MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 30

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"Anybody home?Anybody?"I said playfully as I took off my plums.


"Shush teddy.Let's not make a peek"Ryn whispered from behind the sofa where her little feet stuck out.

"Oooh...."I chuckled as I tiptoed towards her.

"Hi baby"I smiled tickling her feet.

"Oh,mommy.Stop!That so tickles"she giggled flaring her feet in the air.

"Mmm!I missed you.Is Cherry home?"I asked carrying her to the sofa.

"No mommy.We haven't seen her since morn"

"Hmm,is that so?I guess she went to see her mum"

"Huh?Mommy,aunt Cherry has a mommy?"she gasped popping her mouth open.

"Of course baby.Just like you got one"I smiled patting her head.

"Hmm,but mommy aunt Cherry told me she hasn't got any.How come she has one now?"she asked smartly.

"She hasn't?"I muttered with disbelief

"She hasn't!Humph!Why,that lying imbecile"I cursed inside. 

"Mommy are you okay?"she asked again lowering her head to my bosom as I cuddled her.

"Of course baby.Mommy's just a little tired from the day's job"I smiled faintly brushing off the strands of her that covered her face.

"How was school baby?Did you have fun?"

"Yes mommy.Mommy,Stacie and Stephanie were asking of you.They felt sad when I told them that you weren't going to come pick me up"she sighed looking up at me.

"Jeez mommy,your heart's beating like a drum"she laughed placing her right ear on my chest.

"Oh baby,you're so funny"I teased as she giggled alongside.

"By the way,are they okay baby?"

"They sure are mommy but why didn't you come pick me up?Even daddy didn't"she said sadly as she wrapped her arms up.

"What?Daddy didn't?"I stared with shock.

"Yes mommy.Uncle Phillip had to take me to Aunt Chelsea's house.Well,at least I got to see Ralphy again"she smiled happily shoving the angry feelings off her.

"Are you serious?Daddy didn't pick you up from school?"I feigned with anger.

"And who brought you back?I mean gosh,baby how long did you stay at Aunt Chelsea's?"I boiled with rage.

"Derek is so unbelievable!!!"my mind came rumbling out furiously.

"Well,daddy did come later mommy cause aunt Chelsea had to call him"she continued.

"But please mommy,don't get angry at daddy.He got to apologize"she said looking scared.

"Oh,come here baby.I won't all right?I won't"I said taking her in my arms again as I planted kisses all over her head.

"Have you eaten my love?"

"Not really mommy.I didn't feel like it"she mumbled bowing her head.

"But why baby?Why didn't you eat at aunt Chelsea's?You didn't like the food they gave you?"

"I did like it but..."

"But what?Did someone beat you at school?"

"Not really"she said squeezing her face.

"I just missed you,that's all"she said looking up at me.

"Aww,I missed you more baby"

"But mommy,is daddy really my father?"she asked shocking me more.

"What?!Oh of course baby.Why would you ask such a thing?Did someone utter something like that in your face?"I fumed harder.

"No mommy,I was just asking.He barely has time for me now and that makes me even sad"she said wanting to cry.

"I prefer Stacie and Stephanie's daddy.He's always buying things for me.

"Oh,don't be like that baby.You know daddy's always busy at work and besides,you don't need to work your little mind out.You got mommy and.... daddy too"I breathed fondling her.

"You just have to give him sometime,okay? bet he'll come around someday"I said comfortingly.

"You sure mommy?He's always in his room.He doesn't even come downstairs like before"

"Oh,just take your mind off that.Daddy's really busy for now"I uttered trying to convince her nothing was wrong but I bet she could still see from her little eye that things weren't right with Derek.I don't blame the poor girl though.Derek's being acting really awkward these past few days and it's freaking the hell out of me.

"Baby,guess what!"I said happily rubbing my palms together.

"Whaaaaat?"she said sluggishly.

