MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 26

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"Boss you're really getting good at this!"Henrik praised as he sat in front with Ray Butch,Mac's bestfriend.

"Heh!You know it"Ray cut in as they went for a chop knuckle round.

"You really should have seen her face yesterday when she followed me to Mr Scott's hotdog counter"

"Ha!You mean ma'am Trish?"

"Of course.Who else will I be talking about if not Mac's baby mama.Man,you should see the way he stares at her picture everyday"he said mockingly as he rolled the dice on the desk.

"Ha!Ray!But I gotta admit,we really put on quite a show there"

"That's right boss.Too bad you had a change of heart,I bet we would have had her by now"Ray sighed.

"But boss,you really should have let her come to you.Isn't that what you wanted?"Hen asked with an arched brow.

"You know I can't do that man"Mac smiled as he got up from his desk.

"But why not?I can bet a million dollars that chick still loves you"Henrik chipped in.

"I do know that.She's still got that bracelet with her but you know,our plans will totally get ruined if she comes right in"he smiled looking out the window.

"Ah,true!But dude,now you've seen for yourself,what are you going to do?"Ray asked with rapt attention rubbing his chin.

"I'm gonna get her back man"he grinned facing them.

"And I'm with you....Phillip"Chelsea stepped in taking them by surprise.

"What the f*ck!"Hen exclaimed as he stared at the mystery lady on black shades.

"Hi old friend!Missed me?"she grinned catwalking towards them as she got her spec off.

"Who are you and how did you...Security!"Henrik fidgeted tightening his fists as he made towards her.

"Woooo!"she said wiggling her fingers as she let her expensive deuxfallon cologne fill the room. 

"Easy boys.I mean no harm"she laughed slumping to the sofa by the corner as she got her legs crossed with the tip of her plumes shooting out from underneath.

"Hang on,did you just say old friend?"Henrik questioned with amazement.

"Uh-huh!He's my....."

"Guys,I got this"Mac cut in hurriedly signalling to them as they both left shutting the door behind.

"Mrs Singer!"Mac called as he wore a grin on.

"My-my-my,you really do have some nerves barging into my office just like that.I could call my bodyguards on you,you know that"he laughed walking towards her.

"There-there Phil.There's no need to get all fussy now.It's not like I'm some stranger"

"Ugh!You've grown so arrogant fish face.Ha,I do miss calling you that"

"Oh,how sweet"she smirked giving him a silly stare.

"Ha!So....To what do I owe this visit madam?"he teased.

"Oh,I'm sorry,I would have had my sideman get you those fancy cocktails you love if I knew you were coming"he laughed again not taking his eyes off her.

"Oh,I'm flattered"she said getting up as she got her coat off.

"Anyway,you should know why I'm here"she said curving her lips.

"Hmm,not really but do go on please.I'm all ears"

"Well,do try.It's pretty sketchy"

"Argh!Cut to the chase,will ya?I've got tons of work cut out for me"

"Humph!Such a kill joy you are"she shrugged.

"Anyway,I'm here because of Tri..."

"Oh,please.Just hold it"he cut in rudely.

"I don't want to hear you utter that name in front of me"

"And why Phil?You said it yourself,that you wanna get her back.You still love her...I know you still do even though you're still hurt over what happened but..."

"Yes!Yes I do love her but Chels,don't you see,we can't be together anymore and I do blame her for that cause she should have waited for me instead of running off with that good-for-nothing "he shot back impulsively not letting her finish.

"Phil pipe down.You can't be mad at her for that and besides,you've got something of hers that she's totes not aware of.You just need to tell her everything.You can't hide it anymore,you know?"

"I know but I'm waiting for the right time.I'm just not ready yet.Have you forgotten what her family did to me?Have you?"he barked glaring at her.

"No but this has got to end Phil.Your plots and everything.Please!For Trish sake.For your kid's sake"she pleaded emotionally as she held on to him.

"I'm begging you.Go see her Phil.My bestfriend is falling apart and I hate to see her like this"she sniffed.

