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"Ouch!"I groaned out loud,rubbing my hands on my belly as the sharp pain cut across my abdomen.

"What?Is he kicking again?"

"Uh-huh!Absolutely.He's always doing that"

"Ha!I bet he's as stubborn as his mother.I ain't surprised though cause the twins also took that trait from you"

"Really?Ha,no wonder nanny's always complaining about their petty pranks"I laughed.

"Tell me about it.You should have seen them back then they were little.If you go a day without hearing their names,it means their either out sick or they're not there.Ha!"he continued.

"Wow!I really envy you Phil.You got to be with them from when they were born...God!I'm never going to stop hating dad for this"I muttered frustrated.

"Oh,c'mon,don't say that.He's still your father,you know?"he smiled caressing my hand.

"Yeah,which utterly makes me despise him more.I mean seriously,how could my very own father who I always look up to,stab me in the back just like that?Phil,that man was my hero.In fact,he was everyone's hero but now,I really don't know him anymore"

"Yeah,I know how you feel but don't let that get the best of you okay?By the way,have you thought of any name for the baby?"he asked interchangeably.

"Hmm,I haven't really.It's quite early,don't you think?"

"Mmm,nah.But I'm pretty sure you're not going to go about naming him Derek Junior"he smirked.

"Ha!You got that right"I laughed picking up the pack of skittles from the grocery bag as I got it open without wasting time.

"Ugh!Burger's off the preggy mama's menu now?"he said jokingly.

"Oh,you know I love those.Certainly can't do without them B's"I laughed punching him as I got the skittles inside my mouth,savouring every pieces of it gracefully,with my belly stuffing them in peristaltically.B's the coded word for burger in case you're starting to wonder.Oopsie!

"Ooooo,I'm loving the scenery"he laughed not taking his eyes off me and of course the road.

"Ha!You're such an ass"I smiled throwing the leftovers at him.


"Hehe!You know I was only teasing.By the way,where are we now?I'm not quite used to seeing this part of town.Well,at least not yet"I muttered inquisitively licking my lower lip.

"Humph!And you've been here many times"

"Oh,don't look at me.I don't walk"

"Man,you hurt me"he chuckled softly as we drove on.

"I'm teasing anyway.You know I love you baby"

"Oh,I love you too but you know,if we continue like this,I'm so gonna jump out of this moving vehicle.You wanna kill us?"

"Oh babe,you know I won't let that happen"he laughed letting go of the steering.


"I know...I know"he laughed getting hold of it again.

"So,um,when are you going to tell Derek you about the divorce filing?I mean,seriously,you're still too young Trish.Are you really sure you want..."

"Yes Phil.My mind's already made up..And please let's not talk about it,I don't want to stress myself"I scoffed turning my head towards the window 

"Wooooo,look who's all moody again"

"Seriously!The thought of that crazy guy drives me nuts.I wish he'd just disappear...God!"I sighed relaxing my head on my hand.

"Oh,don't think too much.He ain't worth it girl"

"I know right?"

"Uh-huh!You know Trish,I'd like my name to be written on your baby's birth certificate when he's born.What'd you think?"he smiled looking back at me.

"But he's Derek's.Do you really care that much?"I stared with amazement.

"Of course I do.I love you and I wouldn't want you anywhere near Derek again and of course I wouldn't want your kids growing up under the tutelage of that kind of man.They deserve the best...You deserve the best and you know I'm never going to rest till you have it all.

"Aww,stop.You're getting me all emotional again"I laughed poking the side of his abs.

"Oh,I'm sorry love but I've been thinking about it lately.I want his name to be in my name cause Derek has no claim over him and he wouldn't know about him either.Not unless,you go telling him"

"That's the last thing I'll ever do.I despise him so much and I wouldn't want him getting hold of my kids.Gosh!You're really an amazing guy Phil"

"Ha!That's me baby.Sweetness is ma middle name"

"My,home sweet home everybody"he announced in a happy tone as he pulled up on the driveway.

"Whoo!Finally"I said heaving a sigh of relief as I took off my seatbelt.

"We doing this?"

"Mmm-hmm!"I nodded nervously as I got the door open before he could.

"Wow!You seem really excited now"he said marvelling at my impulsive move.

"Oh,I should be.I'm seeing my babies for the first time in...well,ever.So it shouldn't be that surprising"I smirked at him as I stepped out with my pink boots sticking firmly to the snowy icy ground.

