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 We were on our honeymoon now and it was such an enticing one as Derek couldn't get his paws off me.We first flew to Paris and stayed for a month over there before leaving for Dubai,a place that seemed so much like heaven.You bet I ate all the food over there,well mostly the spicy ones and the sardine loaded as my appetite for those increased rapidly as the months went by.We'd have gone right off to another place if not for my condition and so we went back home completely unaware of what my dad had in stall for us.He got us on Irina Island,a private resort that laid on the far side of Marika Cannery at Beverly hills which was several miles away from Hennsen.Dad had bought that Island unknowingly to us a couple of months ago and now,he wants Derek and I to have it since he never got to explore it.One perks of being a billonaire.The Island was really an intriguing one there was a huge glass house right next to the beach side and it had beautiful white furniture placed on all corners alongside picture frames and an awesome fireplace too with no one bothering us in anyway.Derek and I never failed to spend a romantic time out on the cozy beach and when we retired back inside,he wouldn't miss making out with me over and over again although he went pretty gentle since I was way loaded now with my tummy protruded hugely like that of a stuffed gummy bear...Let's just say,we're expecting our baby any day now.How exciting!

"Morning my love"Derek spoke softly planting kisses on my neck as I laid with my eyes closed.

"Oooo,Derek stop.It's only 7"I said with a shrug making to face him as I cupped my hands around his cheeks.

"Hmm,no it's almost 8 O'clock"he grinned kissing me romantically 

"Hhh!Do you always have to think about sex?"I smiled wrapping my arms around him as he got in between my legs.

"Mm-hmm!"he said softly as I laid motionless with him right on top of me.

"Hang on baby.I need to use the bathroom"I said getting up weakly as I felt my baby kick inside of me.

"Oh,whoa!That was harsh"I muttered under my breath reaching for the bed stand.

"W-what's wrong?"he asked looking scared.

"I-I...Ah!"I groaned suddenly making him panic.

"Trish!!!"he yelled reaching for my hands.

"Ah..woo"I breathed out as I felt the water soak the helm of my gown.

"I can feel...Oww!She's coming out fast...De.....rek!!!"I screamed in pains as I held him tight.

"Just hang in there baby.It'll be over soon,trust me"he assured me holding my hands firm as led me outside carefully towards where the car dad gave us as a little token.

"Derek!"I panted heavily as the contractions came again making me tighten my hands on his right arm and on the car seat too as we drove off to the hospital which I guess was some hundred miles away from here.

"Shh baby,don't say anything now.Just breathe.Breathe okay?Everything will be,all right soon,I promise."he soothed rubbing my waist as I  screamed and breathed out non-stop with my eyelids glued on each other as it seemed I was going to explode any time soon.

"I doubt I'll make it any further"I muttered inside letting myself get flushed up in my own fantasy world....


"Ring,ring!"our doorbell rang.

"Who's there?"I asked as I breastfed my little princess,Ryn.A jewel God had blessed me with.Corinne's her name actually.I named her after my late grams.I bet if she were to be alive,she wouldn't mind holding her great-grand daughter in her hands right now.

"Cherry!Cherry honey,please get the door for me,will you?"I called to our househelp,a girl about nineteen years old or so who mum had called to help with the house chores since the doctor said I needn't do anything for now since I gave birth through cesarean.

"Yes ma!"she said pushing the door ajar as an average young lady in a padded grey jacket hung up across her shoulders with a dark shady glasses and a sided parted brown braided  hair came right in"

"Chels?"I said with surprise cause I certainly wasn't expecting her to be back from Thailand.

"Bonjour!"she said happily wrapping her arms around me.

"Damn!I missed you bestie.And aww,who do we have here?"she bent down admiring the cute adorable creature that looked so much like me.

"Chels meet Ryn.Baby say hi to Aunt Chelsea"I teased placing her in Chels arms carefully.

"My God!She looks a lot like you Trish.I bet this damsel's gonna drive some guy crazy when she grows up"she teased as Ryn looked at her with those tiny blue eyes of hers even though she wasn't seeing anything yet.She definitely took those from Derek.Ha!

"So uh,where's Prince Charming?"she giggled not taking her eyes off Ryn.

"Oh,you!You still haven't changed,have you?"

