MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 31

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"Ryn...Ryn!Baby where are you?"I called rolling my eyes around the scattered living room that looked as if some rampage beast had just ran through it.

"Corinne!Honey where are you?Where are you baby?"I called again trembling as I dragged myself upstairs weakly  with goose bumps flushing all over my body which was a bit hot now.

"Ryn...My love where are you?Come on out.Mommy's here now"I yelled pushing her room door open as I stared at her empty bed.


"Mama?"a voice called from under the bed startling me.

"Baby!"I said happily running towards her.

"Baby what are you...."

"M-mommy"she called again but with a frightened face this time as she peered out from the bed cover she used to cover herself.

"Mommy I'm scared.I'm so scared mommy"she cried shivering as she climbed out,hopping into my arms with full force.

"Oh,baby...Oh!You're okay...You're okay baby"I breathed heaving a sigh of relief as I kissed her all over with joy.

"Mommy...mommy daddy got me scared and...and that's why I had to hide under the bed.I was so scared mommy.I was really scared"she stammered clinging tightly to me like someone who'd just seen a one-eyed zombie.

"It's all right...It's all right my love.Mommy's here now"I muttered cuddling her as I carried her with me.

"Let's just pack your things first okay?I bet everything all right soon.I promise"I smiled getting her down as I made towards the wardrobe,getting her clothes out as she watched with surprise.

"Mommy,what are you doing?Are we going somewhere?"

"Yes...Yes baby.We are"I sniffed my nose getting her clothes all packed up into a box.

"But why mommy?Why do we have to leave?"she sobbed looking up at me.

"Um,you're still too young my love.Just stay right there.I'll be done pretty soon "

"Is it because of what daddy did to our living room?Will he be coming with us too?"she looked bending her head sideways.

"Oh,no baby.It's not that.We're just going on a vacation for a little while...Okay?"I said emotionally cuddling her as tears dropped from my eyes.

"But why are you crying mommy?Did something happen?"she asked staring back at me with pity eyes.

"No..No baby.I'm just really happy being here with you"I smiled wiping my tears off as I quickly got her clothes packed and mine too along with some other stuffs we'll be needing since we weren't going to be staying here anymore.

"I can't do this anymore.I really can't.It's over"I muttered under my breath as the best moments we had together came flooding my mind as tears dropped from my eyes again.I can't believe things are going to end up like this..It's quite tragic.I sighed pulling our luggage behind as I held on to Ryn.I turned to look back again as I bid my final goodbye to the house and everything in it with tears flowing unceasingly.

"Don't be sad mommy.Baby's here for you"my daughter smiled bringing me back to reality again.Awe!My little girl!If only she knew what was going on between her father and I.I can't believe she's witnessing all these at such tender age.She doesn't deserve it.She doesn't deserve any of it but I know things are gonna get better soon.Everything I do is for her and I'm certainly not going to rest until she's got the best of matter what!

"Sure baby!Come on now.Let's go"I said clutching to her as we stepped out in the still of the night.

"Goodbye Derek!!!"


Three weeks later

"Babe are you feeling well?How are you and Ryn coping?Are you sure you really don't want to stay over at my place?I'm worried about you and your health too.God!Look at you.You've grown so lean these past few weeks"she complained bitterly as she pulled me into her arms.

"Yeah but thanks.We're both fine.I really don't want to bother you guys"I said drying my tears off.

"Please stop it.Stop it Trish.You can't be like this all the time"she consoled.

"I can't help it.It hurts.It so hurts"I cried bitterly sinking into her arms again.

"Shh...Shh!I know but why haven't you said a word about it to Phil?You've been hounding him for a couple of weeks now and it's getting him really worried.Please call Phillip"

"I don't want to.I don't want to add to his problems.Believe me"I said sulking.

"You're not doing that.Please you really have to tell him and your parents too alongside the cops.Why the hell are you protecting that insane husband of yours?"she feigned with anger.

