MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 32

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"Hi mama..Whatcha doing?"

"Oh,you know,just tidying up a little.Is something wrong baby?Are you hungry?"

"Nope.I want to go play with Stacie"

"Hi aunt Trish!"Stacie greeted from behind her.

"Oh,hi honey.Did you sleep well?"

"Mmm-hmm!We sure did"she nodded in affirmative.

"Aww...How sweet!Where's your sister?"

"She's still asleep"she said laughing.

"Bet she's drooling all again"she whispered in Ryn's ears as they both started laughing.

"Oh sister!Don't be all silly now.I can hear you quite well"Stephanie cut in as she walked towards them.

"Goodmorning aunt Trish"

"Goodmorning sweedy.Did you sleep well?"I asked as I leaned closer to the mop.

"Yes aunt.We did"

"All right darlings.Well,how about you go...."

"Kids!What' you doing out here?"Nanny Susan,a middle age lady called from behind.

"Oh,I'm sorry dear.Were the twins disturbing all again?"she asked softly moving behind them.

"Oh,c'mon aunt Susy,we weren't playing any silly pranks this time"Stacie grinned at her.

"Yeah baby"Stephanie chipped in as they booty struck each other.

"Ha..Oh you two"

"We were only talking though"

"Ugh!Wow...Talking?How surprising!"she uttered with amazement as they both winked at her.

"Well children,do run along now so you won't work aunt up"

"And oh ma'am,please give me that.Sir Phillip said you needn't do any house chores for now"she said trying to take the mop from me.

"Oh,it's fine.I'm almost done anyway"

"Oh c'mon!I insist.I don't want you getting tired..."she persuaded.

"Oh,I'm fine.Just let me do it.Besides,it isn't stressful in anyway"

"Are you sure dear?"she continued kindly.

"Yes aunt.There's no need assisting me with it"I said again making to continue with the mopping.

Hmm,well,all right.Just call me if you need anything.I'll be in the kitchen just in case"she smiled as she went back again.

"You coming with us mama?"

"Oh,no baby.I need to finish up with this but I promise to join you guys when I'm done...Okay?"

"Oh,all right.Let's go Stacie"she said to them as the trio made for the door.

"Daddy?"the twins uttered surprisingly as they stared at a grinning Mac-Kenny.

"Phil!Oh my,what a lovely surprise"I blushed as I stared at him.

"You can say it again"he smirked.

"Hi babies"he smiled hugging them with Ryn not left aside.

"Where are you pretty lads off to?"

"We're going to play daddy.Wanna join us?"Stacie asked swinging his arm.

"Yes daddy...Please don't say no"Steph chipped in alongside.

"Ha!My,how can I refuse such a lovely offer from my pretty damsels"

"Oh daddy,I knew you'd say yes...Let's go now"they said excitedly clinging on to him.

"Haha!All right...All right but do go on first.I'll be there in a jiffy"

"Oh,all right"they echoed,chattering happily as they shut the door in.

"Hey girlie"he said coming towards me as he planted a kiss on my rosy cheek.

"Oh,what are you doing with that?I thought I told you not to do anything.Besides nanny Susan's always here"he winced making to take the mop from me as I quickly got it behind me.

"Oh,c'mon,I'm not a baby,you know?Besides,I'm just helping ma'am Susan with the house chores.I can't stay idle doing nothing"I sighed making to continue.

"Ugh!You're so stubborn Trish"

"Ha!Look who's talking"I said with a smirk as I bent down again.

"Haha!Just give me that.You need to rest"

"Awe...c'mon!I'm almost done.Just let me...Whoa!"I breathed as I felt something move inside of me.

"What?"he asked rolling his eyes all over me.

"Is that....My God!Is that blood stain at the back of your gown?"he asked panic stricken as he held it out for me.

"Oh no!"I muttered inside as fear gripped me.

"Oh no!It can't be"I smiled faintly moving away from him as my head spun around making me lose balance.

"Trish....Trish!Wake up Tricia"I heard Phil call abruptly as I laid motionless without getting up or even moving a muscle...And if I should say,I can't say what went on next as I woke up in an entirely different place...Hmm,how weird!


"Trish..."Phil called as my eyes slid open slowly.

"Gosh!You're up.I was really worried about you"he continued c*ressing my hand.

"Wh-where am I?"I said weakly getting up as he held me back.