"Ha!Believe me,you don't wanna know"she winked.

"Oooo,I see someone's becoming a bad ass"I said as we both laughed.

"Hang on,you need anything?"I asked with concern.

"Oh,don't bother.I just came for this little damsel"she smiled peering down on Ryn again.

"Who's my favorite girlie?Who's my favorite girlie?"she teased kissing her smooth oval face.

"Gosh!She's really beautiful"she smiled resting her against her body as she dozed off gently sucking her mouth in the cutest way I'd ever seen.

"Aww,so cute"I said staring at her with admiration.

"Goody!Now baby's asleep,will  you like to est something?I bet you're quite starved"

"Oh no no Tr..."

"Cherry!"I called out before she could stop me.

"Do bring our guest something to eat hon.We've got plenty to go around"

"Hhh,Trish"she said glaring at me playfully as I smirked at her.

"What?I can't starve you,you know that?Just relax!This house is as well as yours"I said taking Ryn from her.

"Ah-hah!I knew I heard someone's voice downstairs"Derek said walking downstairs.

"Oh,Derek!It's such a pleasure meeting you again"Chelsea said.

"I can see you're taking care of my sister pretty well.She's all puffy now"she laughed squeezing me.

"Mh-mm!You can say that again"he said coming close to me as he had his arms around my waist.

"Here,my turn"he smiled rubbing his hands against each other as he carried Ryn from me.

"Oh,be careful baby.You don't want to wake her up"I said cautiously as he carried her upstairs.

"Why are you smiling?"I asked catching sight of Chels who was smiling by the corner.

"You and Derek...Uh-huh!Remember that time you said you weren't going to date someone like him?Remember?Remember?"she laughed rubbing her arms around mine.

"Oh,c'mon!That's totally in the past now.Besides,Derek's the perfect one for me"

"I know right?You really are lucky Trish"

"Look!"she said stretching her fingers out as I gazed at the diamond ring that stayed fixed to her middle finger.

"OMG!!!!"I screamed with delight at the sight of it.

"You're engaged?!"

"Mh-mm!She nodded blushing really hard.

"Chelsea Peterson is really engaged...OMG!I screamed again hugging her with joy.

"I'm so happy for you bestie.Who's the lucky guy?"I asked with interest.

"Christian..."she squealed happily.

"Wow!So you two relationship was really that serious?Awwwww!Come here baby.I'm really happy for you guys.Gosh!"I said hugging her again.

"I knew you would"she giggled brushing her hair off.

"Hang on,you showing already?"I asked staring at her tummy that seemed a lot normal.Chels always had such flat model-ish tummy so I'm not surprised at that.Hah!

"Not quite but very soon I hope.But we're definitely going to push through with the wedding the moment he gets back from London"

"Oh my!This is so amazing"

"Here ma'am!"Cherry walked in with a tray comprising a plate of food and a bottle of champagne with a glass laid beside it.

"Here-here dear.You may go now"I said signalling to her.

"So uh,I heard Sophie is getting married either.Heard from them?"she chipped in.

"Wow!I didn't know.Haven't heard from D yet but hope she's alright?"

"Yup!As fine as ever"she said getting up to eat.

"Let's pop this like old time's sake,shall we?"she muttered out loud lifting the bottle up.

"Ah,I can never forget"

"To Trish"she chuckled popping the  bottle open as it went ka-boom.

"And to you too"

"Whoo-hoo!You know it babe"she said as we yelled in unison topping our glass with such charming smiles spread across our face.


Bottoms up chica!!!

. .

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  • Gabriel Alakuko picture
    Gabriel Alakuko
    Mhmmmmmm. Another school days) being reenacted?
  • Gabriel Alakuko picture
    Gabriel Alakuko
    Mhmmmmmm. Another school days being reenacted?
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    LOL.It's purely fiction though
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Gabriel LOLZZ...One advantage of making good friends at school. Love college.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Gabriel LOLZZ...One advantage of making good friends at school. Love college.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Gabriel LOLZZ...One advantage of making good friends at school. Love college.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Gabriel LOLZZ...One advantage of making good friends at school. Love college.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Gabriel LOLZZ...One advantage of making good friends at school. Love college.
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