate shopping.....

The day of her departure is finally here and I'm all teary

Enough of the tears child, I'd only be gone for two weeks she said chuckling

Isn't two weeks long enough you're mean girl.i will miss you though,take care of you okay and make sure you call me everyday I screamed as she walked down the stairs to the tarmac to board her plane

I really hope she finds happiness I thought as I drove back home to my lonely apartment.......

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  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    I'm sure Anika is the one who motivated Darren's mom about that dinner
  • Oke Gbenga picture
    Oke Gbenga
    @pamela cube, i think so too, just to correct things and find her way back, since it's obvious Darren eyes got a new babe.. Lol
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