MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 29

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Some weeks later

"Oh!Good Lord!What's that noise?"I winced getting up from the swing chair that laid on the front porch.

"Peek a boo"a voice chuckled behind me inducing more terror in me as I quickly recognized it.

"J-Ja...!"I tried to call but he gripped me,covering my mouth immediately so I wouldn't make a noise.

"Oh,don't be so stubborn now.Daddy's got ya"he grinned pulling me with him.

"James stop!James s-stop it!"I cried biting his palms so hard making him groan.

"B*tch!Now you're gonna get it from me!"he snared grabbing me again.

"James...P-please..."I begged sweating profusely as his grip got tighter.

"James!!!"I panted heavily getting up as I strolled my eyes across the room,catching glimpse of some figure in the dark.

"De-Derek!"I muttered shakily as I fixed my eyes on the glass door.

"Derek!"I called again getting up this time as I tiptoed towards the balcony.

"Babe where are you?Are you..."

"Oh baby,you're up"Derek said softly getting me calm.

"Of course I am.Wh...what are you doing out here by 3 am?"I asked with suspicion as I looked at him.

"Oh,that.It was starting to get hot inside,so I needed to feel some cool breeze on me.Hope I didn't startle you baby?"he asked holding me.

"No.No you didn't.Come inside please.It's getting really lonely in here"I smiled faintly.

"Awe!Just get some sleep.I'll join you soon,okay?"he said pecking me.

"Well,all right.Don't be long now"I yawned moving inside again as I got back in bed,rolling the duvet over me.


"I'm so sorry Trish but you really don't have to learn about what went on eight years ago and that's why I have to do this..For your sake.For our sake"he breathed as tears dropped from his eyes.

"God!"he sighed moving towards her as he sat by her side c*ressing her cheeks.

"I really don't want to lose you.I really don't want to.I love you even though I may not show it but I really do.Why do you always have to choose Phil over me?Why do you always have?"he bickered inside gazing at her unendingly.

"I'm truly sorry for everything but I have to do this.I can't bear to lose you not now we've gone so far"he sniffed getting up as he bent towards her planting a kiss on her curved angelic lips.


"Baby are you okay?Why are you crying?"I asked as I felt Derek's lips on mine.

"Y-yeah...I'm fine.Something just flew into my eyes"he winced turning his face away.

"Your eyes?Oh gosh!Let me see"I said making towards him.

"I said I'm fine"he shot back impulsively not minding if I was being caring.

"How annoying!"I fumed inside taking my hands off him.

"I'm fine.Don't worry about me"he said turning the door knob.

"Uhm,where are you going?Aren't you going back to sleep?"

"Ugh!You ask too many questions Trish.Just let me be please.I'm not in the mood for your perky chitchat now"he said rudely walking out on me as he slammed the door in place.

"Ohh!So Derek...Always being naughty all the time"I sighed lying back down as I forced myself to sleep again.


"Boss,someone's here to see you"Luke,Mac's assistant at Mackersons Import informed.

"Oh,is that so?Well,who is it?"

"She didn't say but she was being persuasive sir.She said she was a friend of yours or so...can't remember exactly but she said it was quite urgent though"

"Hmm,urgent?Well,do let her in.Let me see for myself"

"Oh,all right sir"he said moving out again as he ushered the mystery lady in.

"Leave us please"he commanded staring at the lady on a tight mini skirt and a flair scissors top that gracefully revealed her upper shades.

"Um,sorry,who are you?"he asked inquisitively studying her closely.

"I'm Miss Miller.Charlene Miller to be exact"she lied.

"Does that ring a bell honey?"she grinned cat walking towards him in a sexy kind of way.

"No?What do you want and how the hell did you find your way in here?"he asked hoarsely glaring at her with disgust as she walked towards him.

"I...Want...You"she smiled mischievously licking her lips as she quickly wrapped her fingers around his collar.

"What the!Get your hands off me,you demon"he fumed pushing her roughly as she stumbled backwards.

"Ha!So you don't remember me baby?Humph!I guess not"she scoffed curving her lips.

"Well,I certainly don't blame you.Besides we only saw each other once.Back when we were at Swiss"she laughed getting her legs on the sofa as she moved her skirt up seductively like a pro s*x worker.

"You're bluffing"he laughed throwing an angry look at her.

"I never met up with anyone.Most especially not a cheap trash like you"

"Aww,c'mon baby,I know you remember quite well.Or have you forgotten the sweet enticing time we had together?Man,you were damnnnn hot"she grinned flaring a kiss in the air.

"You animal!"he snared raging towards her as he gripped her hair fiercely making her groan.

"How dare you march into my domain and spit out lies from that filthy garbage of yours?Huh?Who the f*ck are you?And what are you doing here?"he thundered loud tightening his hands more.


"Speak up I say!!!"

"I..I...Okay,okay,I will..."she coughed trying to wiggle free.


"It was Smith...Jackson Smith...He-he sent me to you"she said rolling her eyes around.