"Hmm,I wonder what the kids did this time"I wondered as we heard their nanny's voice echo loudly on the inside.It felt as if they were pulling some really funny pranks on her...Again!

"Nanny Sus,it's us"Phillip knocked as ma'am Susan answered immediately,like she's being expecting us or something.

"Sir Phillip?Ma'am Tricia?"she exclaimed rolling her eyes at us with a flick of surprise as we stepped in.

"Oh,isn't this such a surprise..Welcome home"she continued as she ushered us into the living room as she collected the groceries from Phil.

"Oh,thank you...Uh,the kids...Where are they?"

"Oh,they should be up in their room playing sir.Should I....?"

"Mama...mama!"Ryn called happily, rushing downstairs to meet us

"Oh,baby...."I said delightedly getting up as I rushed towards her.

"God!I missed you"I breathed brushing her hair aside.

"I see this tiny hair of yours' getting really stubborn everyday"I teased carrying her up.


"Uhm,where are the twins ma'am Susan?"I asked anxiously as I couldn't contend my excitement.

"We're here!"they called from behind as they hurried downstairs poking at each other's arms.

"Kids!"Phil called like a comrade as the two kids maintained.

"C'mon daddy,we've been good lately...No mischiefs...Nothing!Right aunt Suzy?"they chuckled throwing a smirk at each other.

"Can't say.I got my lips sealed"she laughed zipping her mouth playfully with her two fingers.

"Oh sir,let me go keep these in the kitchen.I'll be back shortly"she said hurrying off as we saw her exit the living room.

"Here...It's my turn now.C'mon Sunshine"he smiled taking Ryn from me as I made towards them.

"Oh,aunt Trish,it's really fantastic seeing you again"Stephanie said hugging me as her sister followed.

"Ste...Stephanie....St-Stacie!"I stuttered a little as I stood staring at the two girls with emotional feelings flushing me all over.I guess that got them pretty uncomfortable as they staggered backwards a little,tilting their head to Phil like they've planned doing that all along.

"Oh...My babies"I breathed hugging them as I felt my face get all wet.Hmm,I guess I've been shedding emotional tears all these time.

"Uhm,what's going on dad?Did someone die?"they asked rolling their eyes at us with confusion.

"Ha!Of course not"

"Right!Guess she just really missed us"Stephanie giggled.

"But uh,daddy why is she calling us her babies?Thought you were the only one allowed to be calling us that?"

"Well,yes actually but baby,there's something you should know.Well,you both ought to know"he said getting in front of me as he squatted,taking their hands in his.

"Tell us daddy.Is something wrong?Are you okay?"they continued as they fixed their eyes on us.

"No...No,nothing is my love"

"Hmm,then why's aunt Trishy crying"

"Oh,she is weird"she whispered in Stacie's ears as they got laughing.

"Is she not happy seeing us daddy?"

"Oh,she is.Is just..."

"Phil?I thought we weren't going to tell them now?"I muttered shakily as I drew closer.

"It's high time I did Trish"he smiled looking back at them.

"Stacie...Stephanie!Tricia's your mother"

"Our mother?"Stacie exclaimed covering her mouth with her palms as her eyes grew wider.

"Yes..Yes baby.Your mother and...Ryn is your sister"he paused as the living room became quiet aside the buzzing noise that came from God knows where.

"Wow!B-but dad,I thought you said mum was abroad and she wasn't coming back to us?"

"I know Stacie but uhm...mommy's back now and she's back for good this time"he smiled hugging them.

"Mommy,is what Uncle Phillip saying really true?Stephanie and Stacie are really my sisters?"

"Yes...Yes baby.They really are"I said happily as I carried her up again.

"So,I can also call Uncle Phillip daddy if I want too?"


"Of course sweedy.I love you just like your mommy does.So you can call me whatever thing that pleases you,okay?"

"Okay daddy"she smiled hugging him from where I held her.

"Aunt Trish?Uh,I mean mother"they said shyly and with a bit of nervousness too.

"Is daddy really..uhm,you know telling us the truth?You're really our mother?"

"Yeah..Yeah!He really is.Oh,come here you two"I breathed hugging them passionately.

"Sir,someone's calling...Oh,I'm sorry,was I interrupting?"nanny Susan asked watching us keenly.

"Ah,so that's where all that buzzing sound came from?Or should I say....vibration"I giggled inside as we focused her attention on her.

"Oh,no.Not at all ma.Well,who is it?"

"An unknown number sir.Here!"she said handing the cell phone over to him as he answered immediately.