"Oh,aren't you cherry"I laughed pinching her.

"Ouch mommy.That hurts"

"Oh,you!We're going to Beverly park tomorrow baby.You do know what tomorrow is right?"

"Ye....ah...My birthday"she sighed bringing her legs up as she placed her elbow on it.

"That's right my love You're gonna be five"I sang happily embracing her.

"Ugh!C'mon.You don't wanna go to your favourite park?"

"Not really.Why,unless daddy's coming with us"

"Well,um baby...About that,I...Ugh!"I sighed curving my lips.

"You know what baby,we're gonna have the best time together...You and I.I promise"I said enthusiastically caressing her cheeks.

"Pinky swear?"she smiled lifting her tiny pinky finger up.

"Sure baby.Here you go"

"Now let's go have lunch now.What do you wanna eat?"

"Cap n crunchy"she yelled delightedly getting up from her seat as she raced towards the kitchen.

"Oh,no running baby.Take it easy"I cautioned moving towards her as my eyes collided with the plain card on the freezer top.

"What's this?"I muttered shakily as I rolled my eyes on the card which had some writings scribbled on it.


Aunt Trish,I'm really sorry but...but I can't do this anymore.I know I failed you..and Ryn too but I have to say,meeting you two was the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life.I

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. know you're confused on seeing this right now but I just want you to know that I won't be coming back anymore.Please take care of yourself and my baby,Corinne...for me.I know that when the right time comes,things will be better.It pains to leave like this and I can't say I won't miss you guys but I can assure you,it's simply for the best.I'm really sorry for everything.Goodbye!


"Whew!Wow"I breathed reading the words over and over again.

"Phil was right..God!How did I not see through her"I muttered unconsciously as my head swirled around.

"Mo-mommy...Are you alright?Is something wrong?"she asked peering at me as she lowered the cereal pack down.

"Yeah!Yes baby.I am"I sighed taking the crunch from her as I poured it out into her favourite baby bowl.

"Mommy,come eat with me"she urged stretching her spoon out to me.

"Oh..."I laughed gulping it down.

"Mmmm,it's really nice"I said softly handing the plastic spoon back to her.

"Well,eat up baby.I'll go check up on your dad now"

"All right mommy.Love you"

"I love you too hon"


"Hey!So you're here?"I said to Derek as I caught him staring outside the window not uttering anything.

"Uh,aren't you going to welcome me baby?"I asked tiredly making towards the bed.

"Oh,yeah.Sorry about that...I wasn't listening"he sighed looking back at me.

"Welcome.How was work honey?"

"Well,you know,the same regular stuff.Um,baby,did something happen while I was gone?I mean,have you seen this?"I asked anxiously handing the card over to him.

"No?I thought she just went out"he said staring at the card with a surprise expression.

"Me either.Anyway,she made her choice and there's nothing we can do about it"I said studying him closely.

"You're not saying anything.Humph!Well,have you eaten?"

"Yeah...Uhmm,What do you want me to say.Besides,she's 24,she's got to move on,you know?"

"I...guess.Baby where were you?Ryn told me you didn't go pick her up from school and that made me worried.Why didn't you?"

"Oh?That?I was quite busy at the office.We had some crucial meeting and I couldn't ditch it just like that.Believe me baby,I had no intention of leaving our daughter off like that"

"A meeting?What meeting?You do know I come to your office everyday,right?And you know when I stopped by today,to give you your food since you didn't eat before leaving,I didn't see you.Where were you that time?"

"Uhmm...ahem!"he coughed 

"Uhm,I guess you missed me cause I'd already left with Stan then"

"Stan?Are you sure?Cause I was pretty sure I saw Stan then.Baby are you lying to me?"

"No...No baby.You know I can't do that"

"That's what you say all the time but you always do and it hurts so much.I mean wh-what's happening to you?You tell me things will be better but it only gets worse and God you drank again"I said with disgust as my eyes went to the cans of alcohol that stood by the shelf.