"Jackson?What!"he gasped with disbelief.

"Y-yes!"She breathed.

"He..he paid me off...I-I never wanted to sir but he threatened to kill me if I didn't do it"she uttered again pleading remorsefully.

"What?!Get out"he ordered furiously.

"Get out I say before I call the cops on you"he bellowed louder as the poor girl scurried off not looking back.

"Argh!Those fools!Ugh!Why can't they just give up?"he fumed clenching his teeth tightly as he slumped to his chair.

"They want war right?"he smiled picking up some walnuts that laid by the corner.

"War they shall have!!!"he chuckled crushing them into halves.


"Ooo,my baby's showing already"I teased poking Chels on her curved tummy.

"Oh,stop teasing.I'm just in my trimester..How much more"she laughed slapping my hands away playfully.

"Ha-oh!So you've heard from D?"

"Well,yeah.You guys haven't talked lately?She's coming back soon,you know?"she chipped in with enthusiasm.

"From LA?Aww,that's so sweet.Haven't talked to her though

"I've been quite busy myself"I sighed feeling sorry.

"Ah,I see.So how has Derek been treating you lately?Is he starting to change?"she asked with concern as she rubbed my fingers.

"Ooo,damn.That feels so good"I hummed laughing.

"Uh-huh!You're doing it again"

"What?I just don't wanna talk about him.I feel he's hiding things from me"I muttered frowning.

"And what makes you think that?"

"You know,two days ago,I caught him staring at nothing and do you know what was odd about that?"


"Yes,really odd.It was 3 am.God!I don't know why I feel something's not right"

"Awe,c'mon babe.Nothing's going on"she smiled reassuring me.

"I know but I do feel guilty somehow"

"Guilty?How do you mean?"

"Am I a horrible person Chels?Am I horrible because I can't tell my husband that I still feel something for my ex?God!I don't know why I feel this way"I muttered with frustration placing my head on my palms.

"Oh,sweedy,don't be like that.You're not horrible in anyway and besides,you and Phil ain't do anything on the contrary,so you're certainly not cheating on him"

"You think?Ugh!Yeah I know but...but I feel drawn to Phillip most especially to Stephanie and Stacie"I said feeling sentimental as I thought about them.

"Like we have some kind of connection that I can't really fathom out.Whenever I'm with them,I feel so drawn to them and I don't know why.They remind me of...."I swallowed hard keeping mute again.

"Your kids?"she cut in getting up as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Ahh!I think I'm going crazy Chels.Am I really going crazy?"I sighed rubbing my hands on her.

"No,you're not Trish.You're in love with their father and...and that's why you feel that way towards them.I bet it's no big deal.So don't work yourself out okay?"she said calmly.


"God!Phil we really can't keep this up anymore.Trish has got to know the truth.Else things will drastically take a different turn(she thought)

"Hmm,if you say so then.."

"Cher my sweet,check who's at the door"she called as a tapping sound came from outside.

"Char...."Phil made to call stopping halfway as he sighted Trish and Chelsea.

"Uh,we-welcome s-sir"Cherry greeted shakily as she closed the front door for him.

"Hi-hi-hi everyone!!!"he laughed moving towards them.

"Uncle Phillip!"Ryn came running towards him with Ralph following behind.

"Oh,hey munchkins!Got something for you two"he chuckled bringing them down as he handed the surprise package to them.

"A barbie dolly!"Ryn gasped not taking her eyes off the flashy big doll that had a magic wand in her hand.

"Yay!Corinne look,mine's Captain America"Ralph said happily showing his off.

"And that's not all my lovelies.There's a lot from where that came from"

"Really Uncle Phillip?"Ryn cut in.

"That's right princess.So what do you say,you two?"

"Thank you Uncle Phillip"they said in unison hugging him as they hurried back to their moms.

"Mommy...Mommy look what Uncle Phillip bought for us"they said with enthusiasm

"Oh,Phil!You shouldn't have"

"Ha-oh!It's nothing"

"Thanks really"

"Baby,have you thanked uncle really well?"

"Yup!She sure did"he chuckled making towards me as my heart skipped a bit.

"My,you look gorgeous my lady"he complimented throwing a glance at me as he handed the snacks-filled bag to Ryn and Ralph.

"Here you go,you two.Have fun now"he waved as we watched them run off excitedly.

"No running kids.Cher please keep an eye on them.I don't want anyone getting hurt"Chels said cautiously.

"Oo,so now we're kids-free,have this Chels"he smiled handing off a bag to her as she squealed excitedly.

"Don't open it.It's baby themed"he said warmly.

"Aww,thanks so much.I'll be right back you two"she said hurrying out the living room.

"Uh,I need to check up on the kids.And you know,see if they're not breaking anything yet"I said nervously making to leave.

"Ah-ah-ah!Where'd you think you're going?"he smiled gripping me.

"Oh Phi..."