"You shouldn't do that for now.The doctor said you need plenty of rest"

"Tcsh!He's right Mrs Mack"a man I presumed to be the doctor Phil talked about(well,since literally,he had a white coat on and a stethoscope dangling from underneath his collar) walked right in.

"Oh...Doctor Theo!It's a good thing you're here"

"Mrs Mack"I thought to myself as I stared at him and back at Phil again.

"What am I doing here?"I whispered to him as he held my hand easing me.

"That's right friend"he laughed making towards me.

"My,you really shouldn't be stressing yourself much Mrs Mack especially when you're in this condition...You just had some spotting but it's all right...Your baby is just fine"he smiled reassuring me 

"How'd you feel?Do you feel any burning sensation inside your stomach?"he asked professionally.

"N-no...I feel just fine"I uttered nervously.

"That's good news.We'll just run some few other tests and when we're done,you're sure free to go"

"Thanks...Thanks a lot"I said as he nodded to me and left.

"Phil I..I can explain"I said as Phil drew his chair closer.

"I..I should have told you but I..."

"Shh!I already knew before I brought you here"

"What?!B-but how..."

"Why,of course.Grams told me a week ago..Uhm,get some rest okay?"he urged kissing me on the forehead.

"You hungry?I bet they have lots and lots of burgers stocked up for you"he teased making me laugh.

"I can't believe he hasn't forgotten anything"I smiled inside as my eyes stood fixed on him like he was some TV.

"Heh!I'll go get you something to eat all right?Be right back"he smiled pecking me all again as he walked right out.


"Woooo!And here we are....."

"Uh,Phil,what are we doing here?I thought we were going back to grandma's?"I said as he pulled the car door open for me.

"Seriously?"he laughed.

"You're going to be staying here for the mean time.You know,so I can be keeping an eye on you"he said gently taking the baby stuffs he bought out of the car.

"Huh!But what about my daughter?And of course,your kids too?"

"Ohh...I see.You're missing them already"he laughed poking my sides.

"Well,of course.I mean,I can't stay a day without seeing Ryn.I bet she's feeling my absence now"I said frowning.

"Oh,c'mon,don't be like that.Besides,grandma's taking good care of her and not just her,she's got the twins....and nanny Susan too.So I bet she won't miss her stubborn mama that much"

"Ugh!You're so annoying"I scoffed playfully as we went inside.

"Trish!Oh,welcome home sister"Janine squealed happily hugging me as she threw a glance at Phil.

"Hope pompous here wasn't disturbing you that much?"she teased glaring at Phil playfully.

"Arrrr!My poor heart"Phil laughed from behind.

"Haha!He's being good lately really"

"Oooo,I see"

"Mum's here Phil"she whispered lowly as I sighted Mom Clara on the puff.

"Oh son,you're back.And aww,you brought Trish along"she said enthusiastically moving towards us.

"Welcome my child"she smiled pecking me as she ushered me to the couch with Janine taking the things we bought upstairs.

"So Trish,how are you feeling?You feeling better now?"

"Yes mom.I am"

"Phil baby...Get her something to eat.I bet my little bun's hungry in there"

"Ha..Oh ma!We've already eaten"

"Is dt so?Was the food enough?"she asked concerned.

"Of course mom.It was.I just want to get some rest"

"Oh,you should dear.You sure need that"she smiled getting me up on my feet carefully as knock came on the door.

"Phil,check who's at the door.I bet it's the plumber I called earlier"she beckoned as Phil moved hastily to the door.

"A plumber?The hot water's stopped running?"he asked arching his brows.


"Phil!"Mrs Anderson said again as she gave him a sign I couldn't comprehend.

"Oh....Right!"he grinned turning  the door knob revealing an average feminine figure that looked just like...

"Oh my..."I gasped inside staring at my very own mother.

"Mother?Mother,what are you doing here?"

"I invited her over Trish"Phil cut in shocking me more.

"Welcome Mrs Parker"he smiled receiving her warmly.

"Oh Phil,I'm so happy seeing you right now"she said happily placing her hand on his face.

"And oh,my baby"she smiled reaching for me as we got caught up in a mothers daughter's sentimentally embrace.

"Mom..Mom,I'm so happy to see you.But how's that even possible?I thought you were on a business trip with dad at Philadelphia"

"Yes..But I came as fast as I could the minute Phil told me everything"

"Oh..God!I missed you baby..."

"Phil...Clara!I certainly can't thank you guys enough"she smiled hugging ma'am Clara.

"Oh,it's nothing old friend"she laughed softly as she rubbed my mom's jacket arm.