"So this is your life now,huh?This is your life now?"I yelled.

"You come back every night drunk.You don't even care if things are going on well over here....Y-you don't even care about me nor even your own daughter and she's starting to notice.God!I don't know you anymore Derek"I ranted as I pushed him aside.

"Babe..Babe I...I can explain"he said trying to calm me down.

"Like I need details?You know what,don't touch me.Please don't.I'm not in the mood right now"I shot back stripping my clothes off as I made for the bathroom.

"Babe please...."he said moving closer.

"I said don't Derek.I've had enough,all right?Just please let me be.Please!"

"Oh,spare me that!"he scoffed.

"You act like you're the saint here.Who's the cheater here,huh?"he flared glaring at me.

"Who's being deceiving me all these time?"

"What?!"I gasped under my breath looking back at him.

"Yes!Yes Tricia.You think I don't see you two.You're always with that useless lover of yours and you never even bothered saying a word about his return.You had the guts doing it in broad daylight not caring if anyone was watching you two and not even caring if I was gonna get hurt by it and here you are laying some stupid accusations on me.Heh!You're starting to get on my nerves girl"he spat plunging his fierce blazing eyes on me.

"What?!That's not true Derek.Yes!Yes I do see Phillip but we never did anything.Believe me.Phil is certainly not that kind of guy and you know it.So please don't you bring him into this cause he never caused you anything"I shot back making to leave as he grabbed me.

"Derek stop it....."

"Oh,yeah?You and Phil never did anything?So who's the one I spotted at Eastgate?Your twin,right?"


"Derek I said stop it.You're hurting me"I groaned trying to get his hands off.

"Answer me!Oh,you haven't met that yet Trish"he chuckled devilishly pushing me roughly to the bed as he got on top of me.

"De-Derek stop!Please"I yelled trying to get him off me as he got his hand on my mouth,stripping my towel off with hostility.

"This is for you stabbing me in the back.You don't deserve any kind of mercy.I loved you...I loved you Trish like I never loved anyone but you chose to be with that punk over the person you call your husband and now you'll have to pay for it dearly"he spoke harshy as he drove his throbbing manhood into me with full force not caring if it hurt like hell.

"No!Derek..Derek please.Stop...Stop"I cried uncontrollably trying to get him off me but to no avail.

"Stop..Derek sto..."I wailed nonstop but it was too late as I laid motionless watching the father of my child...the man I really thought was my happily ever after have his way with me forcefully like a ruthless beast I saw him as....


I awoke few hours later as every part of my body ached so much like I'd just being thrown down some three storey building.I sat up recalling what had just happened as I began feeling sore inside.It felt really dreadful knowing it wasn't just any nightmare I can just wake up from.I looked around realizing that I've been alone all these time and it was way past eight now as everywhere seemed really dark.I got up,stepping inside the bathroom, though quite famished and worn out as I got the shower running not caring it was too cold for me.All I wanted was to be out of here.And I meant it this time.I wept bitterly stooping low as my heart got way too heavy.I couldn't help it....I couldn't believe I ended up loving such a terrific monster and now,I'm gravely paying for it all.


"Oh,what an animal"I muttered crying uncontrollably as I got out.Getting my hands on the first dress I caught sight of as I walked out feeling heartbroken than I ever had...If only this day will go by.I sighed to myself stepping out of the room with my heart totes heavy...

. .

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Hmmmmm........I felt for Trish
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Oh,you should dear...How sad!
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Oh,so tragic.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    I even felt for her...She didn't even get to keep her promise to Ryn all because of that dufus head...
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    I even felt for her...She didn't even get to keep her promise to Ryn all because of that dufus head...
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    I even felt for her...She didn't even get to keep her promise to Ryn all because of that dufus head...
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    I even felt for her...She didn't even get to keep her promise to Ryn all because of that dufus head...
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