"Hello!Am I speaking to Mr Mac right now?"

"Uh,yes?"he said rolling his eyes at me.

"Who am I speaking with please?"

"The name's Harrish.Saw the papers you put up about searching for a man that goes by the name,Jackson Smith"

"Yes?Go on please"

"He's being spotted at Chicago,at a cabin not far off the shores of Illinois"

"What?He's being spotted?"

"I'm sorry but that's all I can tell you.Have a nice day"

"We..well,what happened?What's with that look?Did something happen?"I asked curiously.

"Uhm,nanny Susan,you should take the kids out for some candy bars or anything.I bet they're pretty bored now"he said hurriedly as he s

"Oh,all right Sir...C'mon children"

"Awe,c'mon dad,you just got here"Stephanie cut in tugging at his arms.

"Yes Phil,we just got here.I want to spend time with them,you know?"

"I'll explain later"he whispered to me.

"Go on now kids.Remember our sugar rules.No..."

"No eating more than two candies or even chocolates.Yeah-yeah!We get it dad.Byeeee"they responded as they made for the door.

"But I want to stay mommy.Mama,please don't let them take me.I want to stay here with you"Ryn said soberly as she clung on tightly.

"Awe,but I thought you love those baby?You should definitely go with them"I said bringing her down.

"Please mommy"she cried still not letting go.

"Oh,fine.You guys should go on then.I love you"

"Blurf!Dad and work..Hahaha!"we heard Stacie grumble.

"I can hear you"

"Nothing dad.Heh!Bye bye now.We love you"they giggled hopping off.

"We'll go now sir.Bye ma'am Tricia"

"Bye ma'am"I waved back as the door got jammed.

"Mommy,can I go upstairs and play.It's kinda lonely now"

"See,you should have just followed your sisters when we told you"Phil cut in as he laughed really hard.

"I know but I'm happy that mommy's here with me.Aren't you happy mommy?"

"Aww,of course I am baby.Run along now.I'll see you soon okay?"I said to her as she proceeded upstairs not looking back at us.

"Um,so that's that.What was that all about Phil?Care to tell me?"

"Well,few weeks ago,words came to me that James and his gangs got out of jail"

"What?!Th-they got out?"I said panting heavily.

"Oh,no-no-no!He's definitely going to come for me.Oh,God!How did this happen?"I said panic stricken as I paced around the living room.

"Calm down Trish.No one's coming after you.Besides,you got me"he said reaching for me as he got me to sit down calmly.

"So,what are you going to do?"

"The guy I spoke with right now said he spotted Jackson somewhere.So I'm going to see for myself"he grinned.

"What?Are you crazy?Phil,that guy almost killed you back when we were at college and now you want to go after him?"I asked feeling more frightened than ever.

"I know but I have to do this and there's nothing you can do to stop me right now.I've come a long way now and I certainly can't give up just like that"he spoke with bravery.I don't know what to call that but Phil's definitely gonna get himself killed and I'm definitely not going to sit here and do nothing.Oh,how silly of him.

"But Phil,I don't know...Gosh!This is totally not a good idea.Wh-what if something bad happens to you..You know I can't..."

"Nothing will Trish.I promise.I'll always come back to you no matter what happens"he smiled embracing me as he he graced my forehead with a relieving kiss.

"You promise?"

"Yes.I promise Tricia.You just have to promise me that you'll be okay and you'll take good care of yourself and the kids alongside my little munchkin in there"

"Yeah.I promise.Just please be safe and don't forget to call me when you get there okay?"

"I will.I love you"

"You better B"


 Few hours later

"Baby,baby come back"I called to Ryn as I ran after.

"Awe!C'mon mommy,I'm bored inside"she said jerking the front door open.

"D-daddy!"she called as she stood staring at a crazy-holic Derek.I totally made that c-h word up.But that suits him.Humph!How stupid of him!

"Derek?"I said as fear gripped me.It felt as if the air around me suddenly got still and I couldn't feel my heart beating anymore.I couldn't believe my eyes.How the hell did he find out about here?I thought to myself as my eyes grew wider.

"Derek what the heck are you doing here?Baby,go inside.Now!"I said to Ryn.

"But mommy,I want to go with daddy"she countered stubbornly as Derek took her up in his arms.

"Ryn...Oh,I've missed you so much baby"h

"Let go off my daughter,you jerk.Argh!How dare you!"I growled angrily snatching Ryn from him.

