Forgetting You - Episode 25

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I feel dizzy.

Watching Mrs Michaels pacing the length of the room to and fro has got me dizzy.

Well I can't blame her.

It's 7:30am now and there's still no sign of f Jason.. I wonder where he is.

I wonder if he's hurt. What if that burglar has hurt him or worse... . No,no. I shake my head willing such thoughts away.

I can't be thinking so negatively.. He's fine.

He's got to be fine.

I feel something tug on the shirt I'm wearing and I turn to see Olivia staring at me.

"I want Daddy"

she says softly and I almost break.

"Uhh.. Daddy.. He.."

I stutter trying to find a suitable yet simple explanation to give her but i can't seem to find one.

Olivia let's go off my shirt and climbs down the bed.


She squeals and runs towards the door.

I turn just in time to see Jason walking in. He looked tired.

There were dark lines under his eyes and his hair was all over the place.

It's obvious he barely had any sleep the entire night.

I watch as his face breaks into a smile as he carries Olivia and kisses her cheeks setting her on his hip.

"How are you baby?"

He asks

"I'm fine!"

She answers wrapping her arms around his neck.

Jason turns and our eyes meet.

My heart literally stops beating for a moment as his dark eyes bore into mine and I wonder why I'm not dead.


Before my brain can process everything,my feet are already moving towards him.

I wrap my arms around his torso and I let it out.

I cry.


he says softly holding me with his free hand.

"Where were you the entire night? Jason how could you be careless. What if you got hurt? What if..

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. Oh God Jason. Where were you? Are you hurt?!"

I ramble on and on as I release him and cup his face, searching for any bruises.

"Relax Hailey I'm fine. I'm okay, I promise"

he c-resses my cheeks and I instantly shiver at his touch.

What's happening?.

He bends and places a kiss to my forehead.

I take in a deep breath, relishing his soft lips against my skin.

"Don't ever leave like this again. Don't you ever!"

I try to make my voice stern but it comes out as a tiny sqeak.

Jason smiles at me c-ressing my cheeks more.

"I could never leave you Hails. Even if wanted to"

Before I could make out his words,we hear the clearing of throat and I turn to find Mrs Michaels staring at us, smirking. I blush and step away from Jason.

"Well well well"

she says and Jason groans.

"Not again mother. Please"

he warns but I could see his lips twitching slightly into a smile.

"What? I haven't said anything have I? I just admire... Your deep friendship"

she looks at her son and then at me.

I can't help but read a double meaning to her words.

She moves to us and taps Jason on the shoulder, still smirking.

Jason narrows his eyes at his mother as if communicating something to her.

She only laughs and begins to walk away.

"Take a bath before you come down for breakfast, you smell like shit!"

I choke and cough. Jason chuckles at my reaction.

"Surprised? This is just the beginning. Ever since my sister went abroad, she's picked these American slangs and she speaks it with my mother anytime she calls.

Read " The Emerald Chase " by the same author ( eliza )

. And well, my mother seems to like using them"

he explains.


Olivia calks out

"Yes honey?"

"I want to bath like sh-t!"

She exclaims. I gasp..


Jason scolds

"That word is bad. Very bad. Don't say it again. Never okay?"

She nods but I doubt that new word will be leaving her brain anytime soon.



Breakfast at the dinning table was by far the most uncomfortable situation I've ever found myself in.

The food spread out before me looked extremely tantalizing and mouth watering.

But how on earth could i possibly take a bite when Jason's father was shooting death glares at me.

I fidget with the hem of the pretty floral dress Mrs Michaels gave me to wear.

If only looks could kill,I'm sure I'd be six feet under the ground already.

I play with the fork as I gaze at Olivia who's seated on Jason's lap and drinking milk straight from it's box.

My attention goes to Jason and I involuntary smile.

He looks so handsome especially when he was wearing his glasses.

I see him glance at the phone In front of his father.

He stares at the phone longer and then smirks.

He pushes Olivia further into him and then whispers something into her ears.

I narrow my eyes suspiciously when I see Olivia's lips twitch into wide grin.

Jason nods and then whispers something again.

Before i could say Jack, Olivia Immediately reaches over and grabs the phone I saw Jason eyeing a second earlier and then jumps off his laps.

"Hey!! My phone! You little rat!" Jason's father sneers as he pushes his own chair back and runs after Olivia.

Olivia ducks and runs in between Mr Michaels opened legs.

