Forgetting You - Episode 24

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"She really needs a mother figure"

Jason's mother comments beside when Olivia leans further into me.

I just stay mute as I caress her hair.

She isn't far from the truth. I'm her mother yet I can't tell her.

I gaze down at Olivia who's beginning to doze off.

"She dozing"

I announce.

"Finally! It's been three hours"

the elderly woman exclaims happily.

Her face then contorts into a frown.

"Where's my husband? I haven't heard of him since the commotion"

she says to herself.

Suddenly she climbs down the bed and proceeds towards the door.

"I'll check on him and be back"

she says and disappears.

I sigh and stare at Olivia's sleeping form. 

I adjust the mask on her face and plant a kiss to her forehead.

"I would always look forward to the day when you call me mother"

I whisper.


Lillian Michaels walks into the master bedroom, searching frantically for her husband.

Ever since the commotion three hours ago, she hadn't seen any sign of him anywhere.

Where could he be? She steps further into the room only to see her husband deeply asleep with a duvet covering half of his body.

Lillian clenches her fists as her worry was suddenly replaced with anger.

How dare he? How dare he be asleep when everyone's life was in danger? How dare he be asleep when everyone was awake? Stranger's had invaded their home for Pete's sake! Angrily, she marched to where he lay and pulled the duvet away from his body.

Her husband groans in his sleep and pulls the duvet back to cover himself with his eyes still closed.

Lillian yanks it away again and throws it on the floor.

"Greg!! Gregory Michaels!!! Wake up!!!"

She shouts nudging him hard.

"What is it woman? Why disturb my sleep?"

He hisses as he turns away from her to resume sleeping.


She shouts louder and he turns to face her, anger clouding his sleepy features.


He snaps.

"You wouldn't be asking me that stupid question if you were awake. Are you trying to tell me, you didn't hear the commotion downstairs? You didn't hear when strangers barged into our home?"

She scowls at him.

"Strangers? In our home? Good God!"

He exclaims wide eyed fully awake now

"And they tried to hurt Olivia"

She adds.

At the mention of that Mr Michaels eyes sinks back to it's original form.


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. I see"

He replies nonchalantly.

"You see? You see? Is that all you can say Gregory? You see? You don't care if a child was about to be murdered?"

Lillian throws her arms into the air in frustration.

Totally aghast.

He doesn't answer.

He just keeps mute, not bothered at all.

"You're a heartless man Gregory. Why am I even wasting time on you. Come on, let me not stop you from your oh-so-majestic sleep"

she shakes her head in disappointment and storms out.

He doesn't bother to stop her.


When the man had screamed enough, Jason took off the iron from his thigh and set it down.

The man stares at his flesh where the shape of the iron had been imprinted onto his burning flesh.

F*ck! It hurt so bad.

He groans.

"Let me ask you again. Who sent you?"

Jason asks, his voice low, yet stern and cold.

The man was quite, contemplating on whether to spill the beans or let sleeping dogs lie and suffer in pain.

"Do you want another round?"

Jason asks, his voice unusually cool as he lifts the heated iron towards the man's other thigh.

The man's eyes grows big and he immediately screeches back in fear.

"No. please. I will... Talk"

Jason smiles.

"Good choice. Speak up!" 

The man gulps hard.

"It.. It was.. Uhh.. He.. Uhh.. Hank. Hank Anderson"

he stutters.

"Hank Anderson?"

" boss.. H.Hailey's boss...our boss"

he breathes.

It takes a moment for everything to register into Jason's brain.

Hank Anderson. Boss.. Hailey's boss... Does this mean he wanted Olivia dead to send a message across? Wait?.

Was it the same man he had challenged to a duel yesterday? If so then.. Jason bites his lips, staring at the man intently, cooking up a plan.

He wasn't going to let this man go scot free.

Oh no.

Not so easily.

"So, pray tell me. How many duels has this Hank guy fought?"

He questions and the man narrows his eyes suspiciously.

"I ain't saying sh-t!"

"Oh really now? Let's see if you'll be singing the same song after I disfigure you"

Jason lifts the iron and takes it to the man's face.

The iron was inches away from his face now and the man could feel the immense heat from the iron on his face.. He could only imagine what that iron could do to his face.

He panics at the thoughts.

"Please don't! I..I'll tell you... Everything.

Read " Unattainable Perfection " by the same author ( eliza )

. Provided you'll let me go"


Jason agrees, smiling inwardly.

This was the only way to win the duel.

To find out the tactics and weakness of his opponent.

"Now I want you to tell me everything about your boss. Tell me about all the duels he's ever fought. The kind of men he uses to fight. The kind of weapons he uses, the skills. Tell me how this boss of yours thinks. I want to know how he thinks. I want to know how he wins his duels. All the skills and tactics he uses. Every single f*cking one of them."

The man frowns.

He was being made to reveal every secret and it was bad.

Very bad.

"And oh"

Jason adds

"Don't forget to tell me what his weaknesses are. Now start talking!"



I wasn't so sure about this chapter because of writers block. Pray tell me guys, what are your thoughts?
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  • Debby Treasure picture
    Debby Treasure
    Sweet y stopping na Next episode pls
  • Debby Treasure picture
    Debby Treasure
    Sweet y stopping na Next episode pls
  • Ukbaby picture
    Great..... So Jason father is innocent?
  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    never knew Jason was this smart. hope he finds a way to win this duel. love u eliza
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Kafra wai eliza, abi you know am not a writer so pls oh, still
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Kafra wai eliza, abi you know am not a writer so pls oh, still
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Kafra wai eliza, abi you know am not a writer so pls oh, still
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Gosh,,who sleeps so deep like dat? There is no difference btw Jason's father and Dumebi ooo,,chaii. Anyways, I like Jason's style jhoor,, you have to know Hank's witness ,if u really wanna defeat him
  • eliza picture
    @ukbaby maybe, maybe not. hehe..
  • eliza picture
    lol.. keep thinking for me Benedicta
  • eliza picture
    he sure is @ Confy-Dencie. thanks
  • eliza picture
    aww I love you more Amina
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Oh Eliza why na pls next.... Still loving u girl oyah come and collect kisses mua
  • eliza picture
    aww I love you more kemi. I've gathered all your kisses in my pocket here..
  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    go on so thrilling, thumbs up Eliza
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Yeee!!!ayemi temi bami I tot I still have more episode to read n then boom realisation struck me. I just started reading yesterday slept off n then continue today hoping it won't end again. Eli baby happy new year and kudos to you
  • eliza picture
    aww thanks lydy
  • eliza picture
    aww thanks a lot Ayomide. welcome back. happy new year to you too
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Tnx babe...Next pls
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Nice one proceed
  • eliza picture
    thanks Ucheoma
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    It was fantastic
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