"You look good I must say"

"Mom,you still remember..."

"Of course,I never forget a face that easily"

"Come!Sit down friend"

"Janine,do get our guest something to eat.I bet she's quite starved from the long trip"

"Ugh!Tell me about it.I got jet lag"she teased caressing my hair like she usually did back when I was still young.

"Good thing I boarded a private plane.I wouldn't have gotten here earlier"

"Oh!But mum,does dad know?"I whispered to her.

"Oh,no baby.I just couldn't tell him.You know how your dad is.Always the busy type"she smiled as I sighed,feeling relieved again.

"Welcome aunt.I'm Janine"

"Oh,I remember you quite well.Your that little kid Clara always carried with her.My,you're such a damsel now"she laughed as she watched Janine lower the tray for her.

"Mmm-hmm!It amazes me how kids grow so fast"Janine's mum cut in.

"That's really true my dear"

"Baby,are you sure you don't wanna come with me?I'm worried Derek will go searching for you?You know he never gives up till he has what he wants"she muttered worried gulping her drink down.

"I...I'm pretty okay here...Really.Derek won't be able to find me besides he hasn't even bothered looking yet.Some fellow he is!"I scoffed.

"She's right ma'am Rayna.Trish is safe here.Well,for the mean time before you know,we go back to Switzerland and...I'm taking her with me"

"What?Phil no...You know I can't be far away from my daughter for that long.I might totally end up dying,you know?"my mum uttered shakily with such frightened eyes.

"And...the baby?D-does Derek know?"

"No mum.And I'm really not planning on telling him cause I don't want my child knowing all about him"I swallowed hard.

"But what about my grandbun?You do know she's not that little to forget.What'll happen to her?And gosh,where is she?"she asked searching her eyes around.

"She's with grandma Hennia ma and I can assure you that she's perfectly safe with them"Phil chipped in sitting right opposite us.

"I know but baby do you really have to do this?"

"Yes..Yes mommy.It's for the best"

"It's really for the best Rayna.You shouldn't worry.We're all going to take good care of her.I promise"Mrs Anderson assured.

"Oh,well that's okay.Just be fine for me,all right?"she smirked hugging me again.

"Yeah..I will mum..I will!"

 Another week more

"Phil...Phil were are you?"I called moving into his study room which had a whole lot of books stacked up on both sides of the shelves that stood on opposite corners.

"My,Phil really has a whole lot of books stuck up in here"I smiled admirably as I took out one which had "Interview with the merricove's mermaid" scribbled on the front cover.

"Ha!So this guy's still got a thing for scary stories?Interesting!"I smiled sliding the book open as I flipped through the pages,making sure I read every subheads on it.I went on for few minutes since every page I glanced at seemed really intriguing with the pictures and everything looking quite real and enchanting and as I got closer to the middle,I caught sight of something...A photo.It wasn't just any kind of photo,it was a photo of a little boy,about two years old or let's say three who looked just like my daughter,Ryn when she was little.I stared at it with astonishment as I tried to figure out who it was when I heard someone come in.

"My brother"Phil said taking the photo from me.

"Y-your brother?You have a brother?"

"Had.He...he died many years ago"he swallowed hard feeling all sober.

"Oh,uhm,wow...I..I'm sorry Phil.I didn't know at all"

"That's because I didn't tell you.My parents weren't the only one in that car crash.There was someone"

"My God!"I gasped feeling sorry even more.

"I'm so sorry Phil.I really am"I said moving into his arms.

"Yeah...I still remember that day.How I got back from school only to find the people I once loved gone just like that.It still hurts really"he sobbed silently.

"Shh!It's okay...It's okay all right?"I sobbed along tightening my arms around him more.

"Trish I have to tell you something...Something I've always wanted to tell you"he paused looking back at me.

"Well,what's it?"

"It's about...It's about...."

"Phil...Phil where are you?"Janine called walking inside.

"Oh!Oooo...Oh!"Janine breathed as she partly covered her face making us laugh.

"Heh!Uh,I'm...I'm so so sorry...I didn't know you guys were....Uhmm,ahem,I'll just...just...You know...leave"she smiled hurrying out again.

"Well,you better go answer her.I bet it's pretty important"I urged him.

"Oh...Heh!Right.I'll see you later then"he said as he walked out of the room.

"Wow!That was intense but...but how come that baby looks just like....Gosh!Trish it's just your mind fluttering out again.Argh!"I sighed slumping back to the chair as I got back to reading again.

. .

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