"Hey! Give me back my phone. Now!"

He sneers and Olivia looks scared for a second.. I see Jason shake his head at her and she immediately grins again.

Oh Lord! What are they planning..

"Dad! Relax. I'll get it for you"

Jason offers getting up..

"You better! If a single hair on that phone is plucked off, I'll buy another one with your salary Jason!"

He growls and I'm tempted to tell him there are no hairs on a phone but I shut my mouth.


Time to put my first plan into action.

Everything that man had told me was going to be of great use.

I stand up and run after Olivia into the corridor.

I spot her immediately and she hands me the phone she took.

I grin and remove two bars of chocolate.

"Good girl"

I give her the chocolates and she happily snatches before running back inside.

I smile as I turn on my father's phone and enter the password **Lillian**,my mothers name.

I immediately scroll through his contacts and smirk when I find the number I want..I dial it and place it to my ear.

"Hello? Boss?"

I hear a male voice say.

"Yes Hakeem"

I answer in my father's voice.

"I want you to do something for me"

"Sure boss".

"Get me a bulletproof jean jacket"

"W..what? But..are you okay boss?"

"Yes now do not waste time. Get me the jacket by tonight understood?"

I ask in my Father's authoritative voice.

"Y..yes sure"

"Good. And one more thing, I want the jacket to be the size of my son, Jason"

I say "Alright boss,whatever you say"


I hang up and grin. Plan A,check!
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  • Bernice Gold picture
    Bernice Gold
    I said it that this man has a hand in this mess.. Good job Eliza
  • Debby Treasure picture
  • eliza picture
    hehe thanks Bernice
  • eliza picture
    thanks Debby
  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    smart move Jason, thanks Eliza
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    I'm suspecting him too cos of Sarah/Madeline abi what self but again he was calm the day they broke in so I'm thinking he mit v his own bad side too but mit not be wit the boss ooh come to think of it abi the person he referred to as Sarah's father whom he need to strengthen his bond wit thru the marriage is the boss? I see pharmaceutical company my ass
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Nice one dear
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    So Jason's father is involve in it? Wow, too bad shaa. Nice one
  • Sholly Young picture
    Sholly Young
    Eliza, you see I'm a wizard. See my reasons for suspecting Jason's father: Pharmaceutical company helps strengthened his drug deal, he wants his son to marry Sarah who is part of the cartel, the Hank of a man could have sent for Jason's murder instead of his daughter, and some other suspicious stuffs. Let's just sit and enjoy the story jae, Eliza dear, don't keep us waiting abeg.
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    I don't know y bh I don't think de father knows anything about it
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    I don't know y bh I don't think de father knows anything about it
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    Knows nothing
  • Hellen Opeyemi picture
    Hellen Opeyemi
    Getting more Interesting
  • eliza picture
    thanks lydy
  • eliza picture
    lol Ayomide,you making me laugh tonight. you hate Jason's father that much?
  • eliza picture
    thanks favour
  • eliza picture
    awww Sholly,you trying to get me to talk and spill the beans but I won't mind you. at least not now
  • eliza picture
    sure Mavis. maybe he could just be a grumpy man? just maybe
  • eliza picture
    thanks Hellen
  • eliza picture
    thanks Hellen
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    I can't help but laugh at Olivia& Jason fooling his dad
  • eliza picture
    lol. ikr @ Olasumbo
  • Cutedreamer picture
    I'm confused. I don't know what to think. And the suspense is killing me!! Eliza sweetheart
  • Sholly Young picture
    Sholly Young
    Eliza mind me, OK!?
  • Esther Mutunga picture
    Esther Mutunga
    I want to bath like..........hi hi hi hi kids !!!! Kids minds are like wet paint. Anything you put there sticks
  • eliza picture
    don't be confused cutedreamer, it'll be cleared soon
  • eliza picture
    @Sholly I will. but not now
  • eliza picture
    lol. ikr @ Esther
  • Sholly Young picture
    Sholly Young
    OK Ma'am Eliza
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Jason is really a smart dude,I just love dat guy. Hmmm, I'm sure Jason's father doesn't know anything abt Hank and d attack. He just have his own men like bodyguards.
  • eliza picture
    thanks @ Confie-Dencie
  • Mhearty picture
    I don't want to believe that Jason's dad is involved..Great work babe Eliza
  • eliza picture
    aww thank you @ Mhearty
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Smart ass........go J
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