"I'm not yet done you"

"Well,you didn't give me anything.So there's no need staying here"I scoffed folding my arms.

"Ooo,meaw"he mewed playfully scratching his hands in the air like a little kitty.

"Argh!You're so annoying"I laughed.

"And this annoying hottie's gonna steal you for a while.Come on now"he said dragging me with him.

"Huh?Where are you guys going?Aren't you staying for lunch?"

"Nah.See you later Chels!"he said taking me with him.

"Wait what!Wh-what about my daughter?Who's gonna take after her?"

"Oh,she'll be fine.Hurry!It's lunch date time"he smirked as we got inside his car.

"But Phil,what if Derek sees..."

"Derek?Don't tell me you're scared of him?And besides,it's not like we're doing anything unholy behind his back.It's just a friendly date.That's all.So don't be scared.This guy's got you"he smiled pecking me on my forehead.

"Oh,fine"I shrugged glaring at him in a playful way.

"Ha!Love that face kitty"he chuckled driving his car out the drive way as we zoomed off.


"Here we go!"he laughed pulling the chair out for me in a poised manner as he got to sit down afterwards.

"My,what a fine couple you both are"the waitress,a woman in her prime said admirably as she stood beside us.

"Can I take your orders sir?"she asked inquisitively as she got to writing.

"Oh we're n..."

"What would you love to have darling?"Phil grinned from his chair as the waitress watched with admiration.

"Um,some lobster jamz and an espresso to go with and for my love,the finest wine you've got"I chuckled smirking back at him as he laughed.

"Oooh...Sweetcheous!You Australian?You do sound like one I must say"

"Oh no"I laughed.

"Actually yes.We both are"Phil chipped in throwing a glance at me as I made to talk.

"Ooo,charmed!I'll go get you that food"she smiled hurrying off.

"Ah,man,we really got that lady there"I chuckled softly.

"I know right?You should have seen her face...."

"Boy,that was hilarious"I laughed looking back at him as I noticed he's being staring at me all these time.


"That smile.I missed it"he said softly making my heart go bump.


"Here you go"the waitress came towards us again as she placed the food right before us as she took her leave.


"Oh,I...I guess you didn't notice that before"I said fixing my eyes on the food.

"It's amazing I must say.Anyway,I couldn't help but notice something"

"Notice what?"I swallowed hard looking back at him.

"Is something wrong?"

"Not really but that girl I saw at Chelsea's house looks really familiar"

"Oh,you mean Cherry?"

"Cherry?Or Charlene?"he muttered with disbelief as he arched his brows at me.

"Oh,no Phil.Her name's Cherry.She's being staying with us for the past four years now.Is something wrong?"I asked disturbed.

"Trish l,I know this will sound a bit awkward to you but that girl's not to be trusted in anyway"

"Hmm,Cherry seems really nice.You sound like you've been with her?Is there something you're not telling me?"I asked putting down my knife.

"That's because I have Trish.She's not as good as she made you believe.I don't know if you're seeing it too but I have to tell you,you can't trust her.Most especially not with Ryn"

"What?You're getting me scared Phil.Is she...."

"She's not who you think she is.She stopped by my office some days ago pretending to be some Charlene Miller or whatever she calls herself.And..and she said something Trish.Something that really....Uh,well don't bother but you need to watch her closely.I definitely don't want you or Ryn getting hurt or anything.I won't be able to bear that,you know?"

"Wow!That's so not like her"I sat thinking as the day I caught her smiling at the sight of Derek getting really furious at me came flashing through my mind.

"Jeez!What if...Oh no!"I muttered inside.

"That girl has really got to go"I fumed inside as I gulped my espresso down.

"Woo.Easy there puffy.Don't take it out on the drink.It's done nothing"he teased making me laugh.

"Puffy?You still remember?"

"Why,of course.I told you I was never going to give up on you"

"Well,how am I sure you weren't only sweet talking me into your perky charms back then"

"Ha!You're so funny.I meant every word I said to you back then and if I am to say it to you again Tricia,believe me I will"he smiled softly caressing my hands.

"Anyway,we should get going now.I see you're done eating"he continued changing the topic.

"Ye-yeah!We totally should"I said getting up as I trailed my eyes outside catching glimpse of someone that looked exactly like James.

"Ja-James?"I gasped as I felt my body get hot.

"What did you say?"

"Phil,James' standing over there.I saw him just now"I stared with confusion as I caught sight of no one.

"But no one's there Trish.It's just the trees swaying on it's own"he said trying to calm me down.

"I'm serious Phil.I....Oh never mind.Let's go.I bet Ryn's looking for me now"

"Yeah,come on now"he held on to me as we went out of the building.


"Oh,yeah...That's right baby.I'm finally back and I'm certainly not going to give up till I have you all to myself...Haha!That son-of-a-bitch thinks he can take you away from me.Heh!Some shallow mind he has"

"You better drink to your heart's content Phillip cause I bet those fancy cocktails wouldn't be there for you when you go rotting in hell"


. .

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