"I...I don't know what to say but I can assure you that no harm will come to her.Trust me.I'm certainly aware of what I've got my hands on"he assured taking her hand.

"Just take good care of her...for me all right?.I know things will be better soon.That I promise"

"Oh,thank you.Thank you so much"she said pleased hugging him.

"I should get going now.Take care Phillip"

"You too Chels.And oh Chelsea"he called back.

"Thank you...For everything!"he continued as she turned the door knob.

"Don't mention it"

"Oh!Good Lord!"Janine breathed as she closed the toilet door.

"Janine!You've been in there these whole time?"Phil asked with surprise as he saw her walk out from the restroom.

"Ha!Yeah right.And my,I did hear a lot.Oopsie!"she said playfully as she took out her purse from the drawer.

"You're such an ass"he teased pinching her.

"Ha!Whaaaat?You do know she's right.You can't hide the truth forever.You really have to tell her.Especially now you got everything under control.You ain't getting any younger,you know?"

"Gosh!I knew this day would come"he muttered banging his fist with fury.

"But you know I ain't ready yet.Have you forgotten what her family did to me.If not you and mum found me back then,I doubt I'll ever be here"

"Awe,c'mon Mackey.Don't be like that.You really have to tell her and I really do mean it this time"she said massaging him.

"I do agree with you but let's see how things will turn out.I'm ready to show myself now to the Parkers.What about you sis?You ready?"he chuckled looking up at her.

"As ready as I'll ever be"she chuckled alongside.

"It's showtime brother"


"Ryn!"I called as I searched my eyes around Ryn's room.

"Baby,where are you?We're leaving now"I called again as I heard tiny giggles inside the wardrobe.

"There!I see you"I sang playfully as I tilted the wardrobe open a little.

"Mommy!"she exclaimed jumping into my arms.

"Baby,what did I tell you about hiding in here?You could get hurt,you know?"I said caressing her hair as we went out.

"I'm sorry mommy.I'm sorry I scared you too"she aaid with a puppy face.

"Oh,you didn't baby.C'mon now,we're off to aunt Chelsea's house now"

"Wheee!I'm going to see Ralphy again"

"That's right my love"I chuckled softly as we hurried downstairs.Ha!Don't mind Ryn.Ryn just gave him the little boy that.His name is Ralphael,the Singer's only child.Chelsea's kid to be exact and he's about three years of age.So literally,Ryn's a little older but nevertheless they're still too close just like Chels and I...Hashtag twinnies...Haha!Just teasing!

"Whoo!Ryn I got 'em"Cher said from behind panting heavily as she handed the pink shoes over to her.

"Yay!My barbie shoe"she yelled happily jumping down from me.She calls anything pink Barbie.Oh brother!

"Oh my!You really worked aunt Cherry out there baby"I teased as I watched Cherry wear the shoes on for her.

"Daddy,daddy,we're going to see Ralphy"she said excitedly as she saw Derek come in from the backyard with some bunch of boxes in his hands.

"Baby what were you..."

"You mean this?I'm just cleaning out the garage.You going somewhere?"

"Yeah,I was about telling you before..."

"Oh,it's okay baby"he smiled kissing me to my surprise.

"Uh babe,are you all right?"I asked with suspicion.

"Ya honey.Is something wrong?"he asked as he carried Ryn.


"Um,no.Not at all.We should get going now so we won't get caught up in traffic.Come on baby"I smiled faintly taking Ryn from him.

"Aunt Cherry c'mon"she called babyishly tugging at her t-shirt.

"Bye daddy.We love you"she yelled babyishly as we walked out the front door.

"I love you too"



"Coming"Chelsea's husband said pulling the door open for us.

"Good day Sir"Cherry greeted politely.

"Oh,Christian.Long time no see.Didn't know you were back though"I laughed as we matched right in.

"You know business and all that.Chelsea's starting to hover about that"he said playfully as he took Ryn from me.

"And oh good day to you dear"

"Hi Uncle Chrissy"

"Hi to you too princess.My,you've grown so big.Trish what are you giving this girl?"he teased as we went into the living room.

"Tiger popsies!"Ryn cut in punching the air.

"Ah,cereals!I should have known"he laughed.

"So um,where's Chels?"

"She's not home yet but I bet she'll be back soon"he said getting up.

"Let me just get you guys some refreshments.I'll be right back"he smiled as he made to leave.

"Corinne...Corinne!"Ralph came rushing towards us with his tiny legs sweeping the floor.

"Ralphy!"she yelled excitedly hugging him.

"Oh,finally.Son,say hi to aunt Tricia first"

"Hi"he said shyly moving behind Chris.

"Aww,hi honey.My,you're also getting bigger"

"Yeah yeah!Put that on Chels.She's the cause"he smirked as we both laughed.

"Mommy can I go play now Ralphy's here?"

"Of course baby.Go on now"I urged her as they both scurried off excitedly clinging to each other's arms.


"My,it's taking really long now,I wonder why Chels hasn't come back home yet"I mumbled checking my phone as I got up when the telephone rang from the dinning room.

"Chris!"I called.

"Christian"I called again but no answer came.

"Hmm,I guess he's asleep"I thought.

"Baby,stay right here.I'm coming okay?"I said as I got Ryn off my laps before hurrying across the livingroom.

"Whoo!Finally!"Phil's voice rang clearly from the other line making me freeze.

"Ph-Phil?"I gasped under my breath .

"Phil!"I called again as no answer came.

"H-how am I talking to you right now?"I stared eye-opened as the line went dead.

"Phil!!!"I yelled as hot tears rushed out speedily.

"Tr-Trish?"Chelsea called from behind as she stared at me with shock.

"How could you!"I turned abruptly glaring at her with hatred and despair  

"Trish,I-I can explain"she shivered making towards me.

"Don't touch me"I shot back slapping her hands away.

"Chelsea,how could you!How could you.I trusted you,you back-stabber.Why didn't you tell me you've been talking with Phil all these time I've been looking for him?You deliberately hid it from me.Gosh!I can't believe you could do this to me.I thought you were my bestfriend"

"Quiet down girl.Come with me"she said tucking at my cloth arm.

"Let me go!"I shuddered pulling away as she held me back.

"I'm sorry Trish but you need to know the truth.Phil is alive babe.He's really alive.I'm sorry I kept it from you but it was never my intention.Please understand"

"Where is he?I said where is he Chelsea?"I sobbed moving towards her.

"I-I can't"she said looking away.

"Please tell me.I want to see him again"I pleaded unendingly.

"Trish you're making this really hard for me.I know you love Phil.I know you still do but think about Derek.What if he gets to learn about this?He'd get really furious.I don't want to put you at risk my friend.Please understand"she said passionately cupping my face.

"I don't care.Just please tell me where Phil is.I want to see him.Why hasn't he asked of me Chelsea?Did I do something wrong?"I weeped in her arms.

"No,no you didn't.He's just....You know what,you and I will go see him tomorrow.How's that?"

"You'll take me to him?"I sniffed looking up at her.

"Yes.I will do just that.Just please stop crying.You're starting to hurt me,you know?"

"I-I won't anymore"I said wiping my tears off.

"There-there.Now let's go have some hot cocoas.I bet that'd make you feel lots better"she assured ushering me up as we headed out....

. .

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  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    She still loves him
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    N she's packaging pretence
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Oh,she does sweet pea.True love never dies...
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    And of course, first love is really hard to get over. One thing I've ever learnt.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    And of course, first love is really hard to get over. One thing I've ever learnt.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    And of course, first love is really hard to get over. One thing I've ever learnt.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    And of course, first love is really hard to get over. One thing I've ever learnt.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    And of course, first love is really hard to get over. One thing I've ever learnt.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    And of course, first love is really hard to get over. One thing I've ever learnt.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    And of course, first love is really hard to get over. One thing I've ever learnt.
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