"I'm not Chels.I..I just don't want him to go to jail.He's still the father of my child you know and that can affect Ryn.I just can't.I love my daughter so much and I definitely don't want her to be caught up in the middle of everything.She's just a little baby and you know she's really close to Derek.I fear things won't turn out right if Derek ever got in there"I muttered heartbroken as I rolled my eyes towards where she and Chelsea's child were playing happily.

"Oh!God!"I muttered with frustration shaking unsteadily.

"I know but...Oh!Who could that be?"Chels winced getting up as she signalled me to go upstairs in case Derek was the one knocking.

"Chels...Chels do you know where Trish is.I've been worried sick about her.I called her several times but her line isn't going.I need to know where she is.My mind hasn't being at rest for weeks now"

"Oh...Uhmm...Trish?I'm sorry Phil but I don't know where...."

"Trish?"he muttered with surprise as he sighted me running towards the back door.

"Trish!Trish wait up"he followed running after me.

"Phil!Stop!"Chels said from behind trying to stop him.

"Trish!Trish stop"he called catching up with me as he grabbed hold of me.

"Derek..Derek stop..Stop Derek..Ple..ase!Drek stop..Let go of me...Let go of me Derek"I wept uncontrollably trying to get out free.

"Trish st...."

"Derek...Derek..Please...Please Derek!Let me go!!!"I yelled like an insane woman as I remembered how Derek brutally assaulted me without pity.

"Trish stop...Stop!It's me..It's Phillip Trish"Phil yelled holding me tighter as I stared at him with shock.


"Ph...Phil?Ohhh...."I breathed sinking into him as he tightened his arms around me.

"I..I'm so sorry Phil..I never should have..."

"Trish why did you run off like that?What got you scared and God,what got were you screaming like that?Did Derek do something to you?"

"He...He"I stammered as I felt my whole body tremble.

"What did Derek do Trish and why the hell do you have these bruises on your arm?"he said angrily slipping the upper arm of my dress down a little bit as he glared at the finger marks over there.

"Phil pl..please!"

"Did Derek do this?"

"!"I lied smacking my lips.

"I tripped when I was..."

"That's a lie!What did Derek do to you Tricia?"


"What did he do to you?"he shot back.

"He..He r*ped me...Derek r*ped me Phil"I began sobbing again.

"What?!That devil"he snared pulling me back into his arms as I could feel his heart racing loudly.

"Phil please..."

"I've had enough of him.I've had enough.He took you away and now,he's making you suffer all because of nothing.Argh!Why is he doing this?Why?!"he snared letting go of me as he made to rage towards where his car parked.

"Phil no..."I yelled dragging him back as Chels followed.

"Phil calm down.Just calm down"

"Calm down?Calm down you say?Chels did you see what he did to her and you're telling me to calm down?God!That guy is so dead"he barked kicking the empty trash on the ground.

"Phil..Phil please.Don't do it"I begged nonstop.

"Let's go inside.You and Ryn are both coming with me"he said.

"No Phil.Derek will surely come after you and I definitely don't want that to happen.I don't know what'll become of me if something bad ever happened to you"I sobbed embracing him as tears dropped off.

"Let him come Trish...Let him come.I'm not afraid of him"he boiled much more.

"You know what?You and Ryn are definitely going home with me and please don't say no cause that certainly wasn't a request"

"Bu..but I can't..."

"He's right"Chels cut in.

"You guys aren't safe at that hotel.Derek can come after you anytime.Most especially when you have his daughter with you.He'll surely wanna take her and I know you wouldn't want that"

"Chelsea's right Trish.You need to stay with us.Grandma Hennia can take care of you both.Please say yes"

"I...Well,okay.I'll go get Ryn then.Thank you so much Phil"I uttered with gratitude as I hugged him again.

"It's okay.Just come along now.Let's go"he said taking my hand as we went inside again.

"Now I feel totally relieved"


"Mommy...mommy!"Ryn called shaking me.

"Mmm,baby you're up.What's wrong?"I yawned as I got up.

"Can't sleep.When are we going back home mommy?I miss daddy already"she asked pressingly as she got on top of me.