"Now baby,go inside.Mommy's coming okay?"I smiled kissing her as she hurried off.

"Baby please come back.I really miss you so much"he said reaching for my arms.

"Don't touch me.Heh!I never knew you were this crazy..Yuk!"

"I'm really sorry baby.Believe me,I really am.You need to come back to me.Everything that happened was all a mistake.Life without you is meaningless and I can't take it anymore.Just please baby,come back to me.I miss y...."he muttered stupidly.

"A mistake?A mistake Derek?Grrr!You're really delusional.In fact,get the hell out of my porch before I do something to you....Get out!"

"Baby you have to listen to me.I've really changed.I really have and that's why I want you back...You and our daughter.I miss you both"

"Don't...Please.What do you take me for,huh?You took advantage of me Derek.You did and you didn't even care if I got hurt in the process.You didn't and God,do you know what hurts most?Do you know what does?"I stopped as I allowed my tears to flow.

"The fact that my husband got the best of my vulnerability and had his way through without my consent hurt me most.God!I hate you so much.I hate you!You should thank your stars that I didn't go extra miles in getting you all locked up in prison.I bet you wouldn't have had the guts to show yourself in front of me.Argh!You disgust me"I snared spitting on him with every fury I could gather up.If that'll change anything.

"Oh baby,I know.I know hurt you real bad.I know I did but please my love,give me a second chance.Give me another chance to make it up to you.Please baby"

"You know what,I'm calling for a divorce.I no longer want to be with you.Whatever you and I had it's way over now.It's over Derek.Now get out!"

"What!You...You're kidding right?"

"Do I look like I am?"I scoffed laughing really hard.

"You heard me right.Now leave or I'll hand you over to the cops"

"You haven't heard the last of this Tricia Parker.I'll come for you and my daughter too.I promise you"

"Heh!You're bluffing.Ryn is better off without you and mind you,if you think those cheap words of yours will scare the crap out me,you thought wrong then because I'll make sure you'll never get a hold of my daughter cause she's mine and mine alone.Now,get out.Get out I say"I yelled pushing him out.

"Mum,we're home"Stacie called from behind.


"Oh,my babies"I grinned shoving him aside as they rushed into my arms 

"Trish,wh-what's the meaning of this?"he barked feeling irritated by the whole scenery.

"Mommy,who is this man?Do you know him?"Stephanie asked.

"Oh baby,just don't worry.I bet nanny Susan will get rid of him soon.Let's go inside now.I bet you're quite starved"I chuckled hard as I took them in.

"Oh,Mrs Susan,please do see this man out.He's overstayed his welcome here"

"Sure ma'am.Please sir can you..."

"Don't touch me"

"I'll be back soon Parker.That I promise you"

"Whatever"I scoffed shutting the door on him.

"What an animal!!!"


"Boss,someone's here to see you"a man dressed in a really shady outfit spoke in a hoarse manner.

"Bring him in"

"Derek?Man,what brings you here?"Jackson asked ecstatically as he offered him a seat.

"Well,no time for chit chat bro.That bastard has those kids"

"What?B-but how?"

"I don't know man but I think it's high time we got rid of him Jax"

"Heh!I'm so way ahead of you"he grinned.

"How do you mean and why do you have that look on your face?"

"Mmm,well,you'll see"he chuckled again looking down at the document on his table top.

"You want to have Tricia all to yourself,right?"

"You know I do.Argh!But she hates me already and is all that Mac-Kenny's fault"he spoke with detest as he banged his fist on the table.

"Haha!Calm your temper man.His end is nearer now.By the break of day,you won't hear the sound of that name ever again and do you know what that means?"he grinned looking up at Derek.

"Tricia will be mine!"

"My point exactly!"he smiled as they both chuckled sinisterly like the devils they really were.


So you see people,there are some really evil peeps you're totally not aware of but they live amongst us.But can we tell who they really are?No!Why,unless you wield that power...the only power that can distinguish good from evil and that's the word of God...


Anyway,tag along now.I bet you're already wondering what's gonna happen next and my,I do apologize for every mistakes I've been making lately.They're all typographical errors but I bet when I'm done getting everything all written down properly,they'll cease to exist.

I hope you're loving my story anyway?

                  LOVE YOU GUYS!

. .

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    Dolapo Oloyede
    Too bad for the wicked
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    @Dolapo Oloyede That's right B
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    Nawaaa o..ur end is kumin Derek
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    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It really pained me at the last episode. Btw, it's ready now. You can check it, now.
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