"Oh,c'mon baby.Are you not happy here?I thought you wanted to be with Stacie and Stephanie?"

"I'm happy of course but I just miss daddy so much"she sulked.

"Why hasn't he come to see us at Uncle Phillip's house these past few days?Is he angry with us?"she asked innocently.

"No baby.He isn't all right?Trust me"

"Oh,dear!"Mrs Hennia smiled walking in with a stool in her hand.

"Goodmorning grandma Hennia"Ryn greeted running towards her.

"Oh,goodmorning my child.Trust you had a goodnight sleep?"

"Yes grandma.Mommy and I really did"she giggled tucking at her dress.

"Heh!Kids don't really have problem"I laughed inside.

"Oh grandma,you shouldn't have bothered about that.I could get that myself,you know?"I laughed taking the tray from her.

"Oh,you know I don't want you stressing yourself.By the way,I dreamt of tiny fishes last night"she chuckled throwing a glance at me as she poured the tea out from the little tea pot.

"Fishes?Am I supposed to know what that means?"I asked curiously rolling the blanket aside.

"Oh dear!"she chuckled staring back.

"When someone dreams about little fishes at sea,it means that something big is coming their way.Like really big"she motioned with her hands.

"Whoa!Is that something I should worry about that?"I asked with fright.

"Ha-oh-oh!"She chuckled again.

"It's good news my child.Goodnews"

"Phew!Thank goodness"I heaved a sigh as Ryn got beside me immediately taking up her own spoon.

"Whoa!Whew!"I breathed heavily as I felt my tummy rumble in a hoarse manner.

"What's wrong child?"

"I...I..Oh!"I said getting out of bed as I rushed towards the bathroom throwing up immediately.

"Oh,!Not again"I muttered sadly as I continued throwing up into the water closet.

"Mommy!"Ryn called watching me as I went on weakly.

"Are you okay child?"Mrs Hennia said rubbing my back.

"I..Yes grandma.I am"I lied trying to conceal the truth.

"Oh,it's okay child.You don't need to hide it from me"she smiled ushering me back to the bed as she rolled the blankets over me.

"You know?"

"Of course I do.I'm a mother too,you know?"

"Oh!But grandma,please don't tell Phil about this.I don't want him to know"I pleaded.

"But why?Phillip ought to know.I know he'll understand"

"I...I just don't want him to know grandma.I'm scared he won't be able to keep up with me"I sulked taking my eyes down.

"Oh,no child.My grandson has come a long way loving you and he never for once stopped.In fact,nothing will make him do that now,not when you're in this condition.So don't you worry.Just tell him,all right?"she urged persuasively.

"I bet he'll be happy knowing about it"she said warmly rubbing my hand.

"I know grandma but I..I rather not tell him now.Perhaps later"I said trying to change her mind.

"Mmm,if you insist.Eat up okay?I'll see you two downstairs"she smiled pecking me on my forehead.

"Bye nana"Ryn called from behind me.

"Bye my child.See you later"she waved back shutting the door back as the room got all silent again.

"Oh Derek,you won't have to know about this child cause I'll raise him and Ryn no matter what it'll cost me.That I'll make sure of" I smiled placing my hands on my belly as I got to feel the warmth of having another tiny living being inside of me.

I got you sweet pea

. .

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  • Chidera picture
    This is really interesting, well done dear, expecting the next episode
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Esthy Thanks Love
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    Ciara Jessy
    @Chidear Oh dearie,you've seen it...Thank you
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    Dolapo Oloyede
    Derek is a monster , I pity Trish sha Well done job Clara
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Dolapo.....Why,thank you dear.
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    Lo is
    How many babies She child making factory....I'm counting 6 nawww
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Six?Lolzzzz.....The boy will make it four actually.
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    Lo is
    But u said she was pregnant with four at once .... before...I'm confused
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    No...3 dear...She was pregnant with three at her youthful age...But then something tragic went on and they were only two girls left....And then,plus Ryn and the little on in her tum.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    One* Which is Leonard.....Little Le
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    One* Which is Leonard.